Does the Mercedes Benz car come with a factory-fitted dash cam?

This blog will answer the following questions: does Mercedes Benz come with a factory-fitted dash cam? Can you install a dashcam on a Mercedes Benz car? What are the special features of the Mercedes Benz dashcam? Why should you get a dashcam?

Does the Mercedes Benz come with a factory-fitted dash cam?

No, Mercedes Benz cars do not come with a factory-fitted dashcam. A dashcam is used for recording onboard driving footage, this footage can be stored in a storage medium like a flash drive or SD card. Onboard dashcam footage can be useful for insurance purposes if the vehicle is in a car crash, the recorded footage can reveal details of the accident. 

Also, it is used as a safety feature. Customers can access the dashcam through wifi or Bluetooth and review the stored footage. Ideally, the dashcam is installed near the front windshield, so that it can overview the 180 degrees of the front view. Two dashcams can also be installed, one for the front view and the other for the rear view of the vehicle.

Considering the popularity of the dashcam and its advantages, Mercedes Benz noticed a huge number of customers are using aftermarket dashcams in their vehicles. Therefore, Mercedes Benz has launched an authorized dash cam which can be purchased at the time of placing an order for the vehicle. Existing customers can also purchase the dashcam by visiting the nearby dealership.

Can you install a dashcam in a Mercedes Benz car?

Yes, it is possible to install a dashcam in a Mercedes Benz car. A dashcam is a great way to increase the security of the vehicle and safeguard it from insurance fraud. Mercedes Benz is offering an authorized dash cam as an accessory and it can be retrofitted in the vehicle. 

The retro fitment of the Mercedes Benz dashcam can take several hours as the dashcam is integrated into the vehicle’s onboard electrical network. Following is the process for installing the authorized Mercedes Benz dashcam. The dashcam kit comes with 1 or 2 cameras depending on the order of the customer. Required electrical wiring harness and adhesive are also provided in the kit. The sd card used for the storage of the recorded footage must be purchased separately by the customer.

  • The vehicle cockpit or interior fuse is located and prepared for the installation of the electrical wiring harness.
  • The electrical wiring harness contains the required couplers for the front and rear camera units.
  • Connect the circuit 30 power supply line to the fuse box and insert a 15-ampere fuse in the empty slot.
  • Connect the circuit 15 power supply line to any one of the empty slots with the ignition ON signal and insert the separate fuse.
  • A fuse is installed in the electrical circuit to prevent further damage to the camera or the fuse box if there is an electrical short circuit.
  • The dash cameras receive power supply from both sources, the main battery and the Ignition ON voltage from the electronic ignition lock. 
  • The ground electrical cable is connected to the nearest vehicle body ground.
  • The front and rear dash cameras are attached to the windshields by adhesive tapes, location can be determined based on the models.

Once the installation is completed all the excess electrical lines are systematically placed behind the roof trim and A-pillar panel.

There are several aftermarket dash cameras available which take power from the 12 V port. Installing aftermarket cameras is not a difficult task as most of them are plug-and-play devices. However, they are not integrated into the vehicle communication network and only work when the vehicle is running.

What are the special features of the Mercedes Benz Dashcam?

The special features of the Mercedes Benz Dashcam are as follows:

  • Twin camera setup:

The Mercedes Benz dashcam contains a front and a rear camera, they can record driving footage in the front and rear of the vehicle. The rear camera can give crucial information to the customers in case there is a rear-end collision in stop-and-go traffic. Both the cameras have high-definition video capture in both day and night conditions.

  • Continuous monitoring

Both the front and the rear-facing cameras have a built-in radar scanner and acceleration sensors. If the vehicle is parked and someone enters the radar range, the cameras will automatically start to record the footage. 

Similarly, if some other vehicle causes an accident then the accelerometer sensors can detect the impact and activate both the cameras. The cameras are very power efficient and the system will go to sleep mode to conserve the battery. If the vehicle is not in use then the cameras can continue the monitoring function for a maximum of 6 days

  • Smartphone app

The Mercedes Benz dashcam smartphone application is available in the Google Play store as well as the IOS apple store. All the functions of the dashcam can be accessed via the smartphone. The recorded footage can be viewed on the smartphone and if the smartphone is in the wifi hotspot range then customers can even check live camera footage. The format of the recording is specifically designed to optimize the image quality while keeping the overall size minimum. 

The cameras will delete old footage if it is not downloaded by the customer in order to make space for the latest footage.

  • Removable design

The font and the rear-facing dash cam can be easily separated from the housing and stored away safely. In some countries it is not legal to record dashcam footage, also if the customer wants to keep the location of the destination private the cameras can either be removed or simply turned off permanently for the duration of the trip.

Installing the cameras back in the housing is very simple. The electrical connector is held in place by two screws and the camera body can simply slide into the housing. Once both cameras are locked in place, turn on the ignition to check if the dashcam is working or not. An audible signal can be heard when the camera starts the recording. 

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The Mercedes Benz dashcam is a great accessory as it increases vehicle security and protects the customers from any insurance fraud. There is a workshop mode built into the cameras so they will not record the footage inside the workshop. The workshop mode saves the space in the storage device by not recording the video as the vehicle can be started multiple times during the repairs. The smartphone app brings ease of access to the customers and it is certainly worth purchasing it instead of a plug n play aftermarket camera.