How many miles can a Mercedes Benz ML320 last?

This blog will answer the following questions: How many miles can a Mercedes Benz ML320 last? What are the technical specifications of the ML 320? Should you buy a Mercedes Benz ML 320? 

How many miles can a Mercedes Benz ML 320 last?

A Mercedes Benz ML320 will last for 200,000-250,000 miles before the engine needs disassemble for major repair work. Mercedes Benz developed the ML class completely in-house and all the mechanical, as well as electrical components, are very reliable. If the vehicle is serviced regularly and used properly, ML 320 is a good mid-sized SUV that will last long.

Initially, Mercedes Benz planned to develop the ML platform jointly with Mitsubishi, the Japanese car maker. However, due to technical differences, the development and manufacturing of the ML class were completed by Mercedes Benz.

It was initially launched in the American market and even featured in the Jurassic Park movies. The interior of the ML 320 has rugged interior panels, the leather seats show very little signs of wear even after years of use. The center console has the gear shifter and all the electronic switches for operating the electric power windows.

The switches had a good mechanical click and they keep working even after several operations. The Mercedes Benz ML 320 was launched in 1998, few base models did not have leather seats but the combination of the fabric and vinyl makes the interior look luxurious.

The overall design of the ML320 is very simple so there are very few things that can go wrong as the age and mileage of the vehicle increase. It is also very capable off-road as it was launched as a replacement for the G-wagon.

Mercedes Benz also makes its own engine oil and transmission oil. It is replaced at every service and ensures the engine as well as transmission continues to perform regardless of age and mileage. The transmission, transfer case, and differential are not sealed for life. Operating fluids are replaced as per the scheduled maintenance.

What are the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz ML 320?

The technical specifications for the Mercedes Benz ML 320 are explained below:

Technical specificationsMercedes Benz ML 320
Engine3199 cm3 M112.942
Transmission 5 G-Tronic fully automatic 
Top speed121 Mph
0-62 mph9.0 Sec
Wheelbase 282.0 cm 
Width 184.0 cm
Height 182.0 cm
Curb weight 2100 Kg


The Mercedes Benz ML is powered by a 3.2 L M112 engine. It is a naturally aspirated gasoline engine, the intake manifold has variable long and short air tracks. It is used to improve the cylinder charging and make the engine feel more responsive.

The M 112 has full aluminum construction, it is lighter as the engine block is not made from cast iron. The weight is further reduced thanks to a single overhead camshaft partially mounted in the cylinder head. Both the backs are at 90 degrees and the intake manifold sits between them.

The N112 does not have any variable valve timing or variable valve lift, it is a simple valvetrain and that is what makes the M112 so long-lasting and reliable. The maximum torque of 320 Nm kicks it at 3000 rpm and peak power is produced at 5600rpm. 

It is not the most powerful engine in the Mercedes Benz ML class. With a curb weight of over 2000kgs,the power-to-weight ratio is 9.6 kg/hp.


The ML 320 has a 5-speed automatic transmission, it uses planetary gears to produce different gear rations. The transmission control unit is located outside of the transmission and ti controls the electrohydraulic valve body.

The torque converter is even equipped with a lock-up clutch to improve the shift quality of the transmission. The output shaft is connected to the transfer case which splits the power between the front and rear axles. It is a full-time all-wheel-drive system.

The differentials on the front and rear axles are open differentials. However, the transfer case has low rage. The driver can engage low range from a dedicated switch in the upper control panel.


The Mercedes Benz ML 350 is a mid-sized SUV. It has 5 doors and the second row can accommodate 3 passengers, the total seating capacity is 5. With a height of 182.0cm, there is good headroom. 

The ground clearance of the ML 320 is 213 mm, it is a body-on-frame design as it was designed as a replacement for the G wagon. Therefore, the handling of the ML320 is not good. There is a significant amount of body roll in the corners.

The stability of the ML 320 at high speeds is very good. The alloy wheels are 8Jx16 inch with 5 spoke design, tire size of the front and rear wheels is 255/65 R16, A 17-inch option is also available but it will reduce the tire profile to 255/60 R17.

The front and rear bumpers are specially designed to allow maximum approach and departure angles. The approach and departure angles of the ML 350 are 28.9 and 26.0 degrees respectively. Both the bumpers are not available in the body paint.

There is a hydraulic power-assisted rack and pinion steering wheel and the turning circle is 11.3 m. the brakes are also hydraulic on all four wheels with 11.93″ ventilated front discs and 11.22″ rear discs.

The second-row seats of the Mercedes Benz ML 320 can fold down. Standard luggage capacity is 633 L but with folded-down seats it can increase to more than 1000 L space. Apart from the luggage compartment, there is plenty of storage space in the center console, glove box, and dashboard. 

Should you buy a Mercedes Benz ML 320?

You should buy a Mercedes Benz ML 320 although it was launched in 1998. The ML 320 is still a robust car with 4 airbags. The price of the ML 320 in used condition can be as low as 3000 USD which makes it a great buy for anyone looking for a less expensive means of transportation.

The engine and transmission are bulletproof and they continue to run without any mechanical problems. The compression ratio is very low at 10.0:1 and there are no turbochargers. The only complaint in the vehicle is oil leaks.

Spare parts are also cheap as there are many ML in the scrap yard so major aggregate components like transfer case and differential can be acquired at a cheap price, should there be any problems in it.


This blog answer the question of how many miles can a Mercedes Benz ML320 can last and also explained its technical specifications. The ML 320 is the first generation of M class W163 and it is the only mid-sized SUV with a ladder on frame design with steel reinforced body.