How many miles will a Mercedes Benz E350 last?  

This blog will answer the following questions: How many miles will a Mercedes Benz E350 last? What are the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz E350? Should you buy a used Mercedes Benz E 350? What are the common problems in the Mercedes Benz E 350?

How many miles will a Mercedes Benz E 350 last?

A Mercedes Benz E 350 can last for more than 300,000 miles if the car is serviced regularly at authorized dealerships. The interior is made from durable material and the seat upholstery does not look old even after years of use. The E 350 also comes with the latest engine and transmission from Mercedes Benz which is very reliable.

The W213 is the latest generation in the E class and the E 350 is the best model with a gasoline engine. Mercedes Benz launched a facelift model in 2021 and the E 350 is only available in the pre-facelift model.

There are only cosmetic changes between the standard and the facelift version. So the pre-facelift model is still a good option to buy. The only drawback is the lack of Mercedes Me connect which allows the car to connect to a smartphone.

The engine oil and the transmission oil are replaced during periodic maintenance. It ensures the drivetrain performance does not deteriorate even on high mileage E 350. Mercedes Benz is one of the few luxury car manufacturers that does not use a sealed-for-life transmission and differential.

The airmatic suspension in the E 350 comes with adaptive suspension. The bellows in the airmatic suspension are designed with three small internal chambers. So the common problem of leaks in the airmatic found in the predecessor model is not present in the E 350.

The E 350 also has airmatic struts on the front axle but there is no central reservoir in the system. Therefore, the airmatic is also more reliable as there are few airmatic lines that can develop leaks as the age and mileage of the Mercedes Benz E 350 increase.

What are the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz E 350?

The technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz E 350 are explained below:

Technical specificationsMercedes Benz E350
Engine 2.0 Liter M264 20 DEH LA
Transmission9 speed fully automatic
Max power295 HP 
Top speed155 Mph
0-62 mph5.9-sec
Wheelbase 2,939 mm – 3,079 mm
Width   185.2 cm 
Height 146.8 cm
Curb weight 2100 Kg


The Mercedes Benz E 350 is powered by an inline 4 Cylinder M264 engine. Mercedes Benz discontinued the V6 M272 engine as the M264 is capable of producing almost 300 bhp. It is a single-stage turbocharged engine and the wastegate of the turbocharger is electronically actuated.

The electronic actuator of the wastegate is directly controlled by the engine control unit. It is very reliable as there are no vacuum transducers with rubber hoses controlling the boost pressure.

The M264 comes with variable valve timing as well as variable valve lift. Only the intake camshaft is capable of variable valve lift, there is no Camtronic on the exhaust camshaft. Maximum torque of 400NM is developed at 3000 rpm and the peak power comes later at 5500 rpm.

There is also a 48 V mild hybrid system version in a few international markets. The electric motor is belt driven by the crankshaft. It is capable of starting the engine as well as charging the 48v battery when the engine is running.

The crankcase of the engine block is an open deck and it is completely made from aluminum alloy. Both the camshafts are partially mounted in the cylinder head to reduce the weight of the valvetrain. The cylinder head is also manufactured from aluminum.


The Mercedes Benz E 350 has the latest 9 G-Tronic automatic transmissions. There are 9 forward gears and a single reverse gear. The gear ratios are obtained from 3 sets of planetary gears. Therefore, it is slightly longer than the 7G-Tronic transmission.

The transmission can last for many miles, its electrohydraulic valve body has individual solenoids to control the gears. A transmission control unit and an auxiliary electric oil pump are also located inside the transmission.

The oil pan is completely made from plastic and there are integrated transmission oil filters inside the oil pan. The entire oil pan is replaced with the automatic transmission fluid. The E 350 is rear-wheel-drive, and the output shaft of the transmission is connected to an open differential on the rear axle.

The 9G-Tronic transmission is capable of multiple accelerations and downshifts and the transmission control unit can even skip gears to send maximum power to the rear wheels. There is EEPROM data to record any faults in the transmission or data related to poor shift quality.


The Mercedes Benz E 350 is available in a standard and a longer wheelbase. The longer wheelbase model is available in limited markets but it offers more space in the back. It is also possible to recline the rear seats and there are additional blower motors to cool the backseats.

The mechanical components remain unchanged in both models. The tire sizes are 205/65 R16, it is a high-profile tire for maximum comfort. The E 350 can easily fit 5 passengers and the trunk capacity is 540L.

It is not possible to drop the rear seats and increase the luggage space. The turning radius of the standard E 350 is 11.6 M and the steering rack is electric with an integrated control unit. The electric power steering is connected to the onboard systems by Flexray communication protocol.

Should you buy a used Mercedes Benz E 350?

Yes, you should buy a used Mercedes Benz E 350 especially when the prices in the used car market are between 30,000 to 40,000 USD. The E 350 is the second most advanced car in the Mercedes Benz product line-up.

The fuel consumption of the Mercedes Benz E 350 is 33 MPG in balanced driving conditions. The fuel tank capacity is 66 L or 17.4 US gallons so the E 350 can go 570 miles or 916 km in a full tank of gas.

It is more fuel efficient compared to an E class with 4maitc. Even the pre-facelift model has remote access features if the smartphone is registered as an additional key. Drivers can also use smartphones to drive the E350 with the remote parking pilot feature.

With Distronic plus the E 350 is capable of autonomous driving at speeds of more than 100 km/hrs. There are also driver assistance systems like active brake assist, Pre-safe, and Evasive steering assist which increase the safety of the Mercedes Benz E 350.


The Mercedes Benz E 350 can last for a long time, it is one of the most reliable models in the E Class. This blog also explained the technical specifications and the E 350 is a great car to buy even in used condition.