How to fix a 2015 VW Tiguan fuel door that won’t open?

If the fuel flap in your VW isn’t opening, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article to fix the fuel flap on the VW. This article will address tHow to fix a 2015 VW Tiguan fuel door that won’t open. We will give you a troubleshooting method for fixing the fuel tank flap.

The fuel tank flap in the VW Tiguan operates by pressing the flap. When the fuel flap is pressed, the flap opens, and then you can easily access the fuel tank’s cap. The flap in the VW Tiguan is operated by a flap door actuator that works once the fuel flap is pressed. However, when the fuel door isn’t opening, the fuel flap actuator is responsible. Therefore, the only way to fix the issue of the faulty fuel flap actuator is by replacing the old actuator with the new one.

How to fix a 2015 VW Tiguan fuel door that won’t open?

Below we will explain the method of replacing the fuel flap actuator on your VW Tiguan.


  • To replace the fuel door actuator, you will need basic tools such as the ratchet, socket and screwdriver.
  • With the help of the flat head screwdriver, pry open the fuel door. Put the flat end of the screwdriver in the gap present between the body and the fuel door and then pry open the door.
  • Once the fuel door is open, there will be a screw present next to the latch of the fuel door. Open this screw with the help of a screwdriver.
  • After opening the screw, there will be a thin rubber sheet behind the fuel tank inlet. You need to detach the rubber sheet near the inlet of the fuel tank.
  • Once you detach the thin rubber sheet, you need to pull the sheet out. The rubber sheet and flap are connected. Hence once you pull the rubber sheet out, the flap will also come out.
  • Open the vehicle’s trunk and remove the panel on the side of the fuel tank. The plastic panel will be held in place by using plastic screws. These screws can be removed with the help of a clip remover tool.
  • Once the plastic clips on the panel are removed, you need to pull the plastic panel out. Behind the plastic panel, you will see a plug connected to the flap actuator. You need to remove this plug.
  • Once you have removed the plug, you need to come towards the fuel inlet and remove the plug from the flap actuator. After the plug is removed, you need to pull the flap actuator out from its assembly.
  • Get the new actuator and insert the cable through the hole present for the actuator plug. Now put the actuator plug grommet and then the actuator on the car body.
  • While putting the actuator on the vehicle, make sure that the pin on the flap actuator faces outward.
  • Make sure that the flap actuator is perfectly locked in place. 
  • Once the flap actuator is in place, you need to go to the vehicle’s trunk and then connect the switch with the wire present behind the side body panel.
  • Once the plug is connected, you need to put the plastic cover back into its desired location. Put the cover back on the car body and lock it properly.
  • After assembling the trunk side cover, it is now time for you to put the flap of the fuel back. 
  • For putting the fuel door back, you first need to put the drain tube through the hole present on the vehicle body. Once the drain tube is arranged, align the rubber sheet cutout with the inlet of the fuel tank.
  • Once the rubber cut out is properly aligned with the fuel tank inlet, gently push it, and the doo flap will be again installed on the Tiguan.
  • To check the flap placement, you need to check whether the pin on the actuator is properly visible. If the actuator pin isn’t visible, then you need to adjust the flap properly to make it visible.
  • After putting the flap back, tighten the screw, you removed at the start of the process and the procedure to install the new actuator is now complete.
  • Test the working of the new actuator.


This article successfully explained How to fix a 2015 VW Tiguan fuel door that won’t open” problem. To solve the fuel door, not an opening problem on your VW Tiguan, we have explained the technique you can use to change the flap actuator because the flap actuator is primarily responsible for the malfunctioning of the fuel door.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 2015 VW Tiguan fuel door won’t open.

Where is the fuel door release switch located?

To the fuel door, you need to press the fuel filler door release switch. The switch is located on the driver’s side door trim. Once the fuel door is open, you need to open the fuel cap for filling the fuel.

Where is the Gas release on the VW Tiguan?

The VW Tiguan doesn’t have a lever inside the vehicle to open the fuel door. Thus to open the fuel door on the VW Tiguan, you need to go outside and then press the fuel door to open the fuel door.

What is a fuel door actuator?

The fuel door actuator on some cars includes the fuel door release, which opens and closes from the car body. It allows the motorist to open the fuel door with the push of a button.