How much is the Creader professional crp123?

This blog will answer the following questions: how much is the Creader Professional CRP123? How to use the CRP 123 model? What are the functions of the Creader Professional CRP 123? What are the alternative diagnosis scanner tools available on the market? Should you buy the Creader Professional CRP 123?

How much is the Creader Professional CRP 123?

The Creader Professional CRP123 is priced at 140 to 160 USD, it is a Chinese aftermarket OBDII diagnostic scanner. The Creader Professional CRP 123 is more widely known as launch CRP123 and the diagnosis capabilities like reading and erasing the fault codes and checking live sensor data are really good. 

The software can be updated and it is available in multiple languages. The 3.5-inch screen is surrounded by 5 navigation keys on the right side and two status LEDs one for power and one for communication on the left. The box comes with an owner’s manual and an OBDII cable.

The size of the overall device is 7.8 x 4.2 x 1.1 inches and it weighs only 10.3 ounces. Therefore it is fairly easy to hold in hand and operate. There is a dedicated escape button which also doubles up as a back key and one information button is present just below the navigation buttons.

It is not Bluetooth compatible and the OBDII port must be connected to the device all the time. The cable is around 116 cm so it may be short if the OBD II port is located further back in the footwell. 16 GB microSD card is included in the box and it can be used for firmware updates or transferring data from the CRP 123 to a desktop PC.

How to use the Creader Professional CRP 123?

The CRP 123 is very friendly to use and the software also includes generic fault code data. Following is the process to use the CRP 123 for reading diagnostics trouble codes.

  • Complete the initial setup by connecting the USB cable provided in the box to power up the device.
  • The registration is performed automatically, selecting the preferred language for the software.
  • Remove the dust cover at the bottom of the device and connect the 16-pin OBD II coupler to the CRP123.
  • There is no internal battery in the device, it receives the power supply from the OBD II port of the USB port located at the bottom of the device.
  • The memory card must be inserted and once the data is loaded the device can be connected to the vehicle.
  • Enter the diagnostic menu to read out or erase the fault code memory.

The Creader Professional CRP 123 is only good for personal as well as professional use, it can perform a full diagnostic scan of the control unit present in the vehicle and read out the fault code memory. The fault frame freeze data is available only from the engine, transmission, airbag, and ABS ECU.

The vehicle can be selected automatically but a manual entry of VIN or vehicle identification number can be needed for vehicles older than 2000 manufacturing years. Live sensor data can be read out from the data stream menu, this feature is very useful while diagnosing a faulty sensor.

The only drawback of the CRP 123 is the small cable and lack of Bluetooth connectivity, the tester cannot be removed from the car and placed near the engine bay as the cable is very small.

What are the functions of the Creader Professional CRP 123?

The functions of the Creader Professional CRP123 are as follows:

  • It is compatible with major Asian, American, and European car companies. The CRP123 can read and erase the fault codes in the engine, transmission ABS, and SRS control units.
  • Fault freeze frame and live datastream are also available in the ABS, SRS, Engine, and transmission control unit.
  • Automatic vehicle determination is possible after selecting the diagnosis option. It can detect all the VIN or vehicle identification numbers of petrol vehicles from 2001 and diesel vehicles from 2004 onwards.
  • The software of the CRP123 is the same as previous models therefore all functions of previous CReader models for OBD Generic codes are included in the CRP 123.
  • The CRP 123 cannot suggest guided test steps but there is support for 10 test models and the test results can be displayed in a graphical format.
  • A dedicated information or help key provides enhanced help functions.
  • Software updates can be performed by connecting the memory card to the laptop and downloading the latest firmware.
  • All current fault codes and live data streams can be printed out with the help of a computer.

What are the alternative diagnosis scanner tools available on the market?

The Creader Professional CRP123 is an inexpensive handheld diagnosis scanner but the following diagnostics scanner are worth a look before purchasing a Creader Professional CRP 123

Scanner name link
Topdon ArtiDiag 500 
Foxwell’s similar NT614 
Innova 6100P 

All the above three OBD-II scanners are a good alternative for the CRP 123 and cost less than 200 USD. The Topdon Artidiag 500 has wifi connectivity so it can be easily placed anywhere unlike the CRP 123 which is only connected by an OBD II cable. The edges on the Topdon ArtiDiag500 are soft and it is easier to hold.

The weight of the Artidiag is more so if you want something light then the Foxwell NT 614 is the best. It weighs only 1.1 pounds and the device is very similar to the Creader Professional CRP 123. Both the devices have the same diagnostic functions, the NT 614 has more buttons and the display is slightly bigger at 4.3 inches.

The Innova 6100P is the smallest device out of the three, weighing less than the competition. It can even reset the service indicator which is a pretty great feature considering the size of the device. Resetting the service light is not possible in the Creader professional CRP 123.

The Innova 6100 P has a screen size of 2.8 inches and it has all the software functions similar to the CRP123. There is Bluetooth connectivity so the tester can be carried in the hand, Innova also has a repair solutions 2 smartphone application for Android and IOS so all the data can be accessed via a smartphone.


This blog explained the features and how to use the Creader Professional CRP 123 diagnostic scanner. The CRP 123 also comes in a premium model that can reset the service indicator and the buttons feel more premium. However, it is not the best diagnostic scanner made by Creader Professional, if you are looking for a small and powerful scanner then the Innova 6100P offers more features at a similar price.