How to fix the 1999 Honda Civic glove box that won’t open?

This article will address the “1999 honda civic glove box won’t open” problem. While explaining the problem, we will explain a way to fix the problem. In addition, we will also give you a list of things you must keep in your glove box.

A glove box is an important storage feature in the car. A glove box is generally used to store important articles such as car documents. Moreover, the modern glove box has been installed with cooling technology. Thus the cooling technology in the glove box gives people a chance to store bottles. 

The glove mechanism is simple, but still, it can get faulty even on a high-end car like Honda Civic. This section will explain the troubleshooting method for solving the faulty glove box.

How to fix the 1999 Honda Civic glove box that won’t open?

The procedure to fix the glove box that won’t open is as follows

  • You need a few basic tools, such as the screwdriver.
  • Remove the two screws with the help of a screwdriver. 
  • Reach the latch, pull it, and the box will open.
  • Remove the lid and open the latch by removing the four screws.
  • Reduce the height of the latch by putting a washer.
  • The washer will fix the issue, and the latch will start working again.
  • Put the latch back on the lid and install the glove box back on the vehicle.

Explanation of the Troubleshooting method for fixing the glove box

  • Most Civic users face a problem with the glove box not opening even when the lever is pulled. So to open the glove box, you need a few basic tools, such as the screwdriver.
  • The glove box in the Honda Civic will have 2 bolts which will be present at the bottom of the glove box. Now you need to remove these screws with the help of a screwdriver. 
  • Now once the screws are removed, you can reach the latch of the glove box with the help of your hand. Once you reach the latch, pull it, and the box will open.
  • Once the lid is removed, you need to remove the two screws present on the latch cover and remove the latch cover.
  • After removing the cover, you need to remove the four other screws present on the latch, and the latch will be detached from the lid.
  • When you remove the latch, you will see that the latch height is more than it needs to be. So to reduce the height of the latch, you need to put a washer so that the latch height is reduced and it becomes functional again.
  • Once the washer is placed in the gap, the latch will work again. The washer does the job of a plastic lock to attach the latch with the lever.
  • Once the latch mechanism has started working, place the glove box lid in the frame and screw the lid back on the frame. 
  • Now test to open the glove box lid and check whether it’s working or not.

Things you must keep in the glove box.

Nowadays, with increasing traffic, the number of hours we spend in our cars has increased. Thus to pass that time in the car, we must have a few things present. The glove box is the perfect space available on the car, which can store different essential things required during a trip. Some essential things which you must store in your car glove box are:-


A flashlight is an extremely vital tool when no light is present around the car. For example:- when you go on a road which passes through a jungle and due to damage in the car, you need to go out and inspect the damage. In that case, a flashlight is the only tool that can assist you in viewing the components inside the car bonnet.

Emergency escape tool

An emergency tool for breaking the car’s glass windows is extremely necessary for every car. Because in an unfortunate accident where the passengers inside aren’t able to get out of the car, you need a tool to break the car windows and move out of the car to save your life.

WD-40 Lubricating oil

You must always keep a can of WD-40 lubricating oil in your car. The WD-40 oil is extremely versatile. For example, it can help you restore the foggy headlights loosening the wheel nuts if there is a puncture in the tire. 

Duct Tape

Duct tape is an adhesive that can seal any cracks and damages inside your car. Moreover, duct tape is also heat resistant. Thus it won’t expand or shrink in extreme conditions.

Vehicle’s owners manual

Keeping the car owner’s manual is a no-brainer. A car owner’s manual is like a car bible that tells you everything related to the car. Thus, when you have difficulty with your car, the owner’s manual will have a solution. Therefore keeping a car manual in the car is a great idea.

Microfiber cloth

When you go on trips and tours, the car travels on different terrains and in different weather conditions. In such a case, the windscreen and other car windows can get dirty. Therefore, the driver’s visibility will reduce once the windscreen and windows get dirty. Therefore, you will need the microfiber cloth for cleaning the mirrors and windows.

Cell Phone charger

Cell phones are the only equipment that keeps us connected with our loved ones. However, the time required to cover distances has increased due to increased traffic. In such a case, the need for a cell phone is even more. Therefore, a car cell phone charger will help you charge your mobile phone battery if it gets dead. 


In this article, we have addressed the problem of “1999 honda civic glove box won’t open.” To address this problem, we have explained the troubleshooting method for solving the problem. Moreover, we have also listed the essential things you must keep in your car during travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): 1999 honda civic glove box won’t open.

How much does it cost to fix the glove box compartment?

The cost of replacing the glove box is around $350. However, if your glove box is good and there is a minor fault in one of the glove box parts, then the repair cost is cheaper. The cost of repair of small parts lies between $47 to $215USD.

Is it easy to break the glove box?

If your glove box lid is stuck such that it won’t open, then you can pry it open easily. Once you pry open the glove box, the locking mechanism will break, and you can easily open the glove box.

How to remove scratches from the glove box compartment?

One of the solutions for removing scratches from the glove box compartment is using a shining agent, which, when applied to the glove box, can hide the scratches present on it.

What does a glove box damper do?

A glove box damper is a device that has a cam moving rotationally against a spring. The damper allows the glove box to open slowly. Moreover, the cost of the glove box damper is less and can be easily installed on the glove box.