How often does Mercedes Benz need an engine oil change?

This article will answer the following questions: How often does Mercedes Benz need an oil change? Which engine oil is used in Mercedes Benz cars? How much does an engine oil change cost in Mercedes Benz? What is the procedure to change the engine oil?

How often does Mercedes Benz need an engine oil change?

Normally Mercedes Benz requires an engine oil change once every year. Studies conducted on the degradation of engine oil have determined that the engine oil loses some of its properties over time which can affect its viscosity. Therefore it is recommended to replace the engine oil once each year even if the mileage is low.

Mercedes Benz also needs an engine oil change after 15000km or 10,000 miles. So there is a mileage and age limit on engine oil changes. Whichever is reached first, the engine oil is replaced according to the mileage or age of the vehicle.

The service interval of the Mercedes Benz in domestic as well as international markets is 15000 km or 1 year. Engine oil and oil filter are replaced at each service. If a customer completes 30000 km within a year then the engine oil and oil filter is replaced two times. Mercedes Benz offers prepaid service packages like star ease and star ease compact plus. 

These service packages are great for reducing overall maintenance costs and can save a lot of money if the customer regularly uses the car for long-distance commuting. The engine oil filter is replaced along with the oil, the task of the engine oil filter is to filter out small metal shavings and any dirt particles before the oil is circulated in the engine. 

Therefore if the engine oil is not replaced at the time of renewing the engine oil then it can get clogged and restrict the flow of engine oil within the engine. Restricted engine oil also results in more friction between the moving components of the engine and it can get damaged due to lack of lubrication.

Mercedes Benz engines use multiple heat exchangers where the engine oil is liquid-cooled with the help of coolant. If there is a leakage in the oil cooler of a heat exchanger, it can cause the coolant and engine oil to mix. An engine oil change is required after rectifying the leak in the oil cooler.

Similarly, if there are too many metal particles observed in the engine oil pan, it usually indicates a seized crankshaft journal bearing or a scratched cylinder wall. The engine oil is renewed or the engine is overhauled. Old engine oil is not reused as it can still contain fine metal burr particles that are not visible to the naked eye.

Which engine oil is used in the Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes Benz recommends using its proprietary engine oil for all passenger cars but any fully synthetic 0W 40 or 5W 40 engine oil can be used in the passenger models. At the authorised dealerships, Mercedes Benz has standard 0 W 40 fully synthetic engine oil and the high-performance version Mercedes Benz AMG 0w 40.

The high-performance engine oil is usually recommended for the AMG 63 and 45 series models, few customers also opt for the high-performance engine oil in AMG 43 and 53 models as well as standard models. 

Viscosity is very important for the lubrication of the moving components. It is the measure of the resistance offered by a liquid to its flow. As engine oil is circulated throughout the engine, the viscosity of engine oil is very important. Mercedes Benz has specified that 0W 40 or 5W 40 grade oil must be used in passenger cars. 

The number in front of the letter W is the viscosity measurement of the flow of oil when it is cold and the number after the letter is the measurement of the flow of oil when the engine is at operating temperature.

The diesel engine’s engine oil grade is also the same, however, there are additional special properties that can reduce the soot particles in the exhaust system and keep the exhaust after-treatment components like the selective catalytic reduction converter and diesel particulate filter clean.

How much does an engine oil change cost in Mercedes Benz?

The engine oil change in a Mercedes Benz car is expensive and can cost between 300 to 600 USD. The overall cost of the engine oil change also depends on the cost of the engine oil filter and the drain plug. Most of the new engines have a plastic lower section of the oil pan and use a specially designed oil drain plug which must be replaced at every oil change.

Mercedes Benz engine oil quantity is also responsible for the high price of the engine oil replacement. Some V8 and V12 engines can take up to 10 litres of engine oil and the old engine oil is rained from multiple points which further increases the labour cost of the whole operation.

What is the procedure to change the engine oil?

The procedure to replace the engine oil is similar in all the Mercedes Benz models. Depending on the type of engine, the old oil is either drained from the bottom of the oil pan. The only exception is the dry-sump lubrication models like the SLS and the AMG GT where the engine oil is drained from the oil reservoir.

The engine oil level is determined with the help of an oil dipstick before replacing the engine oil. On engines that do not have an oil dipstick, the current quantity can be checked from the workshop menu in the instrument cluster. If there is any major engine oil leakage then it should be rectified before replacing the engine oil.

  • Start the engine and bring the engine oil temperature to 80 degrees Celsius.
  • Turn off the engine and open the oil filler cap.
  • Pull the oil dipstick halfway up. Do not put it in completely.
  • Unscrew the engine oil filter cap slowly and let the filter rest for a couple of minutes.
  • Unscrew the drain plug and drain the engine oil. 
  • Oil extractors can also be used to extract the old engine oil from oil dipsticks.
  • Install the new drain plug and torque it to specification.
  • Clean the area around the drain plug.
  • Replace the engine oil filter.
  • Add new engine oil through the oil filler neck. Add engine oil slowly as hot air is replaced by engine oil inside the engine.
  • Lastly, screw the engine oil filter cap and oil filler cap. 

Start the engine and check the engine oil level at the operating temperature. Correct the engine oil level as the new engine oil filter might absorb some quantity of engine oil.

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Mercedes Benz engine oil interval is one of the longest in the luxury car segment. The authorised dealerships also use premium fully synthetic engine oil which does not evaporate and reduces the engine oil level in the engine. The engine oil should be replaced as per the intervals determined by the manufacturer as it helps to maintain the reliability of the engine.