How many miles can a Mercedes CLA 250 last?

This blog will answer the following questions: How many miles can a Mercedes CLA 250 last? What are the technical specifications of the CLA 250? What are the common problems in the Mercedes Benz CLA 250?

How many miles can a Mercedes Benz CLA 250 last?

A Mercedes Benz CLA 250 can easily last for 300,000 to 350,000 miles if it is regularly serviced and used properly. The latest CLA 250 is the second generation model that uses a new version of the modular front architecture platform. It also uses a new engine which is very reliable and does not require any major repairs like valve clearance adjustment or timing chain replacement.

The body shell of the new Mercedes Benz CLA has more than 80 % galvanized steel. It does not rust even in regions near the ocean. The underbody components like the subframe and control arms have a protective coating and they are manufactured using aluminum to prevent rust.

In the interior of the Mercedes Benz CLA, the seat upholstery has MB-Tex and Dinamica material. Even after years of use, there are no signs of wear. Mercedes Benz also provides a warranty on the seat materials and if the seat cover is peeled off, it can be replaced under the warranty.

The air conditioning nozzles in the dashboard have vertical flaps that can break, it is a very clever design. The flow can simply be stopped by turning the complete nozzle so there are no complaints related to broken or damaged air conditioning vents or nozzles.

There is a touchscreen for controlling the media system and a touchpad is given on the center console. The design of the touchpad is improved so the contact surface does not develop any cracks. Touch-sensitive buttons are present on the steering wheel, which should last for years compared to mechanical switches.

Overall the quality of materials used in the interior, as well as exterior, helps the Mercedes Benz to last for more than 10 years. Mercedes Benz also uses multiple layers of paint on the body, so there is no peel-off due to prolonged exposure to UV rays. The windshields and windows have a UV-protection layer to prevent damage to the interior trim as well as the passengers.

Mercedes Benz also manufactures its own engine and transmission oils which ensure that the drivetrain continues to perform despite the mileage of the vehicle. Prepaid service packages and extended warranty also help to keep the Mercedes Benz CLA in good condition.

What are the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz CLA?

The technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz CLA are explained below:

Technical specifications Mercedes Benz CLA 250
Engine Inline 4 cylinder M260
Max. Power221 HP
Top Speed 155 MPH
0-62 mpg6.3 Sec
Width183.0 cm
Wheelbase 272.9 cm
Height 143.9 cm
Curb weight 1390 Kg 


The Mercedes Benz CLA is powered by an inline 4-cylinder M260 engine. The displacement of the M260 is 1991 cm3, it is mounted in the transverse direction with the gearbox. The M260 is similar to the M264 engine.

There is a single-stage turbocharger with a liquid-cooled intercooler. The engine block is an open deck and is completely made out of aluminum alloy. The dual overhead camshafts are mounted in the cylinder head to reduce the overall weight of the valvetrain.

There is variable valve timing and Camtronic on the intake camshaft. The Camtronic is controlled by the engine control unit, all the torque is produced at 1800 rpm which is then transmitted to the front or all the wheels.

Due to the use of Camtronic, the fuel consumption of the CLA 250 is less than the old model. In city driving conditions the CLA 250 can give up to 29 MPG while on open roads it is 49 MPG. The fuel tank capacity is 11.4 gallons which is smaller compared to entry-level sedans like the C class. The range on a full tank of gas is less than 500 miles.

The M260 is one of the most reliable engines manufactured by Mercedes Benz. The Nanoslide coating on the cylinder walls not only reduces the friction between the piston and the combustion chamber but also reduces the wear in the long run.


The CLA 250 uses a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. There are two clutches between the engine and the transmission. Both the clutches are housed within housing and connected to a dual mass flywheel.

The shifter forks are operated by the electrohydraulic valve body and the transmission control unit is also located inside the transmission. The gear changes are fast as two separate clutches control the even and odd number of gears.

An electric auxiliary oil pump is also located inside the transmission for the automatic engine cutoff function. Like the 9G-Tronic, the transmission oil in the 7G DCT is also replaced to keep it in good condition.

If the CLA 250 has a 4matic drivetrain, A power take-off unit is installed in the output gear inside the transmission, the power is transmitted through the propeller shaft to the open differential on the rear axle.


The second generation of the CLA 250 is bigger than the first generation, it is closer to the C class. The length is longer by 48 mm and the wheelbase is increased by almost 30 mm. The increase in the length translates to more room in the interior.

The luggage capacity of the CLA 250 is 460 L, it is available in a 4 door coupe as well as a shooting brake estate model. If more space is required then the shooting brake model is good as the roof extends beyond the second-row seats.

Customers can choose between 17- inch AMG line alloy wheels and 19-inch wheels. The tire size of both the front and the rear wheels is 205/55R17.  The height of the CLA 250 is reduced by 2mm, it is more aerodynamic and the drag coefficient is 0.23.

 What are the common problems in the Mercedes Benz CLA 250?

The common problems in the Mercedes Benz CLA 250 are as follows:

  • Without changing gear consult to workshop message appearing in the instrument cluster, the cause can be a voltage battery to a faulty dual clutch.
  • Abnormal noise from the engine during startup, due to faulty dual-mass flywheel. If there are metal particles on the starter motor, the flywheel must be replaced.
  • Poor battery life as it is located in the engine compartment. The main battery of the CLA 250 does not last for more than 3 years.


In this blog we found out how many miles a Mercedes Benz CLA 250 can last and its common problems. The new CLA 250 is a good car but it is priced very close to the C class. Therefore, the demand for the used first-generation model is still very high in the market.