Does the Mercedes Benz E350 have a remote start function?

This article will answer the following questions: Does the Mercedes E350 have a remote start function? What does a remote start do and should you use the remote start function? Lastly, we take a look at Mercedes Me connect and how to remote start the Mercedes E350 by MMC app.

Does the Mercedes Benz E350 have a remote start function?

Yes, Mercedes Benz included the remote start feature in the fifth generation of the E class. In 2016, Mercedes Benz launched the new generation of E class with the model series W213. W213 is also available in a longer wheelbase in markets like China and India.

Remote start is possible on the E 350 thanks to the Mercedes Me connect technology (MMC). E350 is connected to the satellite and customers can use paired smartphones to not only control many functions of the vehicle but remotely start the engine. Customers can pair up to eight cars on their smartphones. 

In 2013, the fourth generation of the E class was available in the market with the model series 212. The W212 E class was sold between 2009 to 2016 and it was available in 2 door coupe, 4 and 5 door sedan and estate body styles.

The older generation of E class model series W212 did not have a factory-fitted remote start system. Many aftermarket remote start systems are available that can start the car remotely using the original Key fob. The drive authorization codes are communicated via the onboard control unit retrofitted in the vehicle network and it is possible to take over the vehicle by simply inserting the key fob into the ignition switch and turning it ON.

Considering the popularity of the remote start function in the markets like the united states of America, Mercedes Benz integrated the remote start function in the Mercedes Me connect. The drive authorization is more secure compared to the aftermarket systems and customers can even check the location of the vehicle on their smartphone app.

What does a remote start do and should you use the remote start function?

A remote start function can start the engine of the car without physically inserting the key into the vehicle. It is possible to keep the vehicle locked and start the engine with the remote start. If the remote start feature is factory fitted then there are no additional control units required for the functions. Remote start uses the Mercedes Me connect app on the smartphone for the drive authorizations codes, once the drive authorization is verified the ignition switch sends a start enable signal to theft relevant control units like engine control unit, ESP control unit and transmission control unit and then the engine is started.

Following are the benefits of the remote start function:

As all modes do not have high voltage electric air conditioning compressors, they mostly use compressors driven by the belt drive of the engine. Hence, it is necessary to start the engine to be able to use air conditioning systems. Remote starting the engine allows the compressor to run and the air conditioning control unit can lower the temperature of the cabin. Customers can also select the desired temperature from the MMC app and once the temperature is reached the vehicle can automatically shut down until the customer enters the vehicle.

  • PTC heater

If a vehicle is equipped with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater boosters can heat the interior of a vehicle more quickly without depending on the coolant temperature. This also helps to melt the snow on the windows and windshield. Vehicles with Mercedes ME connect can activate pre-entry climate control to heat the car.

  • Heated seats

Remote starting the engine can enable seater heaters for a specified amount of time. This is extremely convenient in cold countries. As the seat heaters work on the principle of positive temperature coefficient, it can take up to 10 min for the seat to heat and reach a level set by the customers. But since seat heaters are enabled by remote start, customers can just enter and drive off comfortably in warm seats.

  • Defrosting windows and windshield

Driving in a snow-covered vehicle with ice build-up on the windows and windshield can be very risky. Hence, selecting the defrost function in the remote start menu can melt the ice on the windows and windshield. This process is even faster on E 350 equipped with PTC heater boosters and the car can be ready for the customer.

  • Remote parking pilot 

The Mercedes Benz E350 is equipped with the remote parking pilot feature. It can drive the vehicle without a driver present inside the vehicle. The vehicle can be parked in tight spaces and the driver controls the inputs from a smartphone app. It is only possible to drive the vehicle in a straight line and at speeds less than 10 kmph.

All the customer needs to do is remotely start the vehicle and select a remote parking pilot on the smartphone. The app asks the customer to select D or R gear and the car will keep moving in the desired direction as long as the customer is making a circular gesture on the smartphone screen.

What is Mercedes Me connect?

Mercedes Me connect is used to connect a smartphone with the vehicle and remotely control it via the cellular network. HERMES is short for hardware for enhanced remote mobility and emergency services. Esim is built into the HERMES control unit and it can be paired to customers’ smartphones at the time of buying the vehicle. Customers can connect up to 10 vehicles on a single smartphone. 

Hermes can also control emergency services like SOS calls, remote diagnosis and allow remote start function. It uses a 4g sim network and can also set up wireless hotspots to provide internet access to the command head units and entertainment tablets. As long as the vehicle is within the range of a cellular network, it can be remotely controlled via the Mercedes me connect smartphone app.

How to remote start the Mercedes Benz E 350?

The remote start function is available in the Mercedes Me to connect app. It uses the 4 g network to stay connected to the authorised smartphone. Hence, it is only possible to use remote start if the vehicle is in the network range. When the vehicle is parked in an underground location, it can be difficult to reach the vehicle and verify drive authorization to start the vehicle.

The procedure to remote start the E 350 is as follows:

  • Unlock the smartphone and open the MMC Mercedes ME connect app
  • The vehicle will be displayed on the screen and select the ignition On option.
  • Once the vehicle onboard system verifies the drive authorization, it will start the engine.
  • Select additional features like pre-entry climate control and defrost if there is ice on the windshield.
  • A timer is displayed on the bottom of the smartphone screen, it is the time for which the vehicle will continue to keep the engine running.

For the remote start function to work following conditions must be satisfied:

  • All the doors and windows must be locked and fully closed.
  • The vehicle must be in the Network range and connected to the internet.
  • There should be more than the minimum level of fuel in the vehicle.
  • There should not be any fault codes present in the onboard fault memory of the vehicle.

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Mercedes Benz E350 is one of the most popular selling versions in the E class. With the addition of MMC and remote starting systems, it has certainly increased its appeal and Mercedes Benz recently launched a facelift model of the E class to stay Fresh and updated for the new customers.

FAQs: Does the Mercedes Benz E350 have a remote start function?

How do you remote start a Mercedes E350?

The Mercedes Benz E 350 can be remotely started for a few minutes through the MMC smartphone application. Customers can also select pre-entry climate control.

Can I start my Mercedes remotely?

If the Mercedes Benz has MMC and the smartphone is paired to the car then it is possible to start the Mercedes Benz remotely.

Does the 2016 Mercedes E350 have a remote start?

The remote start feature in the 2016 Mercedes Benz E350 was present. It was only available in limited markets.

How do you remote start a 2012 Mercedes E350?

The 2012 Mercedes E350 does not have a remote start feature. There are few aftermarket systems that can add a remote start feature to the E class ad integrate the function in the original Key fob.