Does the Mercedes AMG GT-R have android auto?

This blog will answer the following questions: does the Mercedes AMG GT-R have Android Auto? Which AMG GT models have Android Auto? What are the specifications of the Mercedes AMG GTR? Which aftermarket media systems are available that have Android auto? How to install an aftermarket Android screen system in the AMG GT-R?

Does the Mercedes AMG GT-R have android auto?

The Mercedes AMG GT-R does not have the android auto feature in the command media system. There is no Apple car play too, it is possible to connect a smartphone to the media system via Bluetooth or a USB cable. The command media system can play songs and use the phone app to call but it cannot use google assistant or even mirror the mobile screen on the media display.

Android auto is the latest smartphone app from Google, it must be installed on the smartphone before pairing it to the car’s media system. The Android Auto app allows access to Google Assistant. It can change the music, start the google maps navigation, and call and receive calls directly from the car’s media system without ever touching the smartphone.

The Mercedes AMG GT-R comes with a Command online media system. The display in the center console is 8.4 inches and there is a touchpad with media control to access the menu in the Command media system. There is a Harman inbuilt map that can navigate you to your destination, there is three years’ worth of map updates free with the AMG GT-R.

When the smartphone is connected with a USB cable, the media system is capable of opening internet pages and also using Mercedes Benz apps like the internet radio, etc. apart from the Bluetooth and radio, there is also a DVD player and an inbuilt 10 GB internal memory to copy songs and video data. 

 Which AMG GT models have Android Auto?

The android auto is available in selected AMG GT models, they are mentioned in the table below:

ModelProduction yearAndroid Auto
AMG GT-S (facelift)2015YES
AMG GT 4 door coupe2019YES
AMG GT Black series2021YES

The Android auto and apple car play needs a USB port which is connected to the Command Media system. It is represented by a symbol of the data transfer on the USB port. The other USB port is just for charging the device and it is not able to send or receive the data from the Command media system.

At least one out of two USB ports in the central console must be connected to the Command Media system and the smartphone should be on data sharing mode with the Android app installed. 

Otherwise, the Android AUTO will not work even if the smartphone is connected to the command media system via a  Bluetooth connection.

What are the specifications of the Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R?

The Mercedes AMG GT-R is the high-performance version of the 2-seater AMG GT coupe, the key specifications are listed in the table below:

Specifications Mercedes AMG GT-R
Production Year2016
Price $92,500
Engine outputM178, 577 horsepower 700 Nm of torque
TransmissionAMG SPEEDSHIFT 7 Speed DCT
Wheelbase 263.0 cm
width193.9 cm
height128.9 cm
Fuel consumption (Combined)21 MPG US
Top speed198 Mph
0-60 Mph3.6 sec
Trunk capacity 285 liters

The AMG GT-R is powered by the same handbuilt V8 engine but it produces more power output than the standard. The AMG GT standard model produces 523 horsepower, the GTR on the other hand makes 577 horsepower. The top speed of the GT-R is also more than the standard variant.

Other mechanical changes include a 4-wheel drive steering, there is an electronic power steering rack on the rear axle of the AMG GTR. It reduces the turning radius at slow speeds but at high speeds, all the wheels turn in one direction. Thus, improving the high-speed stability and handling of the car.

The AMG GT took inspiration from the predecessor model and it has a 7-speed automatic transmission on the rear axle. A torque tube connects the engine to the transmission. There is no loss in the power produced by the engine as the torque tube makes a rigid connection with the dual-clutch transmission.

The torque tube used in the AMG GTR model is made out of lightweight carbon fiber material. The engine is mounted behind the front axle and with the dual-clutch transmission located in the rear, the AMG GTR has a low center of gravity and a 50:50 weight distribution.

On the exterior, there is a front splitter and winglets on the front bumper in order to reduce the lift without affecting the aerodynamic efficiency of the body. 

High-performance ceramic brakes are standard on the bro model along with a massive spoiler in the back. The AMG GTR comes pretty close to the GT3 car that is used in racing, there is also a Pro version which comes with the AMG track package as standard.

Which aftermarket media systems are available for the AMG GT-R  that has the Android auto feature?

The following after-market systems are available for the AMG GTR that comes with Android auto functionality:

DMP car design (AMG GT android screen)Snapdragon 662 
CMK car design (10.25-inch android screen)NA
Lsailt LLT-BENZ-VER2.2.5NA 

How to retrofit the aftermarket Android screen to the AMG GT-R?

Aftermarket Android Screens that support android auto connectivity are easy to install. The media screen is around 10 inches and it is a direct replacement for the stock media display. The procedure to retrofit is as follows.

  • Remove the stock media display located in the center console.
  • Remove the command head unit and disconnect the electrical coupler.
  • Connect the electrical harness of the aftermarket media interface to the head unit
  • Connect the LVDS line between the Android screen and the media interface.
  • Install everything and do a function check, the aftermarket media interface unit takes the power supply in front of the stock command head unit.

Installing the aftermarket android screen will void the manufacturer’s warranty and can also lead to battery drain problems. Therefore, only install the aftermarket screen if the vehicle is not in the standard warranty period.

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This blog answered the question if the AMG GTR comes with an Android auto function and also provided the specification of the Mercedes AMG GTR model.  Android Auto and also Apple car play allow the use of all the smartphone features without touching the phone, this is especially helpful while driving. Using Android Auto also reduces the risk of accidents as drivers’ can keep their attention on the road and any SMS or messages are read out when the phone is connected by Android Auto.