How to manually close vw sunroof

In this article, we will explain “how to manually close vw sunroof.” Sunroof is not only a luxury feature in cars. But it also provides access to sunlight in the cabin which increases the illumination and warmth in the cabin. This feature is specifically required in a car which is being driven in cold countries. Sometimes the sunroof gets stuck and becomes necessary to close it before driving the car. Hence, it is better to know how to close a sunroof on your VW. 

How to manually close vw sunroof

Compared to other vehicles, manually closing a sunroof on a VW is comparatively. Because in a VW the manufacturer provides an allen key which can be used to rotate the electric motor manually and bring the sunroof in the closed position. However, to perform this procedure you need to arrange a few tools. The procedure to close the sunroof on the VW manually is as follows.

  • The sunroof motor on a VW is present beneath the headliner. However, you don’t need to remove the entire headliner for manually closing the sunroof.
  • The sunroof motor in the VW is present below the front reading lights. The reading lights assembly consists of two LED lights and a sunroof switch. 
  • Arrange a flat head screwdriver and with the help of it, pry open the front reading light assembly. 
  • When you open the reading light assembly, there will be electrical connections in it. 
  • Remove the plugs from the reading lights and keep the reading light assembly aside.
  • An allen key will be attached to the sunroof motor present below the headliner of the car. Remove the allen key from the sunroof motor.
  • A slot will be present on the sunroof motor, put the allen key in the slot and start rotating the bolt in the anticlockwise direction.
  • Rotating the bolt on the motor in the anticlockwise direction will close the sunroof.
  • Once the sunroof is closed, put the allen back into its case on the sunroof motor. 
  • After putting the allen key back, connect the reading light assembly back and put it back in the slot present on the headliner of the passenger compartment.


In this article, we have successfully addressed “how to manually close a vw sunroof.” Closing the sunroof on a VW is pretty simple if you have a slight knowledge about using tools such as a screwdriver and an allen key. To close the sunroof on your VW, you only need to rotate the bolt present on the sunroof motor in the anticlockwise direction. Once the sunroof is closed, you need to take your vehicle to an experienced automotive electrician who can figure out the fault in the sunroof of your car and fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to manually close vw sunroof

How to manually close an automatic sunroof?

To close the sunroof automatically, you need to slide the locking tabs towards the windshield and pull the housing inside the roof light assembly. Insert the S shaped allen key into the motor hole and turn the crank clockwise to close the sunroof of the car.

Is there a fuse for the sunroof?

Yes, like every other electrical component on the vehicle, the sunroof of the car also has a fuse which makes the circuit failsafe. When the voltage supplied to the motor gets beyond a certain point then the fuse blows away and the flow of current stops to the sunroof motor.

How do you fix the sunroof cover?

The only way to fix the sunroof cover, is to first lower the entire headliner and then re-align the sunroof on track. Once the sunroof is on track you need to put the headliner back in the original position.

Why is my sunroof making a clicking noise?

If you hear a clicking noise from the sunroof of your vehicle, then it indicates that the sunroof system is having some problem. The problem can be a mechanical issue. But it can also be an issue where some debris has stuck in the guides of the sunroof. Therefore, you need to open the sunroof and clean the sunroof system thoroughly.