Does a 2017 Mercedes Benz  C 300 have a spare tire kit?

This blog will answer the following questions: Does a 2017 Mercedes Benz  C 300 have a spare tire kit? What is a Mercedes Benz MOE tire? What to do if you get a flat tire? What is included in a Mercedes Benz mobility kit?

Does a 2017 Mercedes Benz  C 300 have a spare tire kit?

Yes, the 2017 Mercedes Benz C 300 Comes with a spare tire kit. The following items are included in a spare tire kit.

  • Collapsible spare tire
  • Scissor jack
  • Wrench
  • Gloves
  • High visibility vest
  • Wheel wedge

The collapsible spare wheel or emergency spare wheel is smaller than the standard 17-inch alloy wheel. The tire size is also smaller than 255/50. Emergency spare needs 4.2 bars of tire pressure to fully inflate. In a deflated state it is very small and can be stored in a Nylon bag provided in the spare tire kit.

When the C 300 is running on the spare wheel, the speed limit is lowered to 50 MPH. The tire pressure warning light will also stay active in the instrument cluster. There is no tire pressure sensor in the spare wheel so the tire pressure monitoring system will not detect the pressure inside it. 

Once the flat tire is replaced or repaired, the tire pressure monitoring system must be restarted so that it can measure the tire pressure of all the wheels. A visual inspection of the tire pressure monitoring system is also performed to identify if the sensor got damaged with the flat tire.

What is a Mercedes Benz MOE tire?

A Mercedes Benz MOE stands for mobility extended tire. It is a Mercedes Benz original run-flat tire, run-flat tire has a reinforced sidewall. When a tire loses pressure due to a picture, a car with a run-flat tire can be driven for 50 miles.

There is a speed limit of 50 miles per hour which must not be exceeded if a vehicle is operating on a FLat Run flat tire. The speed limit is also lowered if there is a full load in the vehicle. A Run flat tire is designed to stay functional even after a loss in tire pressure. 

There is no need to remove the flat tire and install a spare wheel. It is possible to drive the vehicle to the nearest dealership or tire repair shop. Due to a reinforced sidewall design, run-flat tires are also very resistant to a tire blowout. 

If there is a puncture, then the tire pressure loss is gradual and the weight of the tire is supported by the sidewall. There are additional rubber inserts inside of the tire that can temporarily support the weight of the car even after a puncture.

Mercedes Benz does not provide MOE tires on all the models. There is usually a tire mobility kit or a spare wheel in the trunk of the vehicle for vehicles without MOE tires. The latest Mercedes Benz models come with mobility extended tires along with a collapsible spare wheel in the luggage compartment.

What to do if you get a flat tire in a 2017 Mercedes Benz C 300?

If a 2017 Mercedes Benz C 300 is equipped with a MOE run-flat tire, then perform a visual inspection of the sidewall. If there is no damage to the side wall then continue the journey and get the tire checked at the next gas station or tire repair shop.

If the sidewall is damaged then it is not recommended to drive the car even if the tire is a run-flat tire. You can call roadside assistance service, Mercedes Benz also provided roadside assistance for vehicles under standard warranty. If you have a spare tire kit in the vehicle then follow the steps mentioned below to remove the flat tire and install a spare wheel.

  • Park the vehicle on the side of the road and turn on the hazard lights.
  • Open the trunk gate and wear the high visibility vest
  • Remove the warning triangle in the luggage compartment and place it  50-100 meters from the vehicle.
  • Locate the spare tire kit, use the wrench and lose the bolts on the wheel. (Only turn the screw halfway do not remove the screws completely)
  • Place the wheel wedge under the wheel and install the scissor jack under the nearest jack mount.
  • The vehicle must always be lifted at the jack mount, there are four jack mounts located near each wheel
  • Remove the spare wheel in front of the luggage compartment and place it under the vehicle. This will prevent the vehicle from falling down in case the jack gets dislocated.
  • Raise the vehicle by a few inches and remove the flat wheel, unscrew all the wheel bolts and keep them at a secure location.
  • The C 300 does not have lug nuts, Mercedes Benz uses wheel bolts to secure the wheel to the wheel hub. 
  • Install the spare wheel and tighten the wheel bolts with the wrench provided with the spare tire kit.
  • Lower the vehicle, remove the jack, and re-tighten all the wheel bolts.
  • Use the air compressor to check the tire pressure of the spare wheel before resuming the journey.

The 2017 Mercedes Benz C 300 has a collapsible spare tire. Hence, visit the nearest dealership to get a proper tire replacement as the collapsible spare tire has a speed limit of 50 MPH.

What is included in a Mercedes Benz mobility kit?

A Mercedes Benz mobility kit contains TIREFIT and an air compressor. The air compressor has a 12 volts socket adapter which must be inserted in the 12-volt socket. Ince the ignition is turned ON the air compressor can be used to inflate the tire.

TIREFIT is a special sealant that can be used to seal small punctures of up to 0.16 inches (4 mm), particularly on the tire tread. The TIREFIT bottle can be screwed on the air compressor so that the sealant can enter the tire and seal the puncture.

If the pressure of 2.6 -3.0 bars is not reached within 5 min then turn off the tire compressor. There could be a bigger leak that cannot be sealed with the use of TIREFIT.

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This blog provided the answer to the question does the C 300 have a spare tire kit and also explained what to do in case there is a flat tire. Mercedes Benz is shipping cars with collapsible spare wheels but customers can choose to order one more alloy wheel and use it as a spare wheel. However, it will reduce the luggage compartment space significantly.