How do I know if my Mercedes Benz has a remote start?

This blog will answer the following questions: how do I know if my Mercedes Benz has a remote start? How does a remote start work? 

How do I know if my Mercedes Benz has a remote start?

You can know if your Mercedes Benz has a remote start in the following ways:

  • start/ stop button
  • Owner’s manual
  • Keyless GO control unit
  • Mercedes Me Connect 
  • Aftermarket remote start system

Let’s take a closer look at how to identify a remote start system

Start/ stop button

If there is a start/ stop button on the right or left side of the steering when then the Mercedes Benz has a keyless start system. The driver can press the brake pedal and press the start/ stop button to start the engine.

The key must be present within the vehicle otherwise ‘Key not detected’ message will be shown in the instrument cluster. All Mercedes Benz cars manufactured after 2016 comes with the Keyless start system as standard.

The keyless start system only allows for remote start when the vehicle is unlocked and the driver is present in the vehicle. It is not possible to remotely start the internal combustion engine by the key fob.

The start/ stop button in a few models manufactured after 2016 is removable. The digital key can be inserted into the electronic ignition lock. The start/stop button that has a LED in it cannot be removed and the key is placed in the marked space near the center console.

If the battery in the Key is dead or weak it can affect the remote start system. The drive authorization codes in the key must be transferred to the ignition lock control unit for the remote to start working.

Owner’s manual

The owner’s manual of the Mercedes Benz will contain information related to remote start. All Mercedes Benz cars have a digital owner’s manual in the Command or media system. It can be accessed from the vehicle settings menu in the media system.

The Driver can use the touchpad or the Command controller in the center console to navigate the owner’s manual. It is also possible to search through the manual using a Keyword. Use the keyword related to starting the engine.

If the Mercedes Benz is equipped with a remote start system like Keyless start or Keyless go, the information related to the operation and the steps involved will be displayed on the media screen.

In the latest Mercedes Ben models, it is also possible to search the owner’s manual using voice commands. It can be activated by the keyword “Hey Mercedes”. The microphones present on the roof will pick up the commands and transfer them to the MBUX system.

Keyless GO control unit

An OBD-II diagnosis scanner can be used to check if the vehicle has a Keyless Go control unit. It is responsible for transferring the drive and access authorization codes and without the Keyless Go control unit remote start will not work.

The Keyless Go control unit is even connected to dedicated short-range antennas. The wake-up signal for the key is transmitted to the EZS or ignition lock control unit from the Keyless Go control unit.

The remote start is only possible once the key is detected inside the vehicle. The keyless go control unit cannot start the engine if the vehicle is locked and the key is outside the vehicle. The vehicle data card will also list the SA codes related to the Keyless GO or Keyless start system.

The Keyless Go control unit is connected to the interior CAN network. It activates the interior CAN and transfers the drive authorization code once the key is present in the vehicle. There is also an antenna in the trunk of the S-class models to detect the key.

Mercedes Me connect

The MMC or Mercedes Benz connect allows remote access and also remote start functions. It uses the smartphone app to connect with the vehicle via a stable 4G network. There is an electronic E-sim present in the vehicle and the smartphone MMC app can transfer the data via the internet.

The E-sim is in the HERMES control unit, it is present in the overhead control panel near the front windshield. The HERMES control unit is also a part of the drive authorization system, the customer’s smartphone must be paired with a Mercedes Me connect account.

Without the pairing of the smartphone, the app cannot connect to the vehicle. Once the pairing is completed, it is possible to remotely start the Mercedes Benz and even use features like pre-entry climate control.

If the media display in the center displays network range and there is an SOS button in the overhead control panel. It means that the vehicle has the Mercedes Me connect and remote start system.

Mercedes Benz models with the NTG 6 or sixth generation of telematics systems have MMC as standard. Customers can select the level of access that can be granted to the MMC app from their account. It is possible to pair up to 8 cars on a single MMC account.

Aftermarket remote start system

If there is an aftermarket remote start system installed in the Mercedes Benz car, it is possible to start the engine when the key is outside the vehicle. To check if the vehicle has any aftermarket remote start, simply press the panic button on the key fob for half a second.

The hazards will flash once and the engine should start after 5 seconds. Almost all aftermarket systems allow the engine to operate for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the engine will turn off automatically.

Remote start can be overridden by unlocking the vehicle and inserting the key in the ignition switch. The engine will continue to operate if the key is in position 2 or ignition ON and the remote start timer will be canceled.

The OBD-II scanners cannot detect the aftermarket remote start control unit as it is not coded into the vehicle onboard network. The aftermarket remote start systems are commonly found on the Mercedes Benz models manufactured before 2015.

How does a remote start work? 

A remote start works by sending the start to enable a signal from the electronic ignition switch without inserting the key. The key must be present in the vehicle or the smartphone must be paired with the vehicle.

Remotely starting the engine when the key is present outside of the vehicle is only possible in the Mercedes Me connect. Keyless Start allows for remote start when the key is in the vehicle. Keyless GO can give remote access to the vehicle without pressing the unlock button.


This blog explained the various methods to find out if your Mercedes Benz has a remote start system. In models manufactured before 2015, Aftermarket remote start systems are the only option. Installing a start/stop button in the ignition switch will not work if Keyless Go is not present in the vehicle.