Can a Mercedes Benz last for 100k kilometres?

In this blog, we will find out if a Mercedes Benz can last for 100,000 kilometres and answer the following questions: what is the service interval in Mercedes Benz cars? Which malfunctions can occur in Mercedes with 100k kilometres?

Can a Mercedes Benz last for 100k kilometres?

Yes, A Mercedes Benz can easily do 100k kilometres provided the periodic maintenance is performed according to the schedule. Periodic maintenance is essential for the consistent performance of the vehicle and for keeping it in good condition. Service or periodic maintenance interval is carefully calculated after performing extensive research and development on the components like the internal combustion engine and other moving parts.

During a periodic maintenance engine, oil and oil filter is renewed which is important to maintain the reliability of the vehicle. The engines used in the Mercedes Benz cars have a mechanical time chain instead of a timing belt. The timing chain is very durable and does not cause any engine issues like timing mismatch or incorrect position of camshafts. Timing belts on the other hand can get damaged due to coolant leaks or external debris as it is exposed in front of the cylinder head.

Following are some of the important reasons behind the reliability of Mercedes Benz cars.

  • Nanoslide

Mercedes Benz has always experimented with different manufacturing techniques that will reduce the wear on the moving parts of the internal combustion engines. The M156 petrol engine features one of a kind silitec coating which shows no signs of wear even after 100k km. The latest engines have Nanoslide coating on the cylinder walls. Due to this iron-carbon alloy coating, the cylinder walls get a mirror finish.

The mirror finish also helps to differentiate between a genuine Mercedes Benz crankcase and a non-genuine one. A twin-wire arc spraying technique is used to spray the cylinder walls, due to this, there is no repair stage on the engine.

If this coating gets damaged then it cannot be resprayed. The entire engine block must be replaced.

  • Powertrain components

All the latest models come with a 9g-Tronic automatic transmission or a 7/ 8 dual-clutch transmission. Mercedes Benz is always at the forefront of technological innovation in the transmissions and final diver components. The transmission can not only make more than one gear change for accelerated downshifts but also skip gears if required. 

The planetary gear sets and clutches are all made of very durable metals. The gearbox can even withstand a torque of 1000NM. Mercedes Benz does not use a sealed-for-life transmission and differentials commonly found in other manufacturers. The gear oil and automatic transmission fluid are replaced after 60,000 km. The oil pan of the transmission also contains powerful magnets which prevent fine metal particles from entering the electrohydraulic controller valve body.

  • Genuine parts

Mercedes Benz genuine parts and also sells them from authorised dealerships. The genie parts are ordered according to the vehicle identification number and a part number. Dealerships have access to an electronic parts catalogue. All the models and their parts numbers are categorised to make the part identification and ordering process more simple. 

The genuine parts are a direct replacement of the original parts and help to keep the vehicle in the factory condition. Parts like brake discs, brake pads, wiper blades and air filters are wear components and they must be renewed after the wear limit is reached. 

As genuine replacement parts are available the performance of the braking system can stay consistent even after the vehicle age and mileage increases. Wear and tear parts such as brake disc and pads, wiper blades and air conditioning filters are not covered under warranty. These parts are treated as consumables and customers are required to pay for them. 

  • Warranty 

Mercedes Benz provides a standard warranty period of 3- 5 years on the latest cars. Any unexpected repairs are covered under warranty. The dealerships have standard processes in place for warranty claims. Once a warranty claim is opened against a work order, the vehicle cannot be delivered to the customer without finishing the repair works. 

Even if the standard warranty period is over, customers can choose to purchase an extended warranty package sold by Mercedes Benz. The extended warranty can be applicable for 6 years from the date of registration. There are other third-party companies that provide extended warranty services but the warranty claim processing period is longer and results in a higher turnaround time for the vehicle.

What is the service interval of the Mercedes Benz cars?

The service interval of a Mercedes Benz car is 15000 km or once every year. The service is of two types, service A and service B. Service A is a minor service of the vehicle and the next service is followed by the major service B. 

Assyst plus is a service program designed by Mercedes Benz to keep track of all the periodic maintenance performed on the vehicle. The Assyst plus generates a workshop code that can be acquired from the dedicated workshop menu in the instrument cluster. Service scope is determined according to the workshop code. After the service is completed, A technician confirms replenishment of engine oil in the Assyst Plus service computer and confirms if the next service interval is correct.

Mercedes Benz also sells prepaid service packages called star ease, customers can buy star ease or star ease compact plus package and depending on the package the cost of consumables is covered. Prepaid service packages hugely reduce the total turnaround time and customers can get their car back within 3 hours. Prepaid service packages are also helpful to reduce the cost of the ownership of the vehicle.

Which malfunctions can occur in Mercedes Benz with 100k km in odometer?

Mercedes Benz cars are very reliable and can perform faultlessly but if the servicing is not performed or the vehicle is not used properly then following malfunctions can occur within 100k kilometres.

  • EOBD / engine malfunction

Mercedes Benz engines have an air-mass sensor to measure the air going into the combustion chamber. If the air filter is not replaced or if there is any leak in the charge air system then the engine malfunction light will turn on to indicate there is a loss of performance. The air filter can get clogged if the vehicle is operated in a dusty environment but Mercedes Benz has introduced a special air filter for vehicles operating in a dusty environment.

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Mercedes Benz cars and engines are very well engineered and will easily last for years. There are Mercedes Benz cars still running on the road that was launched almost 20 years ago. Issues like coolant leakage or oil leakage are present in Mercedes Benz but they are not as common as in other manufacturers. Most of the issues are covered under the standard warranty of the vehicle.