How to fix a broken sunroof track

This article will explain “how to fix a broken sunroof track”. The sunroof track is the main passage along which the sunroof glass moves. The sunroof track can get easily damaged because it is open to the atmosphere hence the track can get easily damaged. Therefore, it is important to know the procedure for fixing the sunroof track.

How to fix a broken sunroof track?

  • Remove the protective cover placed on the top of the guide of the sunroof.
  • Loosen the bolts present on the guide. 
  • Lift the glass sunroof and keep it delicately on the top of the vehicle’s roof. 
  • With the help of a flashlight, search for the debris or broken piece.
  • Remove the debris and test the sunroof working.
  • Place the sunroof glass back in its original position.

Explanation of the procedure to fix broken sunroof track

The sunroof in a vehicle consists of different components such as the electric motor, track and switch. The sunroof track can get damaged easily due to rusting or denting because it is exposed to the atmosphere around the vehicle. Hence if a user knows how to fix the sunroof, it can save him plenty of money.

To keep the sunroof working, you need to clean the sunroof guides free from dust and debris. To do that, you need to open the sunroof frequently and wipe the inner surface of the guide with the help of a clean cloth. Wiping the surface will remove the dirt and 

Moisture is present in the sunroof mechanism.

One of the issues the sunroof track faces is the sticking of debris due to a breakdown in the track mechanism. The debris in the track mechanism needs to be removed for the movement of the sunroof. The procedure to fix the track is mentioned below.

  • The sunroof will not open even when you press the button with a clogged track. Thus, you need to arrange some basic tools such as a screwdriver to restore the sunroof’s motion.
  • To begin with the procedure of cleaning the sunroof track, you first need to remove the protective cover, which is placed on the top of the guide of the sunroof.
  • After removing the guide from the top of the track, you need to loosen the bolts present on the guide. These screws ensure that the glass sunroof stays in place during operation.
  • Once these screws are removed, lift the glass sunroof and keep it delicately on the top of the vehicle’s roof. 
  • With the help of a flashlight, search for the debris or broken piece stuck into the sunroof guide, causing operation of the sunroof. 
  • Once you find the debris in the guide, remove it.
  • After removing the debris from the guide, test the working of the sunroof by pressing the button which opens or closes the sunroof.
  • If the guide is working perfectly, then put the glass sunroof back in its place.
  • When you put the sunroof in its place, the glass top will be at a lower position. To bring the glass to its original position, you need to tighten the screws attached to the guides.
  • Once the screws are attached to the guide, the glass sunroof will get aligned with the vehicle’s roof. 
  • Once the glass sunroof is properly installed, test the sunroof’s opening and closing. 


This article has explained: “how to fix a broken sunroof track”. It is essential to understand how to fix the broken sunroof track on your vehicle. Because if the sunroof track is clogged, the sunroof will not open or close. Thus, in an emergency where the vehicle’s sunroof is not closing due to a clogged sunroof guide, you will be able to clean the sunroof guide and close the sunroof without taking your car to a mechanic. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): how to fix a broken sunroof track

How much does it cost to fix a sunroof off track?

A sunroof is a luxury feature. Hence, the amount of money required to fix the vehicle’s sunroof is on the higher side. Thus, a broken cable or track will require you to remove the full sunroof, and the procedure will cost you more than $800.

How can I temporarily fix the broken sunroof?

Suppose the sunroof in your car is cracked or leaking. Then you can use duct tape to cover the crack on the roof. Moreover, you can also install a plastic bag below the vehicle, holding the leaking water and preventing it from going into the electrical components.

How do you fix a stuck sunroof?

To fix the stuck sunroof on your vehicle, you first need to remove the sunroof to access the lift arms. With the help of the screwdriver, then press the guide arms so that they can fully close. Finally, place the glass back once the guide arms are in the correct place.

How long does it take to fix a sunroof?

It mostly takes around 60 to 90 minutes to complete the sunroof installation. However, the time it takes to fix the sunroof on the vehicle also depends on the experience and speed of the technician. For example, a technician who is new to changing the sunroof on a vehicle will take more time when compared to an experienced professional.