Can I order a Mercedes EQS?

This brief article will provide information on the newly launched Mercedes Benz EQS and answer the following questions: Can I order a Mercedes EQS? What is the Mercedes Direct to customer sales initiative?

Can I order a Mercedes EQS?

Yes, it is possible to order a Mercedes Benz EQS. Mercedes Benz EQS was launched in 2021 and it is available in the following models:

  • EQS350
  • EQS450+
  • EQS 80 4MATIC
  • Mercedes AMG EQS 53 4MATIC.

Mercedes AMG EQS 53 4MATIC is the recently launched model in December 2021. All models are fully electric with power output right from 210kW till 470kW and torque is 568 to 855 NM.

The Mercedes EQS is also the first full electrical premium offering from Mercedes Benz. The overall dimension and wheelbase are similar to that of an S class. EQS has a very low coefficient of drag of 0.20. Low coefficient of drag and high voltage battery allows EQS an overall range of 770km (WLTP) 

Some of the key standout features of EQS are as follows

  • Driver assistance systems – EQS has a partially automated DRIVE PILOT system which can drive the vehicle automatically under the supervision of the driver.
  • The Mercedes Benz user interface (MBUX) has the largest display called a hyper screen. Hyperscreen is optional extra and not a part of standard equipment.
  • Static LED and high-performance DIGITAL LIGHT LED lights are available as special equipment.
  • EQS has rear-wheel steering, and an electric steering rack at the rear axle allows for the turning of rear wheels, a larger  steering angle is available as special equipment depending on the tire and wheel combination at the rear axle.
  • Pre-entry climate control with PTC heater booster and HEPA filter comes as standard. The vehicle can be heated or cooled from the Mercedes Me connect app. 
  • All door handles are flushed to achieve a low coefficient of drag. When the vehicle is unlocked, actuators push the door handles out. The doors in EQS are also automatic. When the driver touches the brake pedal, the motor in the driver’s door will close the door. All doors have a soft-close feature as standard.
  • The service flap for washer fluid is located in the left front fender, there is no need to open the engine hood to fill washer fluid. It also improves customer safety as many high voltage components are located under the engine hood.

Charging and Recuperation in EQS

The EQS supports both mode 2 and DC fast charging with a PTC heater for the Battery. PTC heater for the battery is very important for cold countries as the temperature below can hugely reduce the charging speeds of lithium-ion cells.

Ideally, it takes up to 14 hours to charge the EQS with a 6.4 to 22 kW wall box charger. DC fast charge can take at least 30 to 50 minutes depending on the charging output of 100 to 200 kW. The maintenance interval of EQS is different when compared to other Mercedes Benz models. The service interval can be longer as EQS is a fully electric vehicle.  Hence, the service interval is 30000 km or 2 years.  Star ease service packages can be parched at the time of ordering the EQS. 

As EQS solely operates on the electric drive and uses energy from the high voltage battery back of 100kWh, consumption and range depend on the driving style. Hence EQS offer recuperation modes and an intelligent drive system in ECO mode. High voltage batteries can be charged by  energy produced in recuperation when the vehicle slows down.

Different recuperation modes like D auto, D +, D- can be selected and the intensity of recuperation can be increased to a deceleration rate of 2.5m/s square.

The suspension system and rear-wheel steering in EQS

EQS comes with AIRMATIC and ADAPTIVE damping suspension systems as standard. The AIRMATIC also uses an improved air compressor which allows for higher lowering and raising speeds. Level control also ensures in the case of a laden vehicle for the best possible suspension and uniform ground clearance.

The rear axle steering in the EQS has four different steering angles depending on the equipment available. Based on the driving situation following are the different steering angles:

Vehicle speedDriving situation Steering angle
Vehicle speed less than 60km/he the rear wheel is opposite to the angle of front wheel parkUo to 10-degree steering angle
Less than 60km/hrUrban MobilityUp to 4.5-degree steering angle
Vehicle speed more than 60km/he the wheel angle of font and rear wheel is in same directionVehicle dynamic speedsUp to 2.5degree steering angle
More than 60 km/hrHigh speeds on highwaysUp to 2.5-degree steering angle

Mercedes Direct to customer initiative 

Mercedes Benz introduced a new sales model called direct to the customer. This will allow customers to order and purchase the vehicle directly from the Mercedes Benz factory instead of going to the authorised dealers.

The authorised dealerships will remain functional and provide test drives, give delivery of the vehicle but the invoicing will be done directly by the Mercedes Benz . This will allow for uniform price and transparency in the sales process.

The waiting period in case of EQS will hugely reduce as the inventory will be maintained at the factory instead of dealer stock yards or VPC vehicle preparation centres. Dealership will provide the after service for the vehicle.

The cost of the vehicle will be the same across the market and no scope for negotiation will be there at the dealer end. Mercedes Benz will introduce a discount scheme to benefit the customer during holiday seasons.

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Mercedes EQS can be ordered online from the official mercedes benz website. Thanks to the direct to customer sales model, EQS can be ordered Directly from Mercedes Benz even if a specific model of the newly launched EQS AMG is not available at the dealership. Ordering the EQS also gives freedom to the customer to select from a variety of special equipment and EQS can be delivered in desired configuration.

FAQs:Can I order a Mercedes EQS?

How much horsepower does an EQS have?

The EQS 4Matic has a combined power output of 650 BHP while the two wheel drive version has 281 BHP.

What is recuperation in EQS?

Recuperation id recover of energy lost in slowing down the vehicle and putting it back in the high voltage battery. EQS has intelligent drive modes which can control the rate of recuperation.

Where is EQS Build?

EQS is built in a German factory located in stuttgart. From 2022 EQS will also be built in the Mercedes Benz factory in India.

How do you charge Mercedes EQS?

Mercedes Benz EQS can be charged from a wall box charger which can be purchased when buying the EQS and it can also be fast charged at any available DC fast charging station.

Is EQS a Sedan?

Yes, EQS is a premium sedan from Mercedes Benz. It is also the first full electric sedan with a wheelbase similar to the S class.