How to fix a BMW x5 tailgate that opens by itself? 

This article will address the “BMW x5 tailgate opens by itself” problem. To address this problem productively, we will explain a troubleshooting method that will help you solve the tailgate issue on your BMW X5.

How to fix a BMW x5 tailgate that opens by itself? 

The procedure to troubleshoot the BMW x5 tailgate that opens by itself is as follows:-

  • Unscrew the skid plate present inside the trunk.
  • Remove the 8 screws for removing the skid plate.
  • Remove the three screws which are present on the side plastic protection.
  • Remove the bolts to take the latch out and pull the latch out.
  • Place the new latch and tighten the bolts on it.
  • Place the side protective cover and the skid plate back.

The BMW X5 is one of the premium cars in the automotive market. The car is extremely powerful and spacious. Moreover, the car comes with several practical features which low-end cars don’t have. One of the practical features offered by the BMW X5 is the powered tailgate. The powered tailgate is a combination of mechanical and electrical components. The tailgate can be opened with the help of a button on a key fob or the button inside the car.

However, in some situations, the power tail will open by itself. Meaning the power tailgate isn’t locking properly. Now in such a scenario, the problem is actually in the latching mechanism of the tailgate. If the tailgate latch is damaged, there are high chances that the tailgate won’t latch properly. Moreover, if the latch is faulty, then the sensor present in the latch for closing the tailgate when the button is pressed won’t work.

Hence in such a case, the only thing you can do is replace the latch with the new one. For finding the new latch of the BMW X5, you will require the VIN of the part, which can be found by removing the faulty part from the vehicle. Then buy the new part with the same VIN from a nearby online store or through an online marketplace.

Once you have bought the latch, you only need to fit it on the vehicle. To fit the part on the vehicle, the procedure is explained below. Remember, for performing this technique. You will need a screwdriver set and a torque wrench for opening the bolts on the latch.

Troubleshooting method for fixing the BMW tailgate

  • Sometimes the tailgate in the BMW might open automatically. This problem can arise due to a fault in the tailgate latch. Moreover, the sensor on the tailgate latch might also be damaged. This sensor allows the tailgate to close when the button is pressed.
  • Thus, one of the common reasons behind a tailgate, not closing, is directly linked to the latch problem. Thus replacing the latch will be a great idea for fixing the tailgate problem.
  • To replace the latch, you first need to unscrew the skid plate present in the trunk of the BMW X5. The skid plate screws can be accessed by lifting the top wheel over the present in the trunk.
  • Once you lift the cover, beneath it will be a tool case that must be removed. When you remove the tools case, you will see nearly eight screws to which the skid plate is attached. Moreover, this skid plate also protects the latch.
  • Once the skid plate screws are removed, you need to lose the three screws present on the side plastic protection. These protections will be there on each side of the trunk. Once the screws on these protections are removed, detach them from the vehicle.
  • Once the side protection is removed, you can remove the skid plate easily.
  • After the skid plate is removed, you will see a latch below the skid plate. The latch will be fitted on the body with the help of two bolts. You need to remove these bolts to take the latch out.
  • Use a torque wrench and lose the bolts present on the latch. Once the bolts are removed from the latch, pull the latch out. Now place the new latch in the same position and tighten the bolts.
  • Once the latch is placed, the skid plate is back on top to protect it from damage. 
  • Next, you need to put the side protection cover back inside the trunk and tighten all the screws. 
  • Once the screws are tightened, try closing the trunk. If the trunk closes, then the problem is solved.

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In this article, we have successfully addressed the “BMW x5 tailgate opens by itself” problem. For fixing the problem, we have explained that the problem lies in the latch if the tailgate isn’t closing. Therefore to solve the problem, we have also explained how to install a new latch on the car trunk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): BMW x5 tailgate opens by itself

How do I reset my tailgate?

With the liftgate open and not moving, you need to press and hold the liftgate button until it beeps four times. After the tailgate beeps four times, it will beep one more time, and then you need to leave the tailgate for closing.

Can you manually close a power liftgate?

A power tailgate is a motorized hatch that opens and closes automatically with a press of a button. However, if you wish to close the hatch manually, you can do that as well.

Why is the power tailgate not working?

The most common reason the power tailgate is not working can be traced back to the motor and solenoid. To fix this problem, you need to have a jumper cable, the solenoid, by directly powering the motor and checking whether it’s running.

How do you turn on a power liftgate?

  • Approach the liftgate with the keyfob in your pocket 
  • The logo projection will automatically turn on as you get within the 6 feet range of the vehicle’s rear.
  • Kick straight over the logo or at the sensor in older vehicles.