How to close 2007 VW Jetta sunroof manually

This blog post will answer the question, ‘ How to close 2007 VW Jetta sunroof manually’ and cover the topics like DIY fix for 2007 VW Jetta sunroof, reasons behind sunroof, not opening/closing, and troubleshooting sunroof not opening or closing.

How to close 2007 VW Jetta sunroof manually

A sunroof can be opened/closed using the following methods:

  • By disassembling the sunroof control panel and turning an Allen wrench or a hex key on screws supporting the electric motor
  • By taking the sunroof control switch out and using a double-ended wire to touch different slots in the switch to either open or close the sunroof.
  • Perform sunroof reset after disassembling the motor and turning the ignition on

A sunroof is a luxury feature that is installed in comparatively high-end vehicles and is an important feature to have in areas experiencing cold climates. 

This is mainly because sunroofs allow fresh air into the cabin and also illuminate the entire car interior by letting in all the warm natural light. However, a single fault in one of the sunroof components can put this potentially wonderful experience in danger.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of a backup plan in case the sunroof is inoperable and does not open/close with electrical power.

Fortunately, some fixes can be applied as an emergency fix. However, these fixes depend on the car brand and model.

DIY fix for 2007 VW Jetta sunroof

The following steps can be followed for performing a DIY fix on the 2007 VW Jetta sunroof not closing.

  • Firstly, open the sunglass holder by opening the screws on the sides
  • Next, take out the middle screws to take out the sunroof control panel
  • We can see two cables, a black and a blue one. The black one is for the sunroof and the blue one for the lights. We now have to take these cables out
  • Now we need to take out the top and bottom screws to expose the sunroof motor
  • To close the sunroof completely we need to turn an Allen hex key into the motor to completely close the motor
  • We now need to take out 3 screws to completely take out the sunroof motor
  • Next, we need to reset the motor to the closing position. Firstly we need to connect the black sunroof cable to the sunroof control panel
  • After this, we need to turn on the ignition key just enough to turn the lights on 
  • Now, we need to press the engine key down and wait for the gear to spin on the motor followed by a click sound. This indicates that the sunroof motor has been reset to the closing position
  • Now we can reassemble all the components and operate the sunroof like before

Reasons behind sunroof not opening/closing

These are the following reasons contributing to a sunroof not opening/closing with electrical assistance.

  • Clogged sunroof tracks
  • Broken sunroof cables
  • Inoperable electric motor
  • Faulty sunroof control switch

Troubleshooting sunroof not opening/closing

There are underlying problems behind a sunroof not opening/closing with electrical assistance, due to which it becomes necessary to resort to manual fixes. These are some diagnoses of common issues related to a sunroof.

Clogged sunroof tracks 

The reason behind this is inadequate or insufficient cleaning of sunroof tracks and cables. This usually occurs due to water along with dirt, dust, and gunk getting accumulated.

It is advisable to regularly clean the tracks and cables along with the sunroof edges for a smoother operation.

Faulty sunroof fuse

Firstly we need to ensure the vehicle is in a parked position and on a flat surface. Next, the fuse needs to be checked, if it is not working then it has to be replaced immediately as it is necessary for keeping the electric motor safe. It is one of the reasons why we come across an inoperable electric motor.

Faulty sunroof control switch

To check for the control switch, we need to dismantle the switch from the dashboard and disconnect the switch harness. Next, it is important to check for the metal contacts inside the switch.

The reason behind it is that these metal contacts get damaged or rusted with time as a result of all the dust and corrosion. We must therefore check both the metal contacts and the switch harness for signs of corrosion.

If there is no sign of corrosion on either of the two, then the control switch has an electronic fault and must be replaced with immediate effect.

Research shows an additional step for a DIY fix that includes the usage of a multimeter to check for the sunroof motor and cable power, which will indicate if they are receiving power or not and whether they require a replacement.


This blog post addressed the question,’ How to close 2007 VW Jetta sunroof manually’

We came across a useful DIY fix for the 2007 VW Jetta sunroof that involves performing a complete sunroof reset and also noted the various reasons behind a sunroof, not opening/closing completely with electrical assistance. Furthermore, we came across some troubleshooting techniques that can be applied for some common sunroof problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to close 2007 VW Jetta sunroof manually?

Can you manually close a sunroof on a VW Jetta?

To manually close a VW Jetta sunroof, we just need to rotate the bolt on the sunroof motor in an anticlockwise direction, but this only acts as a temporary fix. It is important to note that this issue should be consulted with a professional technician for a permanent fix.

How do you force a sunroof to close?

Firstly we need to remove the sunroof glass to access the lift arms. If the guides get stuck in an open position they need to be pushed forward. To do this we need to use a screwdriver to push the guides. The glass needs to be replaced once the lift arms start functioning properly.

How do you close a sunroof on a GTI?

We need to pull on the rear end of the rotating knob in order to completely bring the sunroof to a closed position.