What are the best products from tornado tuning?

This blog will list the best products made by Tornado tuning solutions and explain the improvement made by installing them on the engine. Lastly, we answer the question: is tornado tuning worth it?

What are the best products from tornado tuning?

The best products from tornado tuning are given below:

  • Tornado Tuning Turbo Muffler Delete 
  • Tornado tuning T-BOX
  • Pedal tune performance chip tuner
  • Mega heat exchanger

Tornado tuning solutions make performance car part upgrades. The main objective is to reduce the turbo lag and improve the shift quality of the gearbox. All the above-mentioned parts can be installed without any modifications to the stock components in the car.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the products:

Tornado Tuning Turbo Muffler Delete 

It is a plug-and-play part for the turbocharged version of the M271 petrol engine made by Mercedes Benz. The M271 was also available with a Kompressor or a supercharger but as the turbochargers became popular, Mercedes Benz launched the M271 CGI version with the new generation of the C class model series W 204.

The stock muffler for the turbocharger in the M271 is very huge and it causes turbulence in the air intake for the turbine wheel of the turbocharger. Due to the design of the stock turbo muffler, the turbo lag in the M271 is significant and the throttle response is also sluggish.

The tornado tuning Turbo Muffler delete replaces the stock muffler in the intake of the turbochargers with a completely re-designed muffler. The tornado tuning muffler is conical in shape and does not have any hole in the body.

The airflow is directed toward the turbine wheel of the turbocharger. The installation is easy, simply disconnect the intercooler hose connected to the stock turbocharger muffler. Unscrew the factory muffler and install the Tornado tune Turbo muffler delete. Install the intercooler hose on the new muffler.

From the outside, both the mufflers look similar. The only difference is in the construction, decibel levels are similar but the tornado muffler improves the turbine response due to lack of turbulence.

The tornado tuning turbo muffler delete is priced at 130 USD, the cost has increased due to the ongoing pandemic.

Tornado tuning T-BOX

It is a very popular tuning product from Tornado tuning solutions. The tornado tuning T-Box can cost from 200 to 400 USD. It is compatible with any car that has an automatic transmission. The T-BOX can flash custom software on the transmission control unit.

With the new software, the shifting pattern can be changed. The gear shifts are made more sporty and they change only after reaching higher RPM. It is very similar to a sports mode in the automatic transmission but the overall shift quality is optimized for better fuel economy and increased torque.

The T-box is very compact and it only needs to be plugged into the OBD II port once. After plugging in the device, turn on the ignition of the car and wait for the T-Box to finish programming the transmission control unit.

After the programming is completed, the device will give 3 audible beeps. T-Box can be disconnected after that and the vehicle is ready to be driven. The changes can be felt immediately, there is no need to drive the vehicle for 200 miles to notice the increases in throttle response and sport shift quality.

Overall programming time can vary depending on the K line speed or the CAN bus data transfer speed of the car. If possible connect a battery charger to the vehicle as the ignition is kept on for 5 – 10 minutes. 

Various fault messages can appear in the instrument cluster briefly and in some cars, the headlights and windshield wipers are automatically turned on. These symptoms are normal and it is a sign that the transmission control unit is being reprogrammed.

Pedal tune performance chip tuner

The pedal tune is a performance chip that is installed as a bypass between the throttle pedal and the engine control unit. The throttle pedal consists of two potentiometers and based on the position of the pedal the engine control unit determines the percentage for opening and closing the throttle valve.

The device consists of a wiring harness adapter, it is installed to the original throttle pedal electrical coupler. The stock throttle pedal is then connected to the performance chip, drivers can select between 21 models, and the chip alters the throttle position signal that goes to the engine control unit.

If the original throttle position is 20 percent then after the performance chip the engine control unit will read it as 40 percent. The fuel injection quantity and the throttle valve opening are changed accordingly. Therefore the throttle response is increased and the turbo lag is significantly reduced.

The installation is easy, there is no need to remove the entire throttle pedal completely. It is compatible with any vehicle that has a fly-by-wire throttle pedal. The tornado tuning claims that the performance chip gives 10 percent better acceleration after installing the device in the car.

There are also 4 default software programs racing, sports, economy, and stock so that drivers can tune the throttle response for fuel economy or performance. The cost of the pedal tuner chip is 200 USD and it is worth it considering no other modifications are needed to the internal combustion engine.

Mega heat exchanger

Tornado tuning also makes products that improve the thermal efficiency of the engine. The stock intercoolers are made from plastic and aluminum housing and their thermal efficiency is reduced due to the surrounding heat.

The tornado mega heat exchanger has complete aluminum built with a heat resistance coating so the intercooler is more efficient at cooling the compressed air. 

The volume is also 20 to 25 percent bigger than the liquid-to-air intercooler models so it is possible to run a higher boost pressure without any modifications to the intake manifold.

The mega heat exchangers can cost between 500 to 1000 USD depending on the model and the size. It is a direct replacement for the stock heat exchange.

Is Tornado tuning worth it?

Yes, Tornado tuning is worth the money as the products are very well engineered. The installation is easy and it can be used if you want to tune the vehicle for better performance. Using the tornado tuning will void the manufacturer’s standard warranty as the components of the engine are replaced.


This blog explained the best products sold by Tornado tuning solutions. Although these products claim to improve the power output and the fuel economy of the vehicle, there is no dyno data provided by tornado tuning to determine the exact increase in the power and torque of the vehicle.