Can a Mercedes Benz be tracked?


The following article will discuss the methods to track a Mercedes and answer the question: can a Mercedes be tracked? What are the benefits of tracking a car? And the use of Mercedes ME connects in tracking the vehicle.

Can a Mercedes Benz be tracked?

Yes, a Mercedes Benz passenger car can be tracked provided a tracking device is installed in the vehicle. The latest Mercedes Benz models come installed with Mercedes me connect, additional tracker installation is not required to track the latest models. Many aftermarket tracking devices are available which will track the Mercedes and allow the customer to immobilize the car if the car gets stolen.

Tracking devices also provide other information like vehicle speed, duration of the trip and average speed of the journey. This information is available on a smartphone app and can be beneficial for fleet vehicles. GPS antenna installed in the vehicle can locate the exact position anywhere and show this information on a smartphone. The geo-fencing feature is used to define boundaries and if a vehicle breaches it, the customer gets notified via a message on a smartphone.

Without a tracking device or smartphone paired with a vehicle, it cannot be tracked; there is no secret sensor in the vehicle. To protect privacy vehicle tracking features can also be switched off or the device can be removed at any time.

Types of tracking systems 

Active tracking systems– the vehicle is connected to the internet and can send real-time information of vehicle speed, GPS position, presence of the driver and average speed of the entire journey. Sim card located in a tracing device is paired to a smartphone and only the paired device can access this information. Active tracking also allows for geofencing and immobilizing functions if the vehicle is stolen.

Passive tracking– the tracking device acts as a flight recorder. All the information like vehicle average speed, run time and stop time GPS data is recorded and stored in onboard memory. This data has to be downloaded when the vehicle reaches its destination. It is not possible to track the vehicle in real-time. Passive tracking is usually cheap and installation of passive tracking devices is not complicated. Most passive trackers are stand-alone devices and do not interfere with vehicle onboard systems.

Vehicle OBD tracking systems– vehicles with an onboard diagnostic port can be fitted with tracking devices very easily. These devices are plugged into the old port and can be used to track the vehicle. Vehicle OBD trackers are relatively less expensive compared to other tracking systems. As the device uses power from the vehicle  OBDport it can drain the battery when the vehicle is stationary.

The benefits of tracking a Mercedes are as follows

  • All the essential information like vehicle location, average speed, location history can be checked through the app.
  • It is not expensive to install a tracker in a vehicle, the latest Mercedes Benz models come with Mercedes me connect which can track the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle gets stolen it can be immobilized by cutting off the fuel supply. Installing trackers is a great way to safeguard the vehicle against theft.
  • Fleet vehicle owners can check stationarity times in journey and monitor productivity. Average speed can also be compared between different routes to plan the journey.
  • The cost of insurance can be reduced if the vehicle has a tracker and insurance companies can check the driving data. 
  • The vehicle speed can be monitored in real-time, alerts are sent via the app if the speed limit is not followed.

What is Mercedes Me connect?

Mercedes Me connect is used to connect a smartphone with the vehicle and remotely control it via the cellular network. HERMES is short for hardware for enhanced remote mobility and emergency services. Esim is built into the HERMES control unit and it can be paired to customers’ smartphones at the time of buying the vehicle. Customers can connect up to 10 vehicles on a single smartphone. 

Hermes can also control emergency services like SOS calls, remote diagnosis. It uses a 4g sim network and can also set up wireless hotspots to provide internet access to the command head units and entertainment tablets. As long as the vehicle is within the range of cellular network, it can be remotely controlled via the Mercedes me connect smartphone app.

The vehicle tracking feature is built into the app. The URBAN GUARD vehicle protection Plus package provides GPS tracking of the vehicle. It acts as an anti-theft alarm system plus tow-away protection which can detect changes in the position of the vehicle if it is not parked at a previously-stored location. Movement in the vehicle interior also triggers visual and audible warnings.  

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Tracking devices and Mercedes Me Connect has simplified the task of tracking the vehicle. It is also a great anti-theft system and the vehicle can be recovered if it gets stolen. All the latest Mercedes Benz cars come with Mercedes me connect as standard. But many aftermarket tracking devices can be installed in the old models to enable tracking the vehicle.

FAQS: Can a Mercedes Be tracked?

Can Mercedes Track my car?

Yes, Mercedes can track your car if it is reported stolen. Mercedes also values the privacy of customers. Hence, access to the GPS data is only provided to the customer.

Does Mercedes Benz have a tracking device?
All Mercedes Benz models have GPS antennas and Mercedes Me connect has a tracking function built into the smartphone app. Vehicles without Mercedes ME connect have no tracking devices.

How do I Track my Mercedes?

Open the Mercedes me connect app and select locate my Mercedes. IF the vehicle is in cellular network range its location can be tracked. Aftermarket trackers are also available if the vehicle doesn’t have Mercedes Me connect.

Can Mercedes Track my stolen car?

Only the urban protection package allows Mercedes to track stolen cars at the request of customers.

Is Mercedes Hard to steal?

Yes, Mercedes Benz vehicles are one of the most difficult vehicles to steal. Even if the vehicle is stolen it can be immobilized and traced by the customers.