How to fix a stuck electric car seat

In this article, we will explain “how to fix the stuck electric car seat?” Moreover, we will explain topics like the different functionalities of the power seat and the benefits of car power seats

How to fix a stuck electric car seat? 

To fix a stuck electric car seat, follow the below procedure:-

  • Get proper visibility beneath the seat.
  • Check the cables connected to the motors
  • Identify the motor that triggers the seat’s forward and backward movement.
  • Use your power drill
  • Disconnect the cables that power the seat motor forward and backward direction.
  • Put the seated cable in the power drill mouth and press the drill button.

In a situation where the power seat is stuck in a certain position, and there is no mechanic present around you to help, you can fix the car seat all by yourself. To fix the electric car seat, all you need to do is apply the following technique to move the power seat manually into the desired position.

Tools Required

  • Power drill
  • ¼-inch drive ratchet
  • ¼ – inch square bit socket

Steps for Fixing the Stuck electric seat

  • The first step in fixing the stuck electric seat is to get proper visibility beneath the seat. For that, you need to sit on your knees and look below the power seat. Here you will see a power seat assembly responsible for the seat movement.
  • Mostly, a power seat will have 3 motors, with each motor defined to perform specific functions such as forward, backward, recline and decline movements. In this step, you need to check the cables connected to these motors as each motor will have certain cable connections.
  • You need to identify the motor that triggers the seat’s forward and backward movement in this step. To find this, you can use your power drill. You need to put the metal end of the cable in the power drill mouth. 
  • Once you put the cable in the power drill mouth, the drill acts as a motor, and when you press the drill button, the cable completes the circuit and the seat moves in the respective direction. Thus this technique can be used to find the job of different motors on the car seat.
  • Once you find the motor that performs the seat’s forward and backward movement, you need to disconnect the cables that power the motor when the button is pressed.
  • Now, as you have disconnected the cables connecting the motor to the car battery, you need to connect these cables to the power drill mouth and use the power drill to move the seat back and forward. 

Functionalities of Power Seats

In conventional manually adjustable seats, the user can perform a few adjustments such as forward and backward movements, rake adjustment, driver height adjustment and lumbar support. However, in electrically adjustable seats, the driver can perform 22 highly astonishing movements. In addition, the electric-powered seat gives the driver freedom to control every aspect of the seat so that the driver is comfortable for the driver.

Some electric adjustment features provided by the electrically adjustable seats are:-

  • Function to adjust Under thigh support.
  • Adjustment of lower back support.
  • Height adjusts for the front seat portion.
  • Height adjusts for the rear seat portion.
  • Headrest adjustment.
  • Adjustment of the upper back.
  • Movement of the side bolsters.
  • Feature to adjust the seat cushioning.

Apart from the adjustment features that offer an optimum driving position, the electric car seats in high-end cars have massagers installed. The driver can use these massagers to relieve the driving stress they experience.

Benefits of Electric Powered Car Seats

Electric Powered seats have several benefits over the conventional manually operated seats. Some of the benefits of electric-powered seats are mentioned below.

  • The electric-powered seats are a blessing for elderly people because they don’t need to apply manual force for adjusting their seats.
  • The electric-powered seats come with a memory that allows you to store the preferred setting. Therefore, whenever you find the seat positioning tampered with, all you need to do is press the memory button, and the seat will automatically adjust to your preferred setting.
  • A person can easily adjust the seat even when driving at high speeds.
  • The feature to adjust the cushioning of the seat is a big positive for the driver.
  • The massage feature in the electric-powered car seat is a big positive for the driver. Because during long drives, the massage feature can reduce the driver fatigue and hence the chances of accidents.
  • The electric-powered seats provide a function to the passenger sitting behind the co-driver to adjust the seat according to the legroom they need, which allows the passenger on the rear seat to sit comfortably.


This article addressed the question, “How to fix a stuck electric car seat?” As a result, we understood the various benefits of the electric car seat and its impact on driver fatigue. Moreover, the article also outlined the different functions that the electric car seat offers to its users.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs): How to fix a stuck electric car seat?

How much does it cost to fix an electric car seat?

Getting the electric car seat fixed can be an expensive affair. The price range of getting the electric car seat repaired falls between $605 to $632. Moreover, the labour costs estimated for the repair procedure are between $103 to $130. The total cost of the seat repair depends upon the functionalities offered by the electric car set.

How long do electric car seats last?

There is no stringent lifespan of the electric car seat in your vehicle. However, the life span depends upon the usage of the electric car seat. If you frequently perform adjustments on your electric car seat, then there are chances that the seat might wear out early.

How much does a Power seat switch cost?

The electric power seat switch cost can lie between $15 to $300. The price of the switch generally depends upon the model, make and year in which the vehicle was launched in the automotive market.

How do you test the power seat switch?

To test the power seat motor, you need to sit on the seat and press the motor button. When you press the motor button and cannot hear anything, your motor is damaged, and you need to get it repaired.