How much are Mercedes Benz tires?

This blog will answer the following questions: how much are Mercedes Benz tires? What are the different types of tires available in Mercedes Benz? Does Mercedes Benz give a warranty on tires? How to optimize tire life in Mercedes Benz cars?

How much are Mercedes Benz tires?

Mercedes Benz tires cost between  $150 – $350 per tire, the cost also depends on the tire size and the type of pattern. The tires for the Mercedes Benz AMG models are more expensive than the standard models. Some of the high-performance tires can cost over 500 USD per piece. 

Mercedes Benz uses MO tires that are specially designed according to the type of model. MO tires have great reliability and longevity so ideally, the tires can last for 6 years. There are various brands and tire sizes to choose from.

Mercedes Benz cars have a list of recommended tire and wheel combinations usually given in the owner’s manual or on the fuel filler lid. Customers can choose from tires designed to work in all seasons or only summer and winter seasons tires are also available. 

All weather tires have M+S written on the side wall, it indicates the tires can have grip in slick conditions. They are not as good as tires with symbols of mountain peaks or snowflakes which represent winter tires.

Winter tires can operate in temperatures below 7 degrees celsius, the soft compound used in the construction ensures surface grip even in snow conditions. 

Following are two of the most famous tire manufacturers that make Mercedes Benz MO tires

  • Perille

Perille makes tires for all types of models like passenger cars, sports cars, and SUVs. The tires are available in all seasons, winter and summer types. Some of the popular tires made by Pirelli are P zero, scorpion, scorpion all-terrain plus, and cinturato P7.

The P Zero is also available as a MOE or Mercedes original extended. The MOE is run flat tire and there is also a special layer of foam to reduce the road noise. The P zero is good for handling as it has a wider contact patch and a very low profile.

  • Continental

Continental is a multinational company that makes Mercedes Benz MO tires. It was founded in 1871 and today it is one of the leading brands in tire production. Continental has tires for passenger cars, vans, and SUVs in the Mercedes Benz product range. 

The tires are mainly optimized for comfort and reducing road noise. Therefore, continental tires are not used in high-performance Mercedes Benz AMG models. Some of the popular tire models are continental sports contact 6, Continental ECO contact, and Cross contact series. 

What are the different types of tires available in Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes Benz uses MO tires in all the models, MO tires stand for Mercedes original tires. Mercedes Benz cars have great performance and comfort; tires play a very important role in delivering them.  Optimum performance can not be achieved if the tires are not designed with ideal fit and comfort levels in mind. 

Mercedes Benz carefully selects the tire compound after testing the noise levels and rolling resistance. Only after a tire passes Mercedes Benz checks, it is certified as an MO tire. So when you purchase a MO tire it will be designed according to the performance levels of your vehicle. 

Mercedes MO tires are compatible with advanced safety systems like electronic traction control, active brake assist, etc. there are different models available that can increase the comfort or handling depending on the type of vehicle.

Currently, Mercedes Benz MO tires are available in four different types, they are optimized to suit various demands. 

  • MO tire

This type is optimized for comfort and longevity, usually, the tire has a high profile so that it can absorb the vibrations from the road.

  • MO1 tire

This type is used only on the high-performance AMG models. The tire compound is soft and the profile is also low. It is optimized for maximum traction and handling, the tire is also resistant to high temperatures.

  • MOS tire

The MOS tire has the least amount of operational noise and rolling resistance. It is ideal if the vehicle is driven on open country roads, especially during the summer season.
MOE tire.

MOE tire stands for mobility extended tire, it is a run-flat tire. Run flat tires have a reinforced sidewall construction and if there is no damage to the tire; it can run for 50 miles at restricted speeds.

Does Mercedes Benz give a warranty on tires?

Mercedes Benz gives a warranty on the tires that are shipped with the vehicle from the factory. There is also a parts warranty on the Mercedes Benz original tires. The tire warranty can last between 2-4 years or 30,000 to 50,000 miles. 

The warranty coverage also depends on the tire manufacturer, tire wear pattern, and operating condition. The damage to the tire from any potholes or foreign objects on the road is not covered under the warranty.

If there is a bulge in the sidewall due to a manufacturing defect can be considered under warranty, provided there is no damage to the alloy rim or on the inner side of the bulge.

Mercedes Benz dealerships also provide extended coverage on the MO tires, the prices of warranty depend on the dealership location and tire manufacturer. Visit the nearest authorized dealership to find out about the extended coverage on the MO tires.

How to optimize tire life in Mercedes Benz cars?

The tips to optimize tire life in Mercedes Benz cars are given below:

  • Maintaining specified tire pressure, Mercedes Benz cars also come with a tire pressure monitoring system to notify the driver when the tire pressure is low. Check the tire pressure once a month in the morning.
  • Rotate the tires according to the schedule recommended by Mercedes Benz. report any problems related to uneven wear or alignment issues like a vehicle pulling towards one side. Ideally, tires should be rotated every 5000 miles but it depends on the tire size. Do not rotate the tires if the aspect ratio is different between the front and the rear axle.
  • Always perform a visual inspection of the tires, and remove any large debris sticking between the thread. The MO tires have a tread wear indicator. If the thread depth is minimum then replace the tire by visiting the nearest authorized dealership.

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This blog provided the answer to the question of how much the Mercedes Benz tire costs and listed different types of tires available in Mercedes Benz cars. Using the recommended tire and wheel combination is very important. If an incorrect tire or wheel is installed in a vehicle, it can cause the electronic stability program to malfunction and there can be mechanical damage to the suspension components.