How many miles can a Mercedes Benz GL450 last?

This blog will answer the following questions: how many miles can a Mercedes Benz GL 450 last? What are the specifications of the Mercedes Benz GL 450? Which engine and transmission are in the Mercedes Benz GL 450? Should you buy a Mercedes Benz GL 450?

How many miles can a Mercedes Benz GL450 last?

A Mercedes Benz GL 450 can last for 200,000 -250,000 miles without any need for uneconomical repairs. The periodic maintenance as specified by Mercedes Benz must be performed regularly to keep the GL 450 in good condition. 

Mercedes Benz GL 450 was one of the models in the first generation of GL class. Mercedes Benz launched the GL class as a full-sized 7-seater sports utility vehicle. It competed against the Audi Q7 which was also introduced in 2006.

The GL 450 featured pneumatic suspension on both front and rear axles. The stock tyres sizes are 275/55 on 19-inch alloy rims. There are fixed callipers on the front axle with 375 mm brake rotors while the rear axle has a floating calliper setup with 330 mm rotors. Both the front as well as rear rotors are vented for maximum cooling.

The electronic stability program is standard in the GL 450 along with a tyre pressure monitoring system. Some of the other optional equipment includes leather heater electrical seats, Multi-zone automatic air conditioning system, reversing camera and a rear-seat infotainment system with two individual screens.

Which engine and transmission are on the Mercedes Benz GL 450?

The Mercedes Benz GL 450 is powered by an M273 engine mated to a 7 G Tronic transmission. The GL 450 is also an all-wheel drive, it uses the Mercedes Benz 4 Matic drive system. A transfer case is connected to the output shaft of the transmission and splits the power between the front and the rear axle.

Two mechanical locking differentials are present on the front and rear axle and the propeller shaft connects the differential with the transfer case. There are flex discs between the propeller shaft connection to reduce the overall drivetrain noise.

The M 273 engine in the Mercedes Benz GL 450 is 4.7 litres in displacement. The M273 is an 8-cylinder engine and it is based on the M272 V 6 engine. Some of the mechanical changes from the M272 are 2 extra cylinders, the omission of a balancer shaft and a modified variable intake manifold for the additional cylinders.

The engine block and the cylinder head are made up of lightweight aluminium blocks. It is very durable and resistant to wear. The oil lubricating circuit of the engine has a liquid-cooled heat exchanger and there are dedicated oil nozzles with a shut-off valve to lubricate the individual cylinders. 

The timing chain in the M273 is mechanical; it connects the double overhead camshafts to the crankshaft. The timing chain is enclosed in the timing case cover and also lubricated by the engine oil.

There are hydraulic valve lift elements in the valvetrain of the engine. Each valve lifting element is hydraulically compensated so there is no requirement for adjusting the valve’s clearance after 50,000 miles.

The M273 coupled to the 7 G Tronic transmission gives a fuel economy of 23 MPG on the open roads. In city conditions, the fuel consumption is slightly high. City fuel economy is 13 MPG and with combined driving the GL 450 can give up to 18 MPG.

The fuel tank capacity is almost 27 gallons so the GL 450 has a very good range of 467 miles on a full tank of gas. The 7 G Tronic automatic transmission is also very reliable, it is not sealed for life. The automatic transmission fluid is replaced every 4 years or 50,000 miles.

The automatic oil in the torque converter is also drained from a separate drain bolt. The transmission oil pan is removed to replace the inbuilt automatic transmission fluid filter. A bleeding function is programmed into the electrohydraulic transmission control unit which can remove any minute metal particles from the valve body.

EEPROM data is stored in the transmission control unit and the shift quality is closely monitored. The diagnosis process for any poor shift quality complaints is easily rectified by performing targeted adaptations of the gear changes. 

In the transmission adaptation, filling times of various clutches and brakes are adjusted so that the gear changes can become smoother. If the adjustment is out of range the complete transmission must be rebuilt after replacing the clutch packs.

What are the key specifications of the Mercedes Benz GL 450?

The key specifications of the Mercedes Benz GL 450 are listed below:

SpecificationsMercedes Benz GL450
Launching price$67,000 
Power output 335 horsepower 460 Nm torque
width193.0 cm
wheelbase307.5 cm
height184.0 cm
Top speed235 Km/h / 146 Mph
0-62 MPH7.2 s
Curb weight5357 lbs
Trunk capacity1240 L 

Should you buy a Mercedes Benz GL 450?

The Mercedes Benz GL 450 was launched in 2006, it has great built quality and you should definitely buy it. It has great off-road capabilities thanks to its mechanically locking transfer case that was capable of developing a high range and low-range gear ratios.

With a ground clearance of 30.7 cm, the GL 450 can easily tackle any off-road surfaces. Mercedes Benz also designed the front and rear bumpers with minimum overhang. The approach angle of the Mercedes Benz GL 450 is 33 degrees and the departure angle is 27 degrees.

The cost of the maintenance can be high considering the GL 450 is more than 20 years old now. Since it is a sports utility vehicle, the suspension components are built to last. Apart from a few AIRMATIC suspension issues and transfer-case failures, the GL 450 does not have major reliability issues.

The Mercedes Benz dealerships can even apply for special goodwill in case major aggregate parts like transfer cases fail. If the service records of the vehicle are good then Mercedes Benz has covered up to 80 per cent cost of the new part. The Dealerships can also give a discount on the labour cost in special goodwill cases.

If the GL 450 is purchased from certified pre-owned cars then depending on the mileage of the car, Mercedes Benz can give a certified pre-owned warranty for 6 -12 months.

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This blog provided the specification of the Mercedes Benz GL 450 model. The GL 450 was one of the most popular sports utility vehicles available in the market. Thanks to its superior built quality and reliable drivetrain components it can last for many years if the vehicle is used and maintained properly.