How to determine why my car window is not closing?

This article will address the “my car window won’t close” problem. To explain the issue, we will explain the different diagnostic steps which can be taken to find the reason behind the failure of an electric window.  

Having the car windows stuck is extremely frustrating, irrespective of where they are stuck. For example, suppose you cannot enjoy the cool breeze on a beautiful day if they get stuck when closed. Moreover, if the window doesn’t come up, you cannot turn on the AC in the car. 

A car window can get stuck mainly due to three different reasons. The three reasons are blown fuses, bad switches and burned motors. Moreover, there can be a scenario where one end of the regulator gets worn out, bent or stuck, but this is less common. Depending upon the problem in your windows, the difficulty in fixing the window is decided. Below are some diagnostic tips which you can follow to know the reason behind the faulty window.

How to determine why my car window is not closing?

The different ways to determine why the car window isn’t closing is as follows:-

  • Check the lockout switch. 
  • Check for a blown fuse.
  • Look for a sign which tells the motor has malfunctioned.
  • Check the window switch.

These are some of the diagnostic steps you can take to identify the problem in your power window. Below they are explained in detail.

Check the lockout switch.

Power window motor and switch can both fail over a period due to wear and tear. However, there might be other reasons as well. However, it is best to start the troubleshooting process in the simplest possible way. In power windows, there is a feature called the lockout switch.

The lockout switch has become common on almost every vehicle with a power window these days. The switch is located near the power window operation button on the car’s driver’s side. Moreover, the switch is also present in the centre console in some cars. 

When the lockout switch is pressed, it becomes impossible to open the window. This feature is a safety feature installed to prevent small children and animals from opening the windows.

Thus if the power windows on your car are not opening, then this switch is the first thing that should be checked. Because since the switch is present near the power window controls, there are chances that it might get pressed accidentally.

Check the windows fuse.

In most vehicles, all the window motors are on the same circuit. Thus it means that all the windows get power from the same fuse. Therefore if the fuse gets blown away, the circuit will be broken, and the window will stop working. In such cases, the fuse needs to be replaced.

The fuse box in older vehicles is generally present inside the bonnet. However, in modern vehicles, the position of the fuse box is changed, and it is now present below the steering wheel or the glove compartment. Once you find the fuse box, open the lid of the fuse box and then read the diagram given on the lid. The diagram will show you the position of the window fuse.

Once you find the window fuse, you need to visually inspect and find whether the wire present inside it is intact. If the wire is intact, then the fuse is OK. However, if the wire isn’t connected, the fuse is blown, and you need to replace it to get the system working again.

Check the signs for malfunction in the window motor. 

Diagnosing a car window that can’t roll up requires some specialized equipment. Moreover, you need to remove the window switch and the door panel to test anything on your window. However, you can narrow down your search by performing a few things before going that far.

Some cars have a voltage meter on the dash. Thus, when the car is turned off, the voltage meter shows a voltage between 12 and 13 volts, increasing when the engine runs. Therefore, you need to turn the car off and follow the following steps to check the window.

  • Turn the key into the accessory position where the dash lights and gauge activates.
  • Push the window switch down.
  • Once you push the window switch down, check whether there is a fluctuation in the needle.

When you push the switch down and change the voltage meter reading, the window switch is perfectly fine, and the window motor is trying to work. But if the window is not going down, the problem is with the motor.

Check the bad switches.

The power window switches in the car are identical, and if one of your car windows isn’t working, you need to replace the bad switch with a working switch. To do this, you need to temporarily replace the switch for the window that doesn’t work with the one working. 

Once you have replaced the window switches, try closing the windows. If the window closes, then the switch originally fitted on the window was bad. However, if the window still doesn’t close, the problem is with the wiring in the window assembly.


In this article, we have successfully addressed “my car window won’t close”. While explaining the car window not closing issue, we have explained the different diagnosis methods which can help you in both cases where the car window isn’t opening and closing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): my car window won’t close

How to fix a car window that won’t close?

To fix a power window that won’t close, you need to press and hold the window switch in a closed position. Next, keep the button depressed and push the side that closes the window. Now open and slam the door while the window button is depressed.

How do you force a car window to close?

Try opening the door and stand at its edge. Now sandwich the glass with both your hands and push it up to the close position. Please don’t open the window again because you might be able to do it once.

How much does it cost to fix a window?

Repairing a car window might cost between $20 and less; however, if the repairs are more complex, they might cost you more. Such as a motor repair will cost you between $250 and $400.

How do I get a window back on track?

The best way to get the car window back on track is by gently pushing the window glass until it is aligned with the track. After the window is aligned, check the places where it is be



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