How to check why the VW Tiguan fuel door won’t open?

This article will address the “VW Tiguan fuel door won’t open” problem. To address this issue in a detailed manner, we will begin by listing the different causes of the fuel flap getting stuck on the VW. After this, we will explain a troubleshooting method for fixing the fuel door on the VW Tiguan.

So you have a faulty fuel door on your Tiguan, and it is not opening. Be aware that the fuel door on the Tiguan is operated with the help of an electric motor. Hence, using an electric motor to open the Tiguan fuel door makes the working mechanism complicated. Therefore, the fuel tank door might not be opening for several reasons, such as the cable that opens the door being seized, the electric motor has faulted, and the fuel door fuse has become faulty. Thus consider examining all the components. Some ways to check the fuel door on the VW Tiguan are as follows:-

How to check why the VW Tiguan fuel door won’t open?

  • Check the door fuses.
  • Check the Fuel door handle cable.
  • Change the motor of the fuel door.

Check the door fuses.

Since the fuel door on the Tiguan is opened by using an electric motor, there are chances that the fuse which is attached to the electrical circuit for the fuel door is broken. In such a case, you need to change the fuse present in the electrical circuit of the fuel flap.

Check the Fuel door handle cable.

The other reason behind the faulty fuel door can be seizing the fuel door cable, which is actuated for opening the fuel door. If the cable has seized, then for opening the fuel door, you need to pry open the door with the help of a screwdriver.

Change the motor of the fuel door.

Since the fuel door isn’t opening, there might be a case where the fuel door motor has turned faulty. Hence, you need to replace the old motor in the fuel flap door with the new motor in such a case.

Troubleshooting method for opening the fuel door on Tiguan

The sticking of fuel filler on a vehicle is a common problem. The fuel flap on the Tiguan is a combination of mechanical and electrical systems. Therefore, if the fuel filler isn’t opening, the best alternative is to change the fuel actuator assembly completely. To change the fuel actuator assembly flow, the steps are below.

  • To replace the fuel tank flap actuator, you need basic tools such as a screwdriver, ratchet and socket, plastic clip remover, etc.  
  • To change the flap, first, open the trunk of the VW by pulling the trunk release lever present inside the vehicle or the button on the key fob.
  • Once the trunk is open, remove the protective covering present on the fuel filler side. The protective covering is fixed with the help of plastic pins, which can be easily removed by using a clip remover tool. Just pull the cloth out.
  • After removing the protective cloth, you will see the fuel door actuator. The fuel door actuator will be attached to the vehicle with the help of two screws. Remove these two screws with the help of a screwdriver. 
  • Moreover, A power cable is attached to the fuel door actuator. To detach the fuel door actuator completely, you need to remove this cable from the fuel door actuator.
  • Once the cable and screws are removed, you need to pull the actuator out from the housing. 
  • After the old actuator is moved out from the housing, place the new actuator in its place and tighten the screws and attach the cable to it.
  • The actuator is now installed, and you only need to test it now for operation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): VW Tiguan fuel door won’t open

How do you open a stuck gas door on the VW Tiguan?

To open the fuel filler door on the Tiguan, you must press the door. Pressing the door will pop open the fuel door. Once it pops out, you only need to open the flap.

Why is my fuel door not opening?

The fuel door not opening is a common problem faced in several vehicles. One of the common reasons behind the fuel door, not opening is the faulty release bale, which is responsible for opening the vehicle’s fuel door.

How much does it cost to fix a gas door?

You might require around $74 to $94 for labour to fix a gas door. However, if there is a certain faulty part in the fuel door, then the part alone will cost you around $104. 

How does a fuel actuator work?

The fuel door on some cars consists of a fuel actuator. The fuel actuator allows the driver to open the fuel filler by pressing the fuel flap.