Does Mercedes Benz make good cars?

This article will answer the following questions: Does Mercedes Benz make good cars? What are some of the good cars currently available in the market? Where are the cars made? And what makes them a good car?

Does Mercedes Benz make good cars?

Yes, Mercedes Benz makes very good cars available across domestic as well as international markets. Mercedes Benz is a German automotive manufacturer under the Mercedes Benz AG group and manufactures passenger cars, vans and commercial vehicles. 

It is world-famous for its German-built quality and Mercedes Benz cars can easily last for more than 10 years- provided proper care is taken. Annually Mercedes Benz produces more than a million units of passenger cars and ships them across the world. The Mercedes Benz product range is huge and it can satisfy various customer requirements.

Customers can choose between petrol, diesel and Fully electric drive trains. Plug-in hybrid models variants are also available in all model classes. Mercedes Benz AMG is the dedicated high-performance division all the ongoing Mercedes Benz passenger cars have a performance-oriented version.

The Mercedes Benz AMG division is responsible for manufacturing engines for high performance 45, 63 AMG variants and the newly developed AMG line cars 35, 43, 53. 

The EQ brand of Mercedes Benz stands for emotion and intelligence. Full electric cars like EQC, EQB & EQS are sold under the EQ badge. EQ boost technology also filters down to 48V electric system mild and plug-in hybrid models.

Mercedes Benz can also take special orders from the customers should they desire to personalise their new Mercedes. The  Mercedes Benz special order is also known as the Designo Manufaktur program. 

It allows the customer to select different exterior paint of the vehicle from the designo catalogue. Customers can also customise the interior colour and select the material of seats.

What are some of the good cars currently available in the market?

Although Mercedes Benz manufactures a variety of variants in different classes, the E class and the S class are very good cars and the customer’s favourite. The demand for the E and the S class is high compared to other classes. 

The Mercedes Benz E class range is available with different body styles like estate, convertible and AMG sports models. It is between C class and S class, longer wheelbase models are available in some markets which makes it the most sought after model in the Mercedes Benz line-up.

The E class has been the best selling Mercedes Benz model with more than 13 million cars sold by the end of 2015. A New E class generation with a facelift was also introduced to keep the lineup updated and fresh. E class is also a popular choice for taxis and special purpose vehicles due to its durable built quality and vast network of authorised dealerships.

The S class has always been the flagship model and with every generation S class pushed the boundaries in automotive safety and innovation. For example, the S class was the first production vehicle with airbags for occupants other than the driver and a seat belt pre-tensioning device to take up the slack in the seat belt just before the crash and protect the driver.

Mercedes Benz S Class focuses on comfort and luxury. There are inline 6 and v8 petrol engines making around 600 horsepower. The S class is currently in its seventh generation and has the most advanced driver assistance systems on board.

The driver assistance systems are capable of driving the s class without any inputs from the driver. S class also sets a benchmark in safety by featuring a first-in-class rear passenger airbag located on the backside of the front seats. 

The E class and S class are available with Airmatic suspension, The Airmnatic suspension can change the ride height depending on the number of occupants and luggage, it also has adaptive suspension and sports, comfort, eco-driving mode. If budget is not an issue then the E class is a better choice as it features a decent amount of technology and it is considered the most reliable class in the Mercedes Benz lineup.

Where are Mercedes Benz cars Produced?

Mercedes Benz has production factories all over the world but the main manufacturing factories are located only in Germany. Another location does not manufacture cars but only assembles from knockdown kits. The company has factories in 17 countries across 4 continents. 

 The factory in Stuttgart, Germany is the mother factory, all the development, production and shipment of engines, transmissions and CKDs are shipped from this location. It is also the headquarters of Daimler AG, recently named Mercedes Benz group AG. 

The Stuttgart factory has a history extending back over 115 years and it is the highest tech location for the production of cars and hybrid drive systems. 

The plant has six total facilities, Untertürkheim and Bad Cannstatt are responsible for the production of engines and the forge is also located there. The transmissions are manufactured in Sindelfingen. Mettingen has the foundry for axle production.

What makes Mercedes a good car?

Mercedes Benz cars are fun to drive and easy to live with. Anyone can easily use Mercedes Benz cars every day, the latest Mercedes Benz user experience allows customers to save driver profiles in the Command system. These profiles can be selected by verifying fingerprints or selecting them from the smartphone application.

The level of personalization offered by the MBUX is unlike anything offered by other manufacturers. Customers can enter their height and favourite ambient light settings and the MBUX will adjust the seating position and interior lights according to the profile selected.

The driving dynamics of all Mercedes Benz cars are really good, adaptive suspension systems are present on many models which ensure maximum grip is available all the time. 4 Matic all-wheel-drive system with variable transfer case can send power to individual wheels to get maximum traction.

Driver modes like eco, comfort, sports and sports plus can change the behaviour of the engine and throttle response so customers can use Mercedes Benz cars every day and on race tracks.

Mercedes Benz cars can also detect the presence of the driver with the help of driver input and driver door sensor. If the driver turns off the engine and is still sitting in the car, most interior equipment like windows, climate control blower, radio can be operated until the driver has exited the vehicle.

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Mercedes Benz makes some of the most technologically advanced and safest vehicles on the road. All the models are highly rated in European NCAP crash tests. Driver assistance systems like the Pre-safe and collision avoidance systems give vehicles an additional reflex and help to ensure the safety of the occupants. Mercedes Benz is also one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world and makes good cars.

FAQs: does Mercedes Benz make good cars?

Is Mercedes-Benz high quality?

Yes, Mercedes Benz has high quality, most of the production takes place in Germany. Mercedes Benz conducts quality checks at the end of the production line.  

Is Mercedes-Benz the most reliable car?

Mercedes Benz makes very reliable cars but without periodic maintenance and proper care, the reliability reduces and breakdown can occur.

Do Mercedes have a lot of problems?

No, Mercedes Benz does not have a lot of problems. There is a standard warranty of 5 years and unlimited km. Customers can even purchase extended warranty packages that can cover unexpected costs of repairs.