How many miles does a Mercedes Benz ML350 last?

This blog will answer the following questions: How many miles does a Mercedes Benz ML350 last? What are the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz ML 350? Should you buy a used Mercedes Benz ML 350? 

How many miles does a Mercedes Benz ML 350 last?

The Mercedes Benz ML 350 can last for more than 300,000 miles without any engine rebuild. Performing periodic maintenance every 10,000 miles helps to keep the engine and transmission in good condition. The quality of the interior trim and the chassis is also durable, there are no reports of rust or damage to interior parts due to excessive wear.

Mercedes Benz launched the third generation of the ML class in 2012, replacing the second-generation model W164. The ML 350 blue efficiency is one of the most popular models in the ML class. The interior design is also more based on the E class.

There are no grab rails in the center console like the W164, it looks very modern and luxurious. An additional third-row seat is also available in selected international markets. The exterior styling also changed significantly and the center differential locks in the 4matic drivetrain are available as an optional extra.

The Mercedes Benz ML 350 is still a capable SUV off-road. The electronic traction control program can lock any individual wheel and send the power to the wheel with the available traction. There is no need for a mechanical locking differential.

Other off-road assists include downhill speed regulation and inclined brake assist. The drivers can set a speed limit on the downhill and the ML 350 will maintain the speed while going downhill. Similarly, when traveling on an inclined surface, it is possible to easily change from brake to throttle pedal with the inclined brake assist.

What are the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz ML 350?

The technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz ML 350 are given in the table below

Technical specifications Mercedes Benz ML 350
Engine 3498 cm3 M276 
Transmission7 G-Tronic plus
Maximum power302 HP
Top speed146 Mph
0-62 mph7.6 seconds
Wheelbase 291.5 cm
Width 192.6 cm
Height 179.6 cm
Trunk capacity690 L
Curb weight 2130 Kg


The Mercedes Benz ML 350 is powered by the M276 naturally aspirated engine. The displacement is 3.5 liters and the crankcase along with the cylinder head is made from aluminum alloy to keep the weight low.

The crankcase is an open deck like its predecessor the M272 but it has a special coating on the cylinder walls. The coating reduces friction and makes the crankcase very durable. The variable intake manifold with long and short air tracks is made from plastic.

It reduces the overall weight of the engine and the fuel system has 6 direct fuel injectors connected to a high-pressure fuel system. The injectors are directly installed in the fuel rail to prevent any leakage in the high-pressure fuel system.

As the M276 is a naturally aspirated V6 engine the power delivery is very linear. The peak power comes at 6500 rpm and the maximum torque is produced at 3500 rpm. The camshafts have variable valve timing with valve overlap. Therefore, the torque curve is flat and 370 Nm of torque is available at 5250 rpm.


The transmission in the Mercedes Benz ML350 is the 7G-Tronic plus. It supports the automatic engine start/stop function. There is an electrical auxiliary pump connected to the engine control unit via the CAN bus potential distributor.

When the engine turns off in the ECO mode, the auxiliary oil pump maintains the operational oil pressure in the transmission. There are no changes in the mechanical oil pump and the transmission fluid capacity remains the same.

The transmission oil is replaced every 60,000 miles for 4 years, it is not a sealed-for-life transmission. Therefore, replacing the transmission fluid helps the Mercedes Benz ML 350 to last for many miles. The automatic transmission oil filter and the oil pan gasket are also replaced during service B.

The internal components are the same as the standard version 7G-Tronic transmission but there are changes in the shift program. The fuel economy and shift quality are improved compared to the standard version.


The third generation model of the Mercedes Benz ML 350 is longer than its predecessor, although the wheelbase is kept the same. It is also wider and 3 adults can easily seat in the second row. The boat capacity is also more than the ML350 W164 model.

There is standard airmatic suspension in the ML 350, the rear bellows are installed between the control arm and the body shell. A central air reservoir also reduces the load on the electric air compressor. 

The height is slightly lower than the second generation model in order to make the Mercedes ML 350 more aerodynamic. The coefficient of drag is 0.34 for the third-generation W 166 Mercedes Benz ML 350.

The wheels and tires on the W 166 Mercedes Benz ML 350 are 255/55 R 18. They are bigger than the model it replaces and the profile is high for better ride quality. The weight of the ML 350 remains unchanged despite the changes in the dimension and the new drivetrain.

Should you buy the Mercedes Benz ML 350?

Yes, you should definitely buy the Mercedes Benz ML 350, it is a very durable SUV that can be used every day in the city. It is also very capable off-road with its airmatic suspension and 4matic all-wheel-drive system with electronic traction control.

The third-generation Mercedes Benz ML 350 is a huge improvement over the W 164 model. Mercedes Benz introduced features like ECO start-stop, multi-zone climate control, and a more advanced onboard electrical network. The high-speed chassis CAN BUS allows the use of Distronic plus and active lane departure warning.

Pre-safe systems greatly increase the safety of the passengers by preparing the vehicle interior for a collision and turning ON the hazard lights if the vehicle is under hard braking. If the vehicle has an off-road package it even comes with a center differential lock, low-range gears, and a 6-mode terrain driving program.

There are no major problems with the Mercedes Benz ML 350. However, due to high mileage, the airmatic suspension can leak and it must be replaced if the vehicle height is not okay. The transfer case can also fail in some of the high-mileage cars.


This blog explained the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz ML 350, it can last for many years if the car is maintained periodically. The third generation W166 is the last model in the ML 350. Mercedes Benz later renamed the ML class to GLE with the launch of the facelift model in 2016.