Can a Mercedes Benz overturn?

This article will provide a deeper insight in the safety systems used in Mercedes Benz passenger cars and shed light upon situations which can lead to roll over of a vehicle. Lastly it will give some preventive measure to avoid overturn and explore scope of vehicle repairs after a crash.

Can a Mercedes Benz overturn?

Yes, a Mercedes Benz passenger car can overturn in an accident. Mercedes Benz has the safest cars operating on roads today but like any other cars, they obey the laws of physics and they are prone to situations which can lead to a rollover of a vehicle. However, there are a variety of sensors and safety systems in play to ensure safety of occupants in such accidents

When can a Mercedes Benz Overturn?

A car is connected to the road through Tyres and because the tyre is rolling only a limited area of tyre is in contact with the road. This contact patch provides necessary traction for the car to safely operate on the road. However, overturning of a vehicle can happen in the following circumstances.

  • Uncontrolled spin due to loss of traction for example  aquaplaning 
  • Excessive corner entry speeds.
  • Operating vehicle with old tyres.
  • Heavy side collision with other vehicle or object 
  • Loss of attention from driver while driving
  • Driving the car with mechanically damaged suspension components. 

What are passive Safety systems implemented in Mercedes Benz cars?

Passive safety systems consist of  crash sensors located on all sides of vehicles which are connected to supplemental restraint systems (SRS) commonly known as airbag control unit or airbag ECU. Seat belts for all passengers and lastly airbags installed inside the cabin of the cars.

Passive systems come into effect after the crash is detected by crash sensors. Depending on the rate at which the vehicle slows down airbags can deploy to prevent injury to occupants. A rollover sensor integrated in the airbag control unit can detect overturning of vehicle and deploy anti roll bars for convertible cars with soft roof.

Airbags can also be deployed in multiple stages if there are consecutive collisions with the vehicle. Pyro Fuses installed on the main battery terminate the  power supply of the vehicle in order to prevent fire hazards.   

Seatbelts are equipped with a tensioning retractor to make sure the occupant is properly secured to seat in a crash. Latest models also use seat airbags to reduce force on the occupant. Crumple zones are also designed into the body shell which helps to dissipate energy of impact and largely reduce damage to the passenger cabin.

As all the latest Mercedes Benz models use refrigerant R1234yf, there is a specially designed fire suppression system installed due to the flammable nature of the refrigerant. This system  sprays inert gas on hot surfaces like exhaust systems and greatly reduces chances of explosion in accidents.

What are the active safety systems implemented in Mercedes Benz cars.?

Active safety systems are rightly named so as they are active  the moment a vehicle is in operation. Active safety systems  mainly assist driver while driving, they are like a reflex continuously monitoring actions of the driver and in crash situations prepare the vehicle for impact by optimising positions of driving seats and slightly lowering windows. Following are active safety systems present in cars.

  • Electronic stability system (ESP)-electronic stability programme helps to maintain vehicle stability and it can cut power to the wheels to prevent oversteer and understeer of the vehicle.The signal from  Four wheel speed sensors which constantly measure wheel speeds and vehicle acceleration sensor located on the body along with throttle position sensor helps to ensure vehicle always has optimum traction.
  • Active brake assist- Long range and short range radar sensors located on the front and rear side of the vehicle monitor the distance between the other vehicles on the road. If the vehicle in front brakes suddenly, active brake assist can warn the driver with beep and proceed to brake if the driver does not respond to the warning.
  • Presafe – like the name suggests presafe systems check the brake pressure and monitor the inputs of the driver. If the driver suddenly brakes then presafe system is activated by retracting seat belts.
  • Precharging and dry braking- This feature assists the brake readiness specially in wet weather by briefly applying the brake pads and drying brake discs. If the driver suddenly releases the accelerator pedal the brake pressure is increased in the system, greatly  shortening the stopping distance.
  • Attention assist- This system monitors driver steering inputs and checks for any irregular movements. If the journey is long attention assists alert the driver to take breaks and maintain focus while driving.

Evaluating damages and repair scope of the overturned vehicle.

A vehicle that has been in an overturned accident sustains damage to the body shell. Also the airbags inside the cabin can be deployed depending on the number of occupants present. If the vehicle is left in a rollover state can cause the engine oil to get collected in cylinders, starting the vehicle in such a state can cause damage to engine moving parts.

Vehicle alignment is checked after a crash if the Chassis is damaged badly then repairs are not recommended. However, if the chassis are in good condition, most of the damaged crumple zones can be replaced. Deployed airbags can also be replaced by new authorised parts. It is imperative to check if accidental damaged repairs are carried out by an authorised dealership as this will ensure safety of passengers if the vehicle is involved in another accident.

How to prevent vehicle overturn?

  • Always make sure to perform periodic maintenance of the vehicle at an authorised dealership.
  • Carry out underbody inspection to check condition of Suspension components like stabiliser bars, upper and lower control arms. Any loose or damaged part can compromise the stability of the vehicle.
  • Visually check the tyre and ensure the vehicle is operated at correct tyre pressure as specified by the manufacturer. If the tyres have reached minimum thread level, always replace them with a new set of recommended tyres.
  • Any fault in the airbag system is usually indicated by a malfunction lamp or message in the informative display of the instrument cluster. Rectify the fault by performing repairs by authorised personnel.

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Use of radar sensors, optical cameras have allowed automated driving which has hugely reduced strain on the driver. However it is the responsibility of the driver to operate the vehicle within its limits and avoid any driving situation leading to collisions. The Safety systems in the cars will make sure the occupants are safe even when the car is overturned.

FAQS:can a mercedes-benz overturn?

Can a rollover car be fixed?

If the costs of repairs are more than the cost of a new car then usually the car is deemed as a total loss and the customer is compensated by the insurance company. However , if the damages are limited to exterior panels and cost of repairs is less than a rollover car can be fixed.

What car is most likely to overturn?

Cars with a high centre of gravity, usually SUVs, are more likely to overturn. As the SUVs are bigger in size they have more inertia when in motion, any erratic steering can lead to weight transfer and end up in a rollover incident.

How to survive and get out of an overturned car?

Always wear seatbelts while driving the car, if you end up in a rollover car, activate the SOS signal and turn off the engine if it is running. Call for assistance from the people outside .

How safe are Mercedes Benz cars?

Mercedes Benz cars have the most effective active and passive safety measures making them the safest cars on roads. The Mercedes Benz S class showcases a class leading collision prevention system and it also has excellent scores in Crash test.