List of Car Sunroof Pros and Cons (5 Common Types)

This article will list down the “car sunroof advantages and disadvantages”. In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the sunroof, we will also explain the different types of sunroof used in modern-day vehicles. 

A sunroof in a vehicle is a moveable or mobile panel fitted on the top of the car. This panel opens and closes, which allies the fresh air to enter the passenger’s compartment in the car. The car sunroof can be operated manually or by an electric motor. An electrically operated sunroof in a vehicle is a feature that operates with the help of an electric motor and a switch. The sunroof in a vehicle has various advantages and disadvantages. All of them are mentioned below.

Car sunroof advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of a car sunroof

  • The sunroof in a vehicle gives the car a stylish interior and exterior, making it look trendy.
  • The car sunroof provides the user with an extra window which enables them to breathe some fresh air.
  • In traffic, a car sunroof is handy because the sunroof reduces the noise of vehicles.
  • A sunroof provides the passengers with a beautiful view during the rains as the raindrops fall on the glass on the sunroof.
  • In cold climates, the sunroof enables the sun’s bright lights into the car’s cabin, making driving better.
  • A sunroof acts in two ways. The first one is the whole roof and tilt function, which allows the hot and humid air to exit the compartment of the car. Thus it helps you to remove the warm air from the compartment.

Disadvantages of Sunroof

  • A sunroof can prove to be extremely disadvantageous in the location where the days are extremely warm and can majorly affect the effect of the air conditioning system.
  • When the sun is bright, the sunrays irritate the vehicle’s driver.
  • A glass break on the sunroof can be expensive to repair.
  • The integrity of the old cars is affected as the buyers won’t wish to buy a car having a sunroof.
  • The sunroof increases the maintenance costs as the rubber, motor, and other mechanical parts of the sunroof are pretty expensive.
  • If the sunroof has cracks, then on a rainy day, the water might seep in through the roof and wet the internal surfaces of the car.
  • The cars without a sunroof offer more headroom than those with a sunroof.
  • Driving at high speeds with an open sunroof affects the car’s aerodynamics, which creates more drag and hence greater fuel utilization.
  • Sunroofs are heavy, regular sunroof weighs around 25-35kgs, while a panoramic sunroof weighs 90kgs. Hence the increase in weight increases fuel consumption.
  • As the vehicle gets old, the metal around the sunroof starts to rust which affects the structural integrity of the sunroof and hence the vehicle slowly loses its strength.
  • With time, the power of the sunroof motor decreases; hence, as the sunroof gets old, its efficiency decreases.

Types of sunroof

Pop-up car sunroofs

These are simple man-operated sunroofs or manual tilting sunroofs. These panels can be easily removed and stored on the vehicle. In addition, the tilting motion provides a vent in the roof, which allows the air to exit from the compartment. 

Spoiler Sunroof

The spoiler sunroof tilts to vent and slide to open above. These sunroofs provide little room or roof length. However, the openings provided by spoilers are not as large as the other roof systems.

Inbuilt Sunroof

These sunroofs have a panel that slides open between the roof and the built-in headliner of the car. However, the sunroof reduces the headroom in the car. 

Panoramic Sunroof

The panoramic sunroof is a large sunroof that allows passengers to sit on both front and rear seats. These sunroofs mostly cover the complete roof of the vehicle.

Folding sunroof

Folding sunroofs are used on a convertible car. The sunroof is made of vinyl fabric that folds back and forth when required. These roofs can be seen in different vehicles such as the BMW Z4 and VW Beetle.


This article has listed the various “car sunroof advantages and disadvantages” in this article. In addition, we have also mentioned the various types of sunroofs used in the vehicles that a sunroof has a considerable amount of advantages for drivers living in cold countries. Because with a sunroof in place, the cars get illuminated properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): car sunroof advantages and disadvantages.

Is it worth having a sunroof?

A sunroof is a great showcase for individual style and preference. Therefore, the sunroof has become a common feature on many vehicles nowadays. 

Do sunroofs make cars hotter?

Yes, the sunroofs in a car make the cabin hotter because the sunroof allows more light and excess heat to enter the car’s cabin. Thus the presence of excess heat in the car’s cabin increases the cabin temperature.

Do sunroofs leak?

Sunroofs can leak from several places because the sunroofs have rubber seals that can get damaged due to heat generated by the sun. Moreover, some cracks on the sunroof can also lead to leaks.

Are Sunroofs Safe?

No, the sunroofs are not completely safe because if there are cracks on the sunroof glass, the cracks might lead to a situation where the glass loses its integrity and breaks down.