How reliable is Lexus compared to Mercedes Benz?

This blog will compare Mercedes Benz and Lexus car companies in terms of reliability. We also provide answers to the following questions: How reliable is Lexus compared to Mercedes Benz? Should you buy a Lexus or Mercedes Benz car?

How reliable is Lexus compared to Mercedes Benz?

Lexus cars are very reliable compared to Mercedes Benz as they share parts with Toyota but due to the lack of a strong after-service network, Lexus cars are more likely to suffer from reliability issues compared to Mercedes Benz. The following table compares factors affecting the reliability of the two companies.

Reliability factorsMercedes BenzLexus
Standard warranty USA4 Years/ 50,000 Miles4 Years/ 50,000 Miles
Number of dealerships (USA)380+244
Reliability rating (Repair Pal)3.0/5.04.0/5.0
Powertrain warranty Only covered in standard warrantySeparate powertrain coverage available
Extended Warranty,YesYes

let’s take a closer look at each of the factors:

Standard warranty:

A standard warranty covers for any manufacturing defects that originated in the factory, it can be mechanical or electrical in nature. Mercedes Benz and Lexus offer the same 4 years of standard warranty in the American market. 

Mercedes Benz’s standard warranty includes bumper-to-bumper and powertrain components. Usually, there are no parts damaged due to rust perforation but the Mercedes Benz (VPC) vehicle preparation centre warranty will replace any components with rust before the delivery to the customer.

Any faults in the emission systems and electrical onboard systems are also rectified including the main battery. However, components like brakes, air and air conditioning filter are not covered under warranty for both the companies. 

There should not be any accidental damage or non-genuine part on the vehicle, otherwise, the warranty claim can be rejected.

The number of dealerships

Mercedes Benz has a massive network of dealerships across the United States of America. There are more than 380 dealerships. Lexus has a very limited dealership network and in some areas, customers have to use the Toyota dealerships for periodic maintenance.

Periodic maintenance is very crucial for the reliability of the car, Mercedes Benz recommends paid maintenance every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. Lexus service intervals are shorter, the first service is scheduled at 5000 miles or 6 months and the second service is 10,000 miles/ 1 year.

Mercedes Benz is easier to maintain as customers need to visit the workshop only once a year. And in case there are any breakdowns then the customer can easily report to the authorised dealerships and claim the repairs under warranty.

Lexus has limited spare parts availability and smaller dealership networks mean it takes longer to submit warranty claims and receive new parts under warranty for the repairs. 

Reliability rating

Repairpal tested more than 30 car manufacturers and rated them based on the frequency of repairs, repair cost and the complexity of unscheduled repair jobs.

Mercedes Benz is currently rated at 27 and Lexus is currently at 7th rank. The reliability rating includes cars from 2006 to 2020, which is the reason for the poor score of Mercedes Benz cars.

The car built by Mercedes Benz was much more complex and had more electrical systems compared to Lexus. Therefore, the frequency and complexity of Mercedes Benz repairs are high.

The latest Mercedes Benz like C, E and GLS CLass are very reliable and outsell Lexus models like the IS, GS, NX and LX. The construction of the engine and chassis of both companies is very different from each other.

Lexus as it is based on Toyota follows very simple engineers which is why they are less likely to break down. The engines are smaller and more tuned towards fuel economy. The compression pressure is also lower compared to the Mercedes Benz engines.

In Lexus, the engines have a belt timing chain connecting the overhead camshafts and crankshaft. It is located at the front of the cylinder head and is very easy to replace. 

Lexus engines can last for more than 100,000 miles without any major repair work to the engine. The timing belt is only replaced in case there is a coolant leak or there are cracks on the toothed belt.

Mercedes Benz uses a mechanical timing chain in all of its engines. The engines are also much more complex compared to Lexus. There are systems like variable valve timings with valve lift adjustment. 

The timing chain is completely enclosed in the engine. It is lubricated by engine oil. Mechanical chains are considered noisier compared to Belt timing chains but Mercedes Benz has maintained the refinement levels.

The engines can also last for more than 100,000 miles but if the timing chain is elongated then it is a much more complex job to replace it. 

Powertrain warranty and extended warranty

Mercedes Benz does not have a separate powertrain warranty. After the standard warranty period has expired, customers have to pay for any general repairs. Lexus sells individual warranties on only powertrain components like engine, transmission and final drive components.

Mercedes Benz has an advanced assurance program which comes with an extended warranty for up to 7 years and roadside assistance. The powertrain components are also included in the extended warranty plans.

Lexus powertrain warranty is applicable after the standard warranty period has expired. Customers can choose a powertrain warranty for 72 months or 70,000 miles whichever comes first.

Should you buy a Lexus or Mercedes Benz car?

You should definitely buy a Mercedes Benz car instead of Lexus. Mercedes Benz is currently a Global leader in selling premium and luxury cars in domestic as well as international markets.

The latest models like the newly launched C Class W206 and the S Class W223 are very reliable and based on a new platform. The quality and refinement levels are unmatched by any competitor.

Mercedes Benz also has a certified pre-owned car program available at the authorised dealerships. Mercedes Benz makes durable cars that can last for many years. Hence buying a used Mercedes Benz is not a bad idea considering the cost of a brand new car is almost doubled.

Mercedes Benz cars also offer more performance from the 2.0-litre engines. The engines are turbocharged with 48 V mild hybrid systems that eliminate the need for any starter motor or engine V belt. Thus making the engines more reliable in the long run.

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This blog compared the reliability factors of Mercedes Benz and Lexus cars. The reliability of the vehicle also depends on the way it is used and maintained. Lexus is more reliable than Mercedes Benz but owning and maintaining a Mercedes Benz car is very easy compared to Lexus. There are also good prepaid service packages that can keep the ownership cost low in the long run.