How much is the MTX Jackhammer subwoofer?

This blog will answer the following questions: How much is the MTX Jackhammer subwoofer? What are the special features of the subwoofer? What are the key specifications of the MTX jackhammer subwoofer? How to install a Jackhammer subwoofer in a car? Which are the best amplifiers for the MTX jackhammer subwoofer?

How much is the MTX Jackhammer subwoofer?

The MTX jackhammer subwoofer is built to order but the jackhammer 22-inch subwoofer costs around 12000 USD and the 24-inch subwoofer is even more expensive at 20,000 USD. The weight of the subwoofer is 370 pounds or 170 kg and if mounted vertically the height is 3 feet. Therefore, it is usually installed in large SUVs with more luggage capacity.

MTX makes the best speakers and subwoofers that generate hardcore bass and almost 50 percent gain. The Jackhammer is a high-end product but the company is also known for 8, 10, and 12-inch subwoofers.

MTX also makes amplifiers for the Jackhammer subwoofer and customers can choose between single voice coils and double voice coils subwoofers. The impedance range is from2 ohms to 4 ohms. Impedance is the resistance offered by the voice coil to the flow of AC current.

Wiring is also crucial when it comes to installing an MTX jackhammer in the car; customers can use a subwoofer wiring calculator from the official MTX website. Based on the number of subwoofers and the impedance to match the amps a wiring diagram is also provided on the website.

What are the special features of the MTX Jackhammer subwoofer?

The special features of the MTX jackhammer subwoofer are as follows:

  • Voice coil make from 900 ounces of strontium Ferrite Magnet and a patented Magnetic field gap technology
  • Tri-layer design of the dust cap over the voice coil and the cone made from polypropylene in order to reduce the overall weight.
  • The heat sink of the voice coil is made from Aluminum which offers great resistance to high temperatures.
  • The shorting ring is also made from aluminum to keep the magnetic flux constant and minimize the distortion in the sound.

What are the key specifications of the MTX jackhammer subwoofer?

The MTX jackhammer subwoofer is available in 22-inch and 24 inches models, the table below lists key specifications of the MTX jackhammer subwoofer.

specs/ modelJackHammer 22-inchJackHammer 24-inch
Number T9922-22TS9924-22
RMS2,000 – 4,0002,000 – 4,000
Frequency response20Hz – 150Hz20Hz – 150Hz
Mounting depth 21.06″24.00″

Both the models feature a 6.5-inch voice coil with high-temperature resistance aluminum wire(17 AWG) and Carbon fiber or glass fiber dust cap with aluminum honeycomb center. The design of the rolling spider that fits around the speaker voice coil allows for 2.5-inch cone movement in one direction.

How to install an MTX Jackhammer subwoofer in a car?

The procedure to install an MTX jackhammer subwoofer in a car is given below, installing a subwoofer in a car is an unauthorized fitment and it will void the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

  • Select the type of step-up 

The construction of the enclosure or housing for the subwoofer is based on the type of set-up desired by the customer, two of the popular sound setups are the SPL and SQ. SPL stands for sound pressure level and the enclosure is ported or open in order to push more volume of air and create more pressure. 

SQ stands for sound quality, this type of setup is more focused on delivering precise frequencies and tonal accuracy. Therefore the housing of the subwoofers is enclosed. SQ setups are more popular as the subwoofer can be tuned to a specific genre of music.

SPL setups are more focused on producing the maximum level of sound and it is measured in decibels. The jackhammer subwoofer requires a gross volume of 6.0 cubic ft for the SQ setup and 11.0 cubic ft for the SPL setup. 

  •  Mounting

After the enclosure or housing is made, the jackhammer subwoofer can be mounted in the housing. The weight of one MTX jackhammer is almost 370 lbs so it is recommended to use a forklift or hydraulic jack to lift it and hold it in place until the mounting is completed. 

The mounting bolts are available in front as well as the back of the jackhammer, hence it is easy to distribute the weight evenly in the housing. Additional spacers or washers can be used to ensure proper installation. 

  • Wiring

It is the most important setup in the installation, there are three types of wiring options available, they are independent voice coil configuration, parallel and series configuration. Independent is not used as it is for installing two jackhammer subwoofers at the same time. 

The parallel configurations use the same amplifier as the source and the total final load is 1 ohm, series configurations allow for different amplifiers to power the subwoofer and the total final load can be up to 4 Ohms.

The selection of wiring is also important, an ideal wiring setup should include a minimum 8awg speaker wire between the amplifier and the subwoofer. 1/0, 4,16awg wires can be used for the amplifier’s main power terminal. Installing an isolator or a relay is also a good idea in order to protect the electrical components.

After the wiring is completed, the MTX jackhammer subwoofer is tuned according to the type of setup. If possible complete the installation of the subwoofer from an authorized MTX retailer that is MECP certified. 

Which are the best amplifiers for the MTX jackhammer subwoofer?

The best amplifiers available for the MTX jackhammer subwoofer are listed in the table below.

Model nameAMP power (RMS)Link
MTX TE4001D Thunder Elite7500 watt Max 
Planet Audio TR40004000 watt 
BLAUPUNKT AMP4000D4000 watt 

The stock head unit or amplifiers in the cars do not have enough power for the MTX jackhammer 22 and 24-inch model. Therefore, an amplifier is also required for the installation of the MTX Jackhammer.

All the amplifiers listed in the table above can easily match the impedance of the subwoofers but more than one amp may be required if the build consists of multiple subwoofer setups.

The amplifiers increase the voltage, current, and power of the input signal, it can get really hot during operation. Hence proper ventilation or additional fans must be installed to keep the amplifier cool.


This blog gave information on the MTX jackhammer subwoofer and listed the best amplifiers compatible with it. MTX jackhammers are the biggest subwoofers that can be installed in the car and it delivers great sound quality and level for the price it is available.