Can I make Mercedes emissions claim myself?


This article will explain the ongoing exhaust emission claim and answer the following question: Can I make a Mercedes Emissions claim myself? Am I eligible to make the claim? 

Can I make Mercedes emissions claim myself?

Yes, It is possible to make a Mercedes emission claim by yourself provided all the documents of the affected vehicle are present. However,  making an emission claim requires knowledge of complex legal documents and an expert technical opinion. The cost involved will simply be too much for an individual and in some cases, it can be required to pay for the legal cost of the other side as well.

The emission claims started in 2015 in the USA when car companies like VW Audi faced regulatory action because the vehicle failed emission regulation. The authorities claimed that car manufacturers used software in engine control units that can detect emission tests and cheat the tests to check emission levels of the exhaust.

According to the authorities, the passenger cars and vans produced more NOX (nitrogen oxides) than the advertised figures.  The engine performance would be reduced if the vehicle met the advertised emission figures.

Mercedes Benz passenger cars and vans also came under scrutiny but no hard evidence was found which indicated the vehicles cheated the exhaust emission test by releasing fewer emissions. Currently, only claims have been filed by a few law firms but no hearing has taken place. According to a spokesperson from Daimler, the claims brought by the UK law firms are without merit.

In some markets, Mercedes vehicle owners may be eligible to claim their losses on consumer legal rights. These customers believe they deserve 100 % compensation if their vehicles are releasing harmful levels of exhaust emissions in the environment due to software programming of engine control units.

Are you eligible to make a Mercedes Emissions claim?

The consumer protection from unfair trading (CPUT) states that every Mercedes owner is due for compensation if the vehicle is registered between 2008 to 2018. It doesn’t matter if the owner no longer owns the vehicle, he/she is still eligible to make an emission claim.

It is a good idea to sign up for a No win NO fee Mercedes Emission claim provided by a few reputable law firms. To sign up, submit the vehicle model and number plate on online websites of any law firm providing group claims. If the vehicle is between 2008 to 2018, law firms send out notifications over email to inform the customers that their car could potentially be one of the models affected in the exhaust emission test.

A group emission claim can also ensure that if the claim is successful, owners of the respective vehicles will be compensated according to the proof of their vehicles. However, if the claim fails, then the customers don’t need to pay law firms or lawyers any service charges.

For the customers still using the vehicles, it is possible to file the emission claim from the insurance of the vehicle. Only one law firm can be used to register the claim; it can take more than 5 years to settle an emission claim. Law firms offer a trial period, in case some customers don’t want to withdraw their emission claims. 

All law firms providing group emission claims are working together. Hence, deciding which law firm to select will not affect the outcome of the case. When the claim goes to full trial, chances of winning will not depend on one single firm as it is a collective effort. However, if the claim is successful, the amount of compensation given to the customer will vary according to the service charge of the law firms.

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It is a very challenging and expensive task to make a Mercedes Exhaust emission claim on your own but with the help of group emission claims offered by law firms, it is very doable. The law firms will fight the case on behalf of the customers provided the customer submits all the vehicle documents. All law firms are working together and this will ensure the customers get the full benefit if the claim is successful. 

FAQs: Can I make a Mercedes Emissions claim myself?

Can you claim against Mercedes diesel?

Yes, according to the authorities, Mercedes diesel vehicles registered between 2008 to 2018 are affected by clever software programming which allows vehicles to cheat emissions tests.

 How much is a Mercedes emission claim?

The claim could be up to 100 % of the cost of the vehicle. But it will also depend on the age of the vehicle. The amount of compensation received by the customer will also depend on the law firm used to submit the 


Is Mercedes’s claim real?

Presently Claim against the Mercedes is only filed but there has been no news about the hearing in court. Daimler spokesperson has even stated that the claims are meritless and did not cause any losses to the customers

Is Mercedes claiming no win no fee?

Yes, customers can sign up with law firms that are offering group emission claims. 

How do I know if my Mercedes is recalled?

The Dealership will send out a notification if the Mercedes is applicable for a service measure. Customers can visit dealerships to check if their vehicle is called for recall.