Should you buy the 2022 Mercedes Benz C 63 AMG?

This blog will answer the following questions: Should you buy the 2022 Mercedes Benz C 63 AMG? What are the specifications of the 2022 C 63 AMG? How is the 2022 C 63 compared to the 2023 model? 

Should you buy the Mercedes Benz 2022 C 63 AMG?

Yes, you should buy the 2022 Mercedes Benz C 63 AMG as it will be the last C 63 model with a hand-built V8 engine. An inline 4-cylinder engine with an electric motor will power the new generation of the C 63 AMG, irrespective of the performance figures the new C63 won’t be able to match the sound and feel of the V8 engine in a compact body style.

Currently, the C 63 AMG is only available in a 2-door coupe and soft-top convertible body style. The sedan model was discontinued after the launch of the fifth generation of the C Class model series W206. 

Mercedes Benz is developing the new C 63 AMG based on the W206 platform and it will launch in 2023. The inline 4-cylinder engine is the same as the one in the A 45 AMG but it will make more horsepower and there is an independent electric motor on the rear axle. 

Mercedes AMG is calling it E performance and the power output is estimated at 671 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque. It is significantly higher than the current C 63 AMG available on the market. The 2022 C 63 AMG is based on the MRA-I platform and comes with the AMG airmatic suspension. 

The  C 63 S AMG makes more than 500 horsepower and the power is transmitted to the rear wheels via an electronically locking differential.

The 2022 C 63 AMG does not have any mild hybrid or hybrid systems, the engine is directly connected to the 9-speed MCT transmission. The brakes on the C 63 AMG have ventilated steel discs with fixed calipers on the front wheels and floating calipers on the rear axle.

What are the specifications of the 2022 C 63 AMG?

The specifications of the 2022 C 63 AMG are as follows:

Specifications Mercedes AMG C 63 
Engine output470 horsepower 650 Nm
transmission9 speed MCT automatic 
Power to weight ratio3.6 kg/hp
Top speed155 MPH
0-60 mph4.0-sec
Wheelbase 284.0 cm
Width  181.0 cm
Height 140.5 cm
Fuel consumption 24 MPG
Trunk capacity450 liters

The V8 engine in the C 63 AMG is hand built in the Affalterbach factory of Mercedes AMG. It is completely built by one engine builder, unlike other engines that are assembled at different stations. This concept is called one man one engine and it is only employed by Mercedes AMG even today.

The engines are also built in a naturally ventilated environment, once the engine is completely built; it is shipped to the main factory in Stuttgart. The V 8 engine in the C 63 is M178 DE 40 AL, it is a direct fuel injection and twin-turbocharged.

The one side or bank of the engine is exactly replicated on the other, turbocharged is also mounted between the left and the right bank of cylinders. The intake manifold is on the outer side with two liquid-charged intercoolers mounted in the front of the engine.

Mercedes AMG managed to eliminate the turbo lag by mounting the turbocharges close to the exhaust valves. The turbochargers are also twin-scroll with roller bearing; it allows the turbine wheel to spin more quickly even with less flow of the exhaust gasses.

M 178 also comes with a cylinder shutoff technology, it is possible to drive the C 63 AMG on only 4 cylinders. The engine control unit can switch between the 4-cylinder mode and fire all cylinders depending on the throttle position.

The M178 is mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission, there is no torque converter between the flywheel and the input shaft of the transmission. Instead, the C 63 uses a multi-clutch pack and there is no power loss between the crankshaft and the input of the transmission.

The use of MCT also allows for precise launch control or Race start mode. The driver only needs to press the accelerator and brake pedal simultaneously and as soon as the brake pedal is released, the car can launch with maximum acceleration and minimum wheel spin.

Shift quality and the response time are also significantly better than the standard 9 G Tronic transmission. The transmission also has independent solenoid valves which allow the transmission control unit to skip gears depending on the engine load and throttle position. The automatic transmission fluid capacity is also reduced as there is no torque converter.

Therefore, the cost of maintenance is less than the standard 9 G Tronic transmission. The oil capacity in the standard 9 G Tronic transmission with a conventional torque converter is 10 liters. 

How is the 2022 C 63 compared to the 2023 model?

Mercedes Benz unveiled the 2023 C 63 AMG at the Goodwood festival of speed with minimum camouflage and some performance figures. Mercedes AMG is implementing the E performance technology in the 2023  C63 model.

Therefore, the 2023 C 63 model will get an electric motor between the turbine and the compressor wheel of the single turbocharger. This technology is directly implemented in Formula 1 race cars, the electric motor can spool the turbocharger when the engine speed is low to eliminate the turbo lag and generate boost pressure. 

Apart from the change in the engine, the 2023 model will be based on the new MRA-II or modular rear architecture platform. It will also feature all-wheel steering and additionally an electric motor on the rear axle. Whether it is possible to drive the C63 in electric mode can only be tested once the car is launched.

The inline 4-cylinder engine of the 2023 model is a slightly modified version of the M139 engine. It will be mounted longitudinally in the 2023 C 63 AMG. Many car enthusiasts are not happy with the decision to replace the V8 engine with an Inline 4 Cylinder as the V8 engine sounds really good compared to the M 139 engine.

Mercedes Benz will most likely tune the exhaust system in the 2023 C 63 model and also use the internal speakers to give a sporty noise. Comparing the exterior, the 2023 model certainly looks good; it is slightly bigger than the previous generation model but due to extended side skirts and bumper apron it is not noticeable.

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The 2022 C 63 AMG will be the last C class that will be powered by a 4.0 liter V 8 engine. As the emission norms are getting more strict, car makers are moving towards hybrid technologies and fully electric drivetrains. Mercedes Benz AG is also committed to discontinuing the use of internal combustion engines in the next few decades. Therefore, the 2022 C 63 AMG is a good car to buy if you are a car enthusiast and looking for a high-performance car.