Can a Mercedes GLC tow a boat?


This article will answer the following question: Can a Mercedes Benz GLC model tow a boat? and  Important factors which should be considered before towing a boat to the nearest lake or water body by GLC.

Can a Mercedes GLC tow a boat?

Yes, GLC can be used to tow a boat with the weight and length of the boat taken into consideration. Mercedes Benz GLC is a full family-sized SUV with all-wheel drive; both petrol and diesel variants offer excellent torque. It is important to note the total weight of the boat and trailer must not exceed the towing capacity of the vehicle.

The following table shows the towing capacity of Mercedes Benz GLC. GLC has a ground clearance of more than 200mm and with a maximum water wading depth of 300 mm it is very capable to load and unload boats into the water. The braked towing capacity below is concerning minimum initial climbing ability of 12 %

The unbraked trailer loads are up to 750 Kg across all models. Most trailers used for towing the boat are unbraked. However, when towing bigger boats weighing more than 1000kg, the use of a braked trailer is recommended. 

Check with the local authority and have the vehicle inspected before towing the boat. Some countries may issue special licences and certificates to tow boats on public roads. 

The maximum drawbar load for all variants of GLC is 100kgs. A dry weight of the boat and the trailer does not include weight on additional gear. Hence it is important to check the gross weight of both boat and trailer before connecting to the vehicle. 

Important information to tow a boat by Mercedes Benz GLC

GLC has an overhand limit of 1054mm for the trailer hitch mechanism. If an aftermarket trailer hitch is installed necessary documentation must be obtained by authorities before operating the vehicle.

  • Damage can occur to the trailer hitch if the maximum permissible nose weight is exceeded.
  • Vehicle engines and transmission can also overheat if the total gross weight of the trailer and boat is more than towing capacity.
  • The vehicle behaves differently when connected to the trailer, the speed limit should be reduced (Less than 100 kmph)  Mercedes Benz GLC has crosswind assist which can detect change in driving line due to strong winds and it can correct the course of the vehicle automatically.
  • When towing a trailer set the correct tyre pressure before starting the journey, tyre pressure on the rear axle must be according to full load conditions.
  • When travelling downhill, lower gear must be selected to use the engine braking effect. This will prevent overheating of brakes and ensure long service life.

Loading and unloading the boat from the trailer.

Most average size boats have a dry weight of 1200kg to 2000kg with a length of up to 30 feet. Anything bigger than an average boat like cabin cruisers will require professional assistance and a crane to lower the boat into the water.

The trailer can swing in the opposite direction of where the steering moves, reversing back down the launching ramp as straight as possible. As soon as the back of the boat starts to float, release the boat from the trailer. The inclination of the ramp should be taken into consideration, if the ramp is very steep a vehicle may not be able to climb after loading the boat.

Before travelling to the destination, always check if the vehicle needs to go offroad to reach the launching ramp. The trailer tyres must be strong to support the weight off the road. Replace the tyres if the tread depth is below minimum value (1.6m) Inspect wheel bearing and nuts before taking the trailer off-road.

GLC has excellent water wading ability however a larger pick-up truck is suitable if the vehicle needs to be backed into deep water to unload the boat.

Types of Boat trailers.

Following are the types of trailers available to safely tow a boat.

  • Bunk Trailers-  Bunk trailers are used to support the boat hull with boards covered in soft fabric making it easier to load and unload the boat. Bunk trailers require relatively low maintenance. 
  • Roller trailers- Roller trailers have cylindrical plastic rollers which support the boat. When launching the boat into the water, it can easily slide off as the trailer is backed down the ramp. The cost of roller trailers is higher when compared to bunk trailers and they require more maintenance.
  • Float on the trailer- ideally used for larger boats, float on the trailer must be fully submerged and the boat can easily float off the trailer. As the trailer is fully submerged periodic maintenance is required to ensure long service life.

Engine variants available on Mercedes Benz GLC

Older Mercedes Benz GLC was powered by an inline 4 cylinder petrol engine (M270) and OM651 diesel engine with rated output from 100kW To 180kW.

 M270 is replaced by a Newly designed M264 petrol engine with 200kW & 400NM torque. OM654 can produce 143kw & 400NM torque, GLC plug-in hybrid can produce 90kW and 440NM of additional output. All GLC variants come with standard 9 g Tronic automatic transmission.

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Mercedes Benz GLC is an excellent choice for towing the boat, it comes with a trailer recognition control unit to control the lighting system on the trailer. Driver assistance features like active crosswind assist, the rearview camera with trailer mode helps to tow a boat. GLC models with diesel engines are mostly preferred since they offer all-wheel drive and higher towing capacity.

FAQs Can a Mercedes GLC tow a boat?

How much can a Mercedes Benz GLC tow?

Mercedes Benz GLC can tow up to 2500kg or 5500 pounds

Can Mercedes Benz GLC tow a caravan?

Mercedes Benz GLC can easily tow caravan provided the gross weight of the caravan does not exceed the maximum permissible towing capacity

Can a car launch a boat?

Depending on the size and weight of the boat a family-sized SUV can launch Boat up to 1500kgs. The launching ramp should not be steep and the trailer can be easily submerged without backing the vehicle into deep water.

Can a 2 wheel drive tow a boat?

Yes, 2 wheel drive can be used to tow small boats. Always check the towing capacities in the owner’s manual and follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

How hard is it to tow a boat?

It can be difficult to tow a boat without knowing proper information. Several mobile apps and boating clubs provide important tips to tow a boat by car. Always follow traffic rules and regulations while towing a boat.