How to Solve Air Suspension Issues in the Cadillac Deville? (Expert Guide)

In this brief article, we are going to discuss the issues that occur in the Cadillac deville air Suspension, what the causes are, and Troubleshooting Tips.

Top 4 Suspension problems in Cadillac deville air

  • Bouncy Rear End
  • Front Suspension Squeak
  • Suspension Error Message comes on
  • Suspension not adjusting at startup

What Suspension does the Cadillac deville air Have?

The 2000-2005 Cadillac Deville suspension consists of  macpherson strut with Electronically Variable Damping and A-Arms in the front.

The rear of the vehicle has self-levelling air shock absorbers and coil springs. Adjusting for load, the electronic air shocks will self-level when the weight causes the ride height of the suspension to change. The Air Shock sensors attached to the Lower control arm will sense the height change and convey this signal to a control module. The coil springs are deliberate of Low Ride Rate, so the air shocks work in parallel to help hold the vehicle level.

Bouncy Rear End

  • Shock absorbers normally last a maximum of 10 years
  • It would be advisable to have them replaced once they cross the 10 year life period. Even if they are not leaking, they would internally wear out and fail soon
  • A Bouncy rear end is a classic example of the shocks completely worn out.
  • GM no longer provides the Original replacement Air shocks. But there are Aftermarket replacements that can connect to the original Air line and sensor connector

Front Suspension Squeak, Rumble, Rattle, Clunk, Thump, Tick, Knock Noises

  • While going Over Bumps, the Front Suspension makes Squeak, Rumble, Rattle, Clunk, Thump, Tick, Knock Type of Noises
  • Usually occurs in vehicles that have crossed 10 years in age

Root Cause:

  • The front suspension is MacPherson strut
  • Internal Wear and tear of the shock absorber causes the suspension to get noisy with age
  • The Shock Top mount and bushing wear out also causes noises while driving on rough surfaces
  • The Spring also tends to break towards the end of its life especially close to the spring seats. This causes a great amount of noise during normal driving

Troubleshooting Front Suspension Squeak, Rumble, Rattle, Clunk, Thump, Tick, Knock

  • If the Strut spring and damper are both damaged, you could replace the strut completely as a single unit
  • In case you want to reuse the spring (which is not recommended for 10+ years aged suspension), disassemble the coil spring and top mount assembly from each strut using an appropriate spring-compressing tool. Refer to Shock Absorber, Shock Absorber Component, or Spring Replacement in Service Instruction available from General Motors.
  • Make sure to replace all the strut top mount, bottom mounts, Spring seat mounting rubber and Bump Stops

Suspension Error Message

SOmetimes an Error message pops up that says 

“Service Ride Control” Or 

“Code 1039 Current”

Troubleshooting Suspension Error Message

It could mean one of many things:

  • Leakage in the air lines or Air Strut
  • A Failed Air Compressor
  • A Faulty Sensor

Suspension not rising at Startup

  • Once the engine is started, normally, the rear suspension will adjust itself within about 7 seconds and slightly rise to normal height
  • Normally you should be able to hear the compressor come on
  • If this does not happen then it could mean a fault with the compressor

Troubleshooting Suspension not rising

  • The air compressor is located right above the exhaust muffler in between the 2 rear wheels and mounted to the chassis
  • Dismantle and disconnect the compressor. 
  • Give direct battery and ground supply and see if it starts up
  • If not then it means that the compressor would have to be replaced.


In this brief article we have discussed the issues that occur in the Cadillac deville air Suspension, what the causes are, and Troubleshooting Tips.