How to fix the Mk7 Golf fuel flap?

The fuel flap on the MK7 is operated with the help of a fuel flap actuator. The fuel flap can get easily damaged due to the malfunctioning of the fuel door actuator or a faulty plastic clip on the fuel flap. Thus if the fuel flap isn’t working in your Mk7 Golf, knowing “Mk7 Golf fuel flap fix” will help you in tackling the problem.

To open the fuel flap on a MK7 Golf, you first need to unlock the vehicle. Because, once the vehicle is unlocked, only then you can access the fuel cap. The fuel flap on the Mk7 is operated by a fuel door actuator controlled with the help of an electrical circuit, the actuator draws power from the vehicle’s battery. If the fuel door isn’t opening, the fault can be anywhere from the actuator to the wiring in the actuator circuit. 

The fuel door actuator is a sensor that senses the locking and unlocking of the car. If the system malfunctions on the vehicle, one of the reasons behind the fault can be the faulty actuator. However, this is not the case every time because there are other things such as the wiring, fuses, weak battery, etc., which might be responsible for the malfunctioning of the door flap actuator.

How to fix the Mk7 Golf fuel flap?

The procedure to fix the Mk7 Golf fuel flap is as follows:-

  • Filing the plastic pins present on the door flap 
  • Cleaning the surface of fuel and flap and lubricating it.

Troubleshooting methods for fixing the door flap

Filing the plastic pins present on the door flap 

  • Sometimes the fuel tank door flap gets stuck where it is already pressed.
  • In such a situation, pressing the door flap won’t open the flap. Therefore, you need some basic tools such as a screwdriver and file tool for opening the door.
  • The fuel door on Mk7 can open only when the car is unlocked because a pin is present inside the vehicle fuel door, which keeps it locked. So if the car is not unlocked, then the pin will stay in its slot, and the fuel door will stay closed.
  • Therefore, firstly you need to unlock the vehicle.
  • Once you have unlocked the vehicle, try pressing the fuel flap. If the fuel flap gets stuck in the pressed situation, bring a flat head screwdriver.
  • Place the screwdriver between the gas flap and the car body. Apply force on the screwdriver and pry open the flap. 
  • Once you have opened the flap, it is now time to check the fault causing the problem. If the flap is getting stuck in the pressed situation, then one of the reasons can be the worn-out clips on the fuel flaps.
  • To restore the working of the fuel flap, you need to file these plastic pins. FIling the plastic pins will help remove any rough ends present on its surface, and thus the fuel flap won’t stick again. 
  • Once the filing is complete, close the fuel flap and open it again. In most cases, the problem will be solved by filing the plastic pins on the fuel flap.

Cleaning the surface of fuel and flap and lubricating it.

  •  In some cases, the fuel flap won’t open even when you press it numerous times. Thus, you need to lubricate and clean the flap in such a case.
  • If you are pressing the flap and it is not opening, then the problem might be in the flap’s hinge. Hence you need to apply WD-40 lubricating oil on the hinge and try opening it again.
  • Remove the fuel flap body panel. Once you remove the body panel, you will see the plastic fuel flap below it. 
  • Gently press the plastic fuel flap, and the fuel flap will open. 
  • Now clean all the surfaces of the plastic fuel flap with the help of a clean cloth. Then apply lubricating oil on the hinge of the fuel flap.
  • Clean the plastic lock present on the fuel flap because these locks might be responsible for the sticking of the fuel flap.
  • Once the cleaning and lubrication are complete, test the working of the fuel flap and if it is working perfectly, then put the metal cover back on the fuel flap.


The fuel flap on the Mk7 can be stuck in its place due to several reasons. However, some of the common reasons behind its malfunction are faulty plastic pins or rusting in the components of the fuel door. Thus to treat this situation, we have mentioned the different troubleshooting methods which a person can implement.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): Mk7 Golf fuel flap fix.

Why do cars have fuel doors on different sides?

During crowded hours at the fuel station, there are chances that the pumps on the right sides are completely occupied. Hence, if the fuel filler door is on different sides, some cars can get the fuel quickly from the left side.

Can you drive without a fuel door?

Yes, you can drive your vehicle with the gas door open. However, if the gas door is detached and the knob is open, then the gas present inside the vehicle will evaporate and it might even catch fire as well.

On what side is the fuel door present?

The fuel door is generally present on the left side of the vehicle. However, the fuel doors are also on the right hand side in some vehicles. There are no set conventions for the position of the fuel door.

Where is the fuel stored?

The fuel is filled in the car from a fuel filling station and is filled in the fuel tank. Therefore, the fuel tank on the vehicle is present below the passenger’s seat of the vehicle.