How to Fix EFS Suspension Issues? (Troubleshooting Guide)

In this brief article we are going to discuss the different EFS Suspension problems, what the causes are, and Troubleshooting Tips.

Most common issues in EFS suspension Lift Kits

The most common EFS suspension issues are:

  • Rear Knocking Noise
  • Shock Eye breakage

What is EFS suspension

EFS is a brand that produces aftermarket suspension replacements for different 4X4 trucks for heavy duty and durability as well as Off-road adaptation. The products come as kits that consist of Springs, Dampers and other suspension components replace all major SUV OE systems. The suspension components are also available as standalone.

Rear Knocking in Pajero Lift kit

  • The issue occurs with EFS H/D 40mm kit applied to Pajero 4th generation
  • Happens when braking and low speed turning

Troubleshooting Rear Knocking in Pajero Lift kit

  • The lift kit is basically a modified spring of different length and sometimes, a different rate
  • The lift kit will make all the suspension arms articulate at a different angle
  • This articulation load is taken up by the suspension bushings by twisting more as compared to when the truck was at its normal ride height condition
  • It would be worthwhile to inspect all the suspension bushings to check for cracked or torn rubber
  • The trailing arm bushings are particularly prone to this noise due to rubber failure
  • Another source of noise is the Lower control arm Spring Seat. The spring sits on a ring-shaped Rubber seat contoured to match the spring’s profile. 
  • Spring seat rubber failure causes the spring to get dislocated at the bottom and knock against the lower control arm causing noise

EFS Shock Eye breakage in Patrol

  • EFS XTR shocks fitted on the Nissan Patrol broken at the joint between the tube and eye
  • Usually happens with stiffer setting Shocks along with heavier EFS Springs

Troubleshooting EFS Shock breakage

  • Shock eye breakage indicate something to do with the shock rebound stroke, because welds generally fail under tension and not compression
  • Under rebound condition, the shock rebound stopper is the only thing that prevents the axle from dropping off
  • The heavier spring would have contributed to a heavier rebound load at the point where the rebound stopper hits. The spring acts downwards and in the same direction as the weight of the axle acts. These two loads added up as an overall heavier load for the rebound stopper.
  • The remedy would be to take technical assistance from EFS’s technical team on the right combination of heavy duty shock absorbers and heavy duty springs. 
  • As a general rule, springs that are heavy beyond a certain point would cause more problems especially to the mounting brackets.


In this brief article we have discussed the different EFS Suspension problems, what the causes are, and Troubleshooting Tips.

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