How do i know if my bmw has folding mirrors

In this article, we will explain to you, “how do I know if my BMW has folding mirrors”. While explaining the query, we will give you a brief description of the power wind mirror. In addition, we will also explain the working of power mirrors on a BMW.

How do I know if my BMW has folding mirrors?

  • The modern wing mirrors can automatically fold and unfold with the press of a button on the key fob
  • On locking the vehicle, the mirror folds. While on unlocking the mirror unfolds

In the year 2011, BMW introduced the power side mirrors with turn indicators on their F20/21 1 series model. A driver was able to recognise the power mirror on their BMW by identifying a button peasant on the driver’s handle. The power mirrors on any car are operated using an electric motor. This electric motor is switched by using a button on the driver’s handle.

Power mirrors have been installed on cars for a long time. The first power mirror was launched in the year 1921 by Elmer Berger. In those days, the side mirrors were an accessory, and this continued till the 1980s. In the 1980s, side mirrors became mandatory on the vehicle and were considered vital equipment for passenger safety. Because the side-view mirror on the vehicle increased the driver’s visibility and helped them steer the car better on highways.

Not only does the opening and closing of power mirrors happen by pressing the button, but the adjustment of the mirror for optimum visibility is also done using switches present on the driver’s armrest. Hence with the introduction of powered wing mirrors, a driver can automatically adjust the wing mirrors without going outside the car. Moreover, with the introduction of the powered wing mirror, the driver can easily adjust the mirror present on the side of the co-driver. Thus the driver doesn’t need anyone to adjust the mirror on the co-driver side. 

With the advancement in technologies, the wing mirror also became advanced. The modern wing mirrors can automatically fold and unfold with the press of a button on the key fob. When the driver unlocks the vehicle, the wing mirrors present on the side of the car unfolds, and when the car is locked, the wing mirrors fold. Moreover, modern wing mirrors are also heated. The heating feature on the wing mirror is extremely useful to people who are living in cold countries. Because when winter arrives in these countries, the ice formation fog deposition starts happening on the wing mirror. Thus if the mirrors are heated, the ice formation and fog deposition won’t happen on the mirror, and the driver’s visibility won’t be reduced.

The technology used in the wing mirrors is constantly advancing. Recently, Audi launched an extravagant wing mirror on the Audi Q8. The company removed the mirrors from the side view mirror and installed a camera in its place. The camera was then linked to a small screen that was present in the cabin of the vehicle. Thus when the driver gave an indicator to change the lane, the camera switched on and gave the driver a view of the lane next to him. 

Working of Powered Wing mirror

The conventionally powered mirror consists of two rocker switches which are placed in a single housing. Each rocker switch is connected to two wires that are in turn connected to a reversible DC motor inside the rearview mirror and on either door. Moreover, there are two DC motors on each mirror. One DC motor performs the up and down motion of the mirror while the other performs the left and right movement of the mirror.

Both the rocker switches inside the power mirror are connected to the vehicle’s electrical ground circuit with the switch at test. When the switch is pressed, the mirror moves in the desired direction. When the button is pressed, the switch connects one of the two wires present on the DC motor, while the other wire is kept connected to the ground. Thus current flows from the switch to the DC motor and then to the mirror, which then moves in the desired direction. When the same switch is pressed in the opposite direction, the electricity direction is reversed, and the mirror moves in the other direction.

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In this article, we have addressed “how do I know if my BMW has folding mirrors”. While explaining the method for identifying whether your BMW has a power-folding mirror or not, we have explained that in a powered folding mirror, there is a switch present on the driver’s side, while in conventional mirrors, there is no switch. Moreover, we have also provided information on the advancements in the wing mirrors, such as the inclusion of turn indicators, a feature for heating the mirror, the presence of the camera in place of conventional mirror and auto-folding feature. At last, we have also explained to you how the powered wing mirror works and what type of motor the system has.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): how do I know if my BMW has folding mirrors

What are power mirrors?

A power side mirror is a side view mirror present on an automobile. These mirrors can be controlled electrically from the inside of the cabin, and thus they reduce the driver’s hustle.

Why are the driver’s mirrors convex?

The images reflected by a convex mirror are smaller than they appear. Thus the presence of a convex mirror on the vehicle generates a compressed image. Therefore the convex mirrors are capable of reflecting more images in a smaller space.

What are the different parts of a side mirror?

The side mirrors have different parts. The mirror consists of a base which is the minor assembly, mirror glass, cover and turns signal. In many cars, the wing mirror is one single piece. While in some, it is available in different pieces.

How do I know if a car has folding mirrors?

If the car has folding mirrors, then there will be a button on the driver’s side of the car. When the driver presses this button, the mirror will open automatically without any human interference.