Press Information

This page serves as your entry level pack, for more information please contact us at

Buying or selling a car shouldn't be intimidating so say hello to VROOMO!

The VROOMO model is based around total transparency, trust and the availability of all information needed for buyers and sellers to both make an empowered decision.

The VROOMO Value

No middlemen or dealerships: By cutting out the dealerships or middlemen VROOMO is able to offer sellers and buyers better value as we do not have expensive showrooms, expensive salesmen or the expensive coffee machine.

VROOMO also offers buyers and sellers several benefits. Classified cars bring with them so many risks, dangers and no guarantees. So no more waiting on strangers, no more transactional risks and certainly no more spam.

All cars are certified: VROOMO conducts a 240 point independent check on all vehicles and relieves the buyer of having to purchase an inspection for every car they wish to buy. VROOMO also conducts an extensive HPI check on all vehicles listed ensuring they are not stolen, written off or have a mileage discrepancy.

7 day test drive: A 5-minute test drive at the dealership isn't enough to esnrure you are buying the right car and that's why VROOMO gives you a full 7 days to test drive your new car. take it for a rive from shore to shore, down the country roads, through the city centre and if you don't like it VROOMO will take it back within the 7 days for a full refund.

Hassle free

Here are just a few things we removed from the dinosaur buying and selling process.


  • No more trade-in websites or prices
  • No more prank calls
  • No more no-shows
  • No more tense meetings
  • No more awkwards test drives
  • No more transaction risk
  • No more vehicle prepping
  • No more paperwork
  • No more late evening visits to your home from potential buyers
  • No more unsafe meetings with tag-along friends
  • Guaranteed price, even if we sell your car for less
  • Once it's sold, it's gone forever (we deal with returns, not you)
  • Keep driving until it sells
  • No more paying for classified sites


  • Free delivery
  • Free test drive
  • Free insurance
  • HPI checked
  • No more costly dealerships
  • Full valet before delivery (mechanical and cosmetic)
  • No more paperwork
  • Do everything from the comfort of your home
  • Free VROOMO Peace of Mind-coverage
  • Important 240-point vehicle inspection
  • No more information asymmetry
  • Lifetime VROOMO Concierge
  • Free returns
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • No more miles spent viewing potential vehicles

Logo & Downloads

Large versions of the VROOMO logo are provided as 24-bit png images, some of which have a transparent background. Provided sizes are large (1920x401 pixels), medium (720x150 pixels) and small (320x67 pixels). Vector versions in SVG and PDF are also available in blue.

Colour codes for colours variants are:

  •   HEX #3BAADF; RGB(59, 170, 223)

  •   HEX #424242; RGB(66, 66, 66)

Blue on a transparent background
VROOMO logo, blue on transparent
  1. Large
  2. Medium
  3. Small
Blue on a white background
 vroomo logo, blue on white
  1. Large
  2. Medium
  3. Small
Grey on a transparent background
VROOMO logo, grey on transparent
  1. Large
  2. Medium
  3. Small
Grey on a white background
VROOMO logo, grey on white
  1. Large
  2. Medium
  3. Small

Vector versions
  1. PDF, blue logo
  2. SVG, blue logo