Frequently asked questions

VROOMO is the only place where you can buy a used car online and have it delivered to your home in the UK. Our goal is to create a better way to buy a car by putting the consumer back in control of the buying process. We do this by providing a no-pressure and transparent way to buy a car. You can search, finance, purchase, and enjoy a free 7 day test drive without ever having to go to a dealership! People love our online car buying experience. Take a look at VROOMO's unfiltered customer experience reviews on Trustpilot.


How does online car buying work and what is VROOMO?

VROOMO is a peer to peer platform which is reinventing the way cars change homes.

VROOMO replaces the used car salesman and the used car lot with a platform that connects buyers and sellers in a 21st century way. No haggling, no trips to the dealer or costly multiple trips to sellers homes, no expensive surprises – and no commission to the guy with the nice suit. Which means a better price for everyone.

If you're selling your car – just give us a few details and we will provide you with an immediate private price. We'll then send an independent certified inspector to inspect your car at your home or workplace, finalize the private price, and – once it's sold we will deliver it to its new home. It couldn't be easier! Plus, you will always get a higher price than Webuyanycar or the dealership.

If you're buying a VROOMO-certified car – you get a car that has gone through a thorough 240 point independent check and has a clean history. You get a 7 day test drive - with free drive-away insurance-allowing you to return the vehicle within the 7 days for a full refund- We even deliver for free straight to your door and you always get a better price than auto-trader or the dealership.

We'll also take care of the transfer of title and all the paperwork.

Where can I come see the car?

VROOMO does not offer a traditional test drive system. Instead, we have created a better buying experience by giving buyers a full 7 days to test drive the cars of their choice.

So no pressure, no hassle just take your time and be sure you fall in love with your new car.

If you don't like it , just send it back! as we have a full 7 days test drive - money back guarantee.

Furthermore all VROOMO cars go through a rigorous 240 point check independent inspection for your peace of mind - watch the video here.

Can I talk to an actual person?

Yes, VROOMO has Customer Advocates standing by to answer any questions you may have. You may reach them by emailing or by calling us at 02033718684.

How do I get the car delivered?

After your purchase VROOMO will confirm a convenient time with you to deliver your new car, Of-course only after a full mechanical inspection and cosmetic detailing.

How do I handle the paperwork?

You don't, VROOMO handles all paperwork for you.

How do I pay for my car?

VROOMO is flexible and so are our payment options.

  • Credit or Debit Card: We accept every major credit card.
  • Direct bank transfer: Transfer funds directly from your bank account to VROOMO's bank account.
  • Cheque: Pay us with a cheque.
  • Bitcoin: We wouldn't be so 21st century if we didn't offer Bitcoin.
  • Financing: We provide specialist financing through our finance partners ZUTO, seamlessly through our website. Just click the "Buy Me" or "Finance Me" buttons and apply.

How does the 7 day return process work?

Don't like your new car? Just write to us at within 7 days and we will take care of the rest. No questions asked.

Can I trade in my car?

Yes, VROOMO accepts trade-ins. We much rather prefer you sold your car for its full value by going to but if you are in need of a quick swap for a VROOMO car or cash just write to us at and we will beat the webuyanycar-revised offers by a minimum of £350.

Where are you located?

VROOMO is wherever you need us, in your phone, desktop, tablet and hearts. We are located in the tech city of London where we are continuously striving to reinvent the used car market.

When are you open?

VROOMO is open 24 hours a day so reach out to us at or via telephone on 02033718684.


Can I sell on VROOMO?

Of-course, VROOMO will however only accept cars less than 5 years and with no more than 60,000 miles as we are still just warming up our engines.

What price does VROOMO sell my car for?

VROOMO will always sell cars at the private price so no need for buyers to pay for flashy dealership showrooms or expensive salesmen.

Can I sell my car if it is on a lease or being financed?

Yes VROOMO will clear your car of all liens before selling it.

How long does it take to sell my car?

VROOMO will endeavour to sell every car within 28 days but we are still collecting data on the average "sale time".

Does VROOMO charge me any fees?

VROOMO is totally free.

How do we cover our costs?

VROOMO charges a small margin on the transaction value between sellers and buyers, which shows up as a small difference between the price we offer to sellers and the price buyers pay. VROOMO only charges a small margin of between 4.0-9.5% on all vehicles.

Can I sell my car elsewhere while its on VROOMO?

The VROOMO experience is completely no-strings attached so of-course you can sell your car at any time whilst its listed on VROOMO. In order to make this as easy as possible for you, VROOMO allows you to cancel your sale at any point - up until the point where the car is actually sold, that is.

VROOMO is of course a great alternative to all other expensive options so give us a try for a vroomtastic experience.

If your car does sell through an alternate channel while it’s listed on VROOMO, we ask you to let us know in a timely fashion. We want to pull the listing down so that buyers don't get their hopes up about a car that’s no longer available.

What if the buyer returns my car, what happens to my money?

Once your car is sold, its sold. VROOMO will never contact you about your old car (we really mean never). So, you keep the money and VROOMO takes care of the rest. Since VROOMO offers a 7-day test drive with a full money-back guarantee, if a buyer returns the car we will simply take it back and resell it.

Can you inspect my car anywhere and must I be present?

Our inspectors are mobile and flexible they will go almost anywhere, office , workplace and even whilst your shopping at your local supermarket.

We will however need you to verify that you are indeed the owner of the car before the inspection commences and then leave the rest to us or stick around to see why we are so damn good at our jobs.

Who are the VROOMO inspectors?

Our inspectors hold different professional qualifications and memberships of professional bodies:

  • AMinst
  • AEA
  • MSOE
  • CAE
  • AAE
  • MIMI
  • Bachelor of Engineering – B.Eng.
  • Engineer Technician (Eng. Tech.)
  • Member of the Institute of the Motor Industry (MIMI)
  • Incorporate Member of the Institute Automotive Engineer Assessors (MIAEA)
  • Member of the Federation International Des Experts en Automobile (MFIEA) (Affiliated)
  • Member of the Society of Expert Witnesses

Yep thats a long list but we are indeed very picky.