How is the Mercedes Benz C Class compared to the Mercedes Benz S Class?

This blog will compare the Mercedes Benz C Class and Mercedes Benz S Class and answer the following questions: what are the different models available in the C Class and the S Class? Is the S Class worth the extra money? 

How is the Mercedes Benz C Class compared to the Mercedes Benz S Class?

The Mercedes Benz  C Class is a mini version of the high-end S class. The following table compared the key dimensions of the C Class and the S Class.

DimensionsC ClassS Class
Wheelbase112.8 in122.28 in
Width71.65 in76.93 in
Height56.57 in59.17 in

Mercedes Benz launched the seventh generation of S Class with an all-new design language and interior features. The latest C Class carries forward the tradition of offering some of the latest features and styling elements from the S Class in a more compact package and reasonable price.

Detailed specifications of Mercedes Benz  C Class

The latest C Class is the fifth-generation model, which is based on the newly developed MRA-II platform. The MRA-II is the second iteration of the modular rear architecture, it allows for fewer suspension components in the vehicle while allowing maximum structural rigidity and better handling. In the S Class, there is also a rear steering rack without the need for increasing the ride height of the car.

The Class also gets the four-wheel steering system which reduces the turning circle of the car and improves high-speed stability. It is a factory-fitted option and currently, the C Class is manufactured in the Germany, India and Thailand factories. India and Thailand are assembly factories and they get completely knocked down kits from the German factory.

The C Class has no aerodynamic suspension system; instead, it gets an independent suspension system in the front and a multi-link suspension setup in the back. The suspension is tuned to offer good levels of comfort without compromising the handling of the car. 

Detailed specificatioMercedes Benz S Class

The S Class only comes with the airmatic suspension system, it also features active body control plus technology. The latest Mercedes Benz airmatic suspension has three small air bellows integrated into a single suspension strut. Due to the smaller size of the separate bellows, the vehicle ride height can be changed very fast. 

The S Class can also lower itself automatically if the vehicle speed is above 80 km per hour, this brings the centre of gravity closer to the ground. Apart from the airmatic suspension, there is also an adaptive damper system. Electronic solenoid valves are present on the shock absorbers, when the active body control unit actuates the solenoid, the damping rate of the shock absorber can vary depending on the driving situation.

For example, if the vehicle is accelerating the rear dampers become stiff in order to minimise the weight transfer. Similarly, the front dampers become stiffer under hard braking. The airmatic suspension along with the adaptive damping system gives S Class a comfortable ride along with great handling.

The following table shows some of the key differences between the C Class and the S Class

SpecificationsMercedes Benz C ClassMercedes Benz S Class
Starting price43,000 USD110,000 USD
EngineInline 4 CylinderInline 6 and V12
Transmission9- speed9-speed
Curb weight1630 kg1,995–2,350 kg
Luggage capacity455 L540 L
Number of passengers54

The S Class comes in a longer wheelbase version exclusively sold in China and there is also a Mercedes Maybach model with the longest wheelbase in the Benz S Class. The C Class is launched in the estate body style but currently, it is available only in limited markets. 

What are the different models in the Mercedes Benz C Class and S Class?

The different models in the Mercedes Benz C Class and the S Class are as follows:

Models available in the C Class

Petrol EnginePower output
C 180170 horsepower
C200/ C200 4 Matic204 horsepower
C300/ C300 4Matic258 horsepower

All the petrol engine options available in the latest C class are inline 4 cylinder turbocharged engines. The displacement can be from 1.5 litres to 2.0 litres based on the model. The engines are mated to 9 G Tronic automatic transmissions.

Diesel  EnginePower output
C 200 d163 horsepower
C220 d / C220 d 4 Matic200 horsepower
C300 d / C300 d 4Matic265 horsepower

Mercedes Benz uses the latest OM654 twin-turbocharged engine in the C Class. The engine features all aluminium built and exhaust gases after-treatment system with selective catalytic reduction and Adblue injection system.

Models available in the S Class.

Petrol EnginePower output
S450 / S450 4 Matic/ S 450 4 Matic long367 horsepower
S500/ S 500 4 Matic 435 horsepower
S580 4Matic/ long503 horsepower

The petrol engine options in Mercedes Benz S Class are inline 4 cylinder and V8 engines. There is also mild-hybrid technology with a P2 configuration, the electric motor can provide an additional boost of 26 horsepower along with powering the vehicle’s onboard electrical systems.

Diesel EnginePower output
S350 d/ S350 d 4Matic/ S 350 d 4Matic long286 horsepower
S400 d 4 Matic 330 horsepower
S400 d 4Matic long330 horsepower

The Om 656 is powering all the diesel models in the Mercedes Benz S Class. It is a twin-turbocharged engine with one variable geometry turbocharger. Adblue exhaust gases after-treatment are standard in all models. The diesel engines are also mated to 9-speed automatic transmissions with a fully variable transfer case for the 4 Matic models.

Is S Class worth the extra money?

Yes, S Class is worth the extra money. Mercedes Benz offers a whole lot of features and advanced driver assistance systems in the S Class. Although the Latest C  Class is based on the S Class, it cannot match the ride quality and luxury of the S Class. 

The C Class is also not a chauffeur-driven car. Its compact size and lack of features in the rear make it a driver’s car. S Class on the other hand has recliner seats in the rear with the first-in-class rear airbag that can inflate using the excess ambient pressure.

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The Mercedes Benz C Class and the S Class are both good cars. The C class is the cheapest rear-wheel-drive sedan and it offers good comfort and luxury at a reasonable price. The S class is currently the best and most advanced car produced by Mercedes Benz and the levels of comfort and luxury are unmatched by any other car.