Can I buy a Mercedes extended warranty?


This brief article will explain the warranty process in Mercedes Benz and answer the questions: Can I buy a Mercedes extended warranty? And what are the benefits of an extended warranty?

Can I buy a Mercedes extended warranty?

Yes, the Mercedes Benz extended warranty can be purchased anytime at the authorised dealerships. Many insurance companies also sell extended warranty plans. Costs of extended warranty plans can vary depending on the markets and warranty does not apply to parts that are considered wearable like brake pads, brake discs, suspension bushes etc.

Genuine parts and accessories offer individual parts warranty of up to 2 years. However, if any part is already replaced under standard or parts warranty, replacing the same part will cost money and the warranty cannot be claimed again. Extended warranties can be bought under the advanced assurance programs. 

The advanced assurance program can cover the vehicle under an extended warranty after the standard warranty of 3 years is over. You can choose to extend the warranty for the fourth or up to the sixth year.

The extended warranty can be purchased anytime in the first three years of owning the vehicle and it can be transferred to the new owner if the vehicle is sold. 

The terms of extended warranty provided under the advanced assurance program are the same as that of the standard warranty. There can be exceptions in a few parts like the main battery of the vehicle which is not covered under an extended warranty but if the battery is replaced on a chargeable basis then parts warranty is applicable for a maximum of 2 years.

Extended warranties are not to be confused with the service packages like star ease sold by additional cost at the dealerships. Extended warranty plans like advance assurance programs will provide protection on mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle and the terms are mostly some as standard warranty. But advance assurance does not cover maintenance costs and consumables such as engine oils, air filters, and tire replacement.

In addition to covering defects or faults in a vehicle, the Mercedes Benz extended warranty can also offer benefits of ownership packages like Mobilio roadside assistance, a certified assurance program that covers the unexpected cost of repairs.

Mercedes Benz also offers a warranty on certified pre-owned cars. The warranty period can be 1 year with unlimited mileage. Extended warranty can also be purchased for an addition of 2 years

After 1 year, the standard pre-owned warranty expires.

How does the warranty process work at a Mercedes Benz dealership?

When mechanical or electrical faults occur in a vehicle, the customer must report to the nearest workshop for diagnosis and submit any warranty claims. Depending on the fault, it can take 2 – 3 days for the Technician to identify the cause of the fault and determine which parts are required for the repairs.

  • When the technician has identified the cause of the fault, an Initial quick test with fault frame freeze data is saved. Results of xentry guided tests are also recorded.
  • Visual inspection is carried out to identify if any accidental damage is on the faulty part.
  • All the test results, initial quick test and photos if required are submitted to the warranty officer at the dealership.
  • Warranty claim is then raised at the Mercedes Benz online warranty portal.
  • Once the claim is accepted, the technician can proceed with replacing the faulty part.
  • Old parts must be returned to the warranty department, which will be destroyed or sent to a research facility to identify and prevent similar faults.

Mercedes Benz extended and standard warranty claims are processed very fast to ensure the vehicle can be returned to the customer as early as possible. If the vehicle has extended warranty plans from other insurance companies then the warranty claim process can last more than 3 days. The company will send a surveyor to inspect the vehicle and then give the approval to submit the warranty claim. hence, always prefer advanced assurance programs instead of extended warranty plans from a third party or insurance company.

What is covered in an extended warranty?

Extended warranties bought from authorised dealerships are similar to standard warranties. Complete vehicle systems are protected under warranty plans. Following are some of the systems:

  • Powertrain- faults in engine and transmission like poor performance and emission-related concerns are covered under warranty. 
  • Onboard electrical and safety systems like airbags, crash sensors etc. however any accidental damage cannot be covered under an extended warranty.
  • Failure in suspension components like shock absorbers, stabiliser bars, control arms due to material defects can be replaced under warranty.
  • repairs in vehicle interior equipment like air conditioning, power windows, displays and entertainment systems.

The benefits of Mercedes Benz extended warranty are as follows

  • The terms of an extended warranty are the same as a standard warranty and the extended warranty period will not overlap with the standard warranty.
  • Mercedes Benz under the advance assurance program has priority handling and an express claim process.
  • No unexpected expenses apart from the maintenance cost of the vehicle.
  • Mercedes Benz extended warranty is applicable at all the authorised dealerships.
  • The resale value of the vehicle is also good if the vehicle is covered under an extended warranty.
  • Faults in transmission and poor shift quality can be expensive to repair. An extended warranty can cover the cost of any transmission repair in such cases.


Mercedes Benz offers extended warranty plans from the fourth to the sixth year of the vehicle with unlimited mileage. Warranty is also available for individual parts and accessories which are purchased by the customer. Vehicle service records are checked before purchasing an extended warranty and submitting warranty claims. If the vehicle is not serviced at an authorised dealership, the warranty claim will be rejected and some dealerships will even refuse to sell extended warranty packages.

FAQs: Can I buy a Mercedes Extended warranty?

Can you buy an extended warranty after purchase?

Yes, an extended warranty can be bought any time in 36 months after purchasing the car provided the vehicle is serviced at an authorised workshop periodically.

How much are Mercedes extended warranties?

Mercedes extended warranties depend on the model and the age of the vehicle. Visit the nearest dealership to find out extended warranty plans and costs for your car.

Can the dealer force you to buy a warranty?

No, the dealer can’t force you to buy a warranty as most manufacturers will offer a standard warranty period of 3 years with unlimited km.

Does Mercedes offer a lifetime warranty?

No, extended warranty plans are only available for vehicles from the fourth to the sixth year but unlimited mileage is covered.

Do dealerships make money on selling warranties?

Yes, dealerships make money on selling extended warranties. Especially if third party companies are providing extended warranty plans.

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