How do you open the 2020 VW Tiguan fuel door?

Procedure for “2020 VW Tiguan fuel door release” is simple and hassle-free. This article will give you a procedure for opening the fuel door on a VW Tiguan launched in 2020. Furthermore, since the fuel door is an essential component of the vehicle, we will also give you some tips for its maintenance.

The VW Tiguan is one of the best family SUVs in the automotive market. The vehicle has some of the latest luxury features, such as the panoramic sunroof. Moreover, the car is one of the safest vehicles in the automotive space and is highly ranked in the global safety standards test. 

One of the handy features of the VW Tiguan is its fuel door operated by the fuel door actuator. The fuel door actuator in the VW Tiguan replaces the conventional latch and striker mechanism used in the budget cars. 

How do you open the 2020 VW Tiguan fuel door?

  • Walk near to the vehicle.
  • Press the unlock button on the key fob.
  • Press the fuel door flap.
  • Open the knob fitted on the fuel door inlet.

The opening and closing of the fuel door on the VW Tiguan is quite simple and can be done in some simple steps.

  • Firstly, you need to walk near the vehicle and stand on the side of the fuel tank door.
  • Take the vehicle’s key fob out and press the unlock button on it. 
  • The fuel door actuator actuates when the car is locked or unlocked. Thus, the fuel door gets locked or unlocked by pressing the lock and unlock button.
  • Once the vehicle gets unlocked, the fuel door is also unlocked. Now you need to press the fuel door to open it.
  • Press the fuel door and open it with the slightest of pressure.
  • Once the fuel door is open, remove the fuel cap and fill the vehicle’s fuel tank.
  • Put the fuel tank lid back and then close the fuel door.
  • To close the fuel door, you need to press the fuel door again, and it will get locked.
  • Once the fuel door is closed, lock the car, and the fuel door will also get locked.
  • Thus in a VW Tiguan, if a person tries to open the fuel door when the car is locked, the fuel door won’t open. 

The fuel door actuator on a vehicle not only reduces the hassle of opening the fuel door but also reduces the chances of faults in the fuel door because a car that is using a fuel door actuator will have lesser components in the fuel door actuation system. Thus, with the elimination of the cable, the chances of the system malfunctioning are reduced.

Maintenance of fuel door.

Cleaning the area around the fuel door actuator

The fuel door is open to the atmosphere. Moreover, the fuel door actuator is present just above the mudguard in the vehicle. Hence, dust and water can settle around the actuator if the wheel arch has even the slightest opening. The settling of dust and moisture around the fuel door actuator can cause damage to the actuator. Hence the area around the actuator should be frequently cleaned.

Cleaning the fuel door hinge

The fuel door hinge is responsible for the movement of the fuel door. The hinge is made of metal which is why rusting of the hinge is a realistic scenario. Water and dust can easily settle on the door hinge, and once they settle in, the corrosion starts. Thus, while cleaning the car, a person should open the fuel door and clean all the dust present on it. Moreover, once the hinge is cleaned, apply WD40 lubricating oil and silicon-based grease, which can prevent the moisture from locking into the hinge in the future.

Check the electrical wiring and fuse.

The fuel door actuator in the VW Tiguan is operated with the help of electricity which is driven from the car’s battery. Hence there are chances that the wire which transmits electricity to the fuel door actuator gets damaged. Hence, check the electrical wiring connecting to the fuel door actuator during maintenance. Moreover, check the fuse of the fuel door actuator present in the fuse box.


Method for “2020 VW Tiguan fuel door release”  is extremely easy and hassle-free, and it is discussed in this article. Moreover, we have also explained the various ways in which the fuel door can be maintained in a vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 2020 VW Tiguan fuel door release.


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