How to manually move a Subaru power seat?

In this blog post, we will address “How to manually move a power seat Subaru.” To move the power seat manually on a Subaru, you need to perform a tedious mechanical procedure involving cutting and lifting the seat. Moreover, to perform the procedure for moving the electric seat manually, the working of the seat also needs to be understood.

How to manually move a Subaru power seat?

The procedure to move the power seat in Subaru is as follows:-

  • Remove the car seat
  • Cut the spring mesh present below the seat.
  • Rotate the shafts for moving the car seat
  • Test the seat position

The movement of seats on a Subaru is a tedious task and involves using different tools. Moreover, to understand the procedure for manually moving the car seat, a person should be aware of the working of the powered car seat.

The power seats in a vehicle are a combination of electrical and mechanical systems, the power seats in a vehicle work with the help of set switches. The set switches are connected to the car seats, and when the buttons to adjust the seats are pressed, these switches are activated. The switches then send power to the chair motor, moving the chair in the intended direction. However, when the seat adjusts switches on the door are not pressed, the set switches are deactivated; thus, the seat won’t move in that condition.

The tools required for moving the power seats manually are mentioned below

  • Screwdriver
  • Winder tool
  • Pliers
  • Bolt cutter
  • Ratchet
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves

Moving the seat in Subaru manually

Remove the car seat.

Before starting the car seat detachment from the car, you must ensure that the car engine is turned off and the batteries are disconnected. Once you have disconnected the batteries, it is now time to remove the seat from the car by opening the bolts which hold it inside the car. Once the seat is out, you need to slice open the rear with the help of a knife. Getting the seat out of the car will make the job easier for the worker operating on the seat.

Cut the spring mesh present below the seat.

Once the seat is out of the car, the following steps become easy to perform. The next step is to cut the spring mesh, which is present below the car seat. For cutting the spring mesh below the car seat, you can use the bolt cutter. However, be careful while cutting the spring mesh because several other parts below the spring mesh might get cut with the bolt cutter.

Once the spring mesh is cut with the help of the bolt cutter, you will be able to see a pair of shafts connected to the seats. These shafts are responsible for the movement of seats. Thus to move the seats manually, you need to move these shafts.

Rotate the shafts for moving the car seat

The two shafts will be visible once the spring mesh cutting is completed. An operator needs to rotate these shafts manually with the help of hand tools such as a plier to adjust the seat’s position. For moving the seat in a backward or a forward direction, the operator must follow certain rules. 

If the seats need to be moved forward, you must rotate the shaft on the seat towards the left-hand side. If you want to move the seat backwards, you need to rotate the pole towards the right-hand side. However, performing this process can be extremely tiring as it requires the operator to rotate the shafts several times for moving the seat. Moreover, this isn’t a feasible solution because the same procedure needs to be performed every time you adjust the seat. Hence it is advisable to take the seat to a mechanic to get it repaired.

Test the seat position

Once you have got the car seat in the desired position, it is now time to check the positioning of the seat. To check the seat’s positioning, you need to sit on the seat and rest back on the recline. Now extend your legs and check whether they reach comfortably to the pedals present in the vehicle. Moreover, stretch your arms and put them on top of the steering wheel to check whether they reach comfortably or not. Now go on a small drive and determine whether the seat position is optimum.


In this article, we have successfully addressed “How to move a power seat Subaru manually.” In addition to explaining the procedure for moving the seat manually, we have also explained the working of the electric-powered seat in Subaru. Moreover, we have also mentioned the tools you will require to move the seat manually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to manually move a power seat Subaru

How do you manually slide the power seat?

For manually moving the seat, you need to cut the spring mesh present on the vehicle’s seat. Then you need to rotate the shafts present below the seat, and the power seat will automatically move.

How can I move the power seat without power?

You will need a winder tool to move the power seat without power. The winder tool needs to be connected to the motor of the seat and wind the motor wire. Then you will be able to move the seat.

What is a power seat switch?

The power seat switch is present on the vehicle door and is used to move the car seat. For moving the car seat, you need to press these switches, and the seat starts to move in the desired direction.

How much does it cost to install power seats?

The cost of fixing the power seat on your vehicle is around $259 for the parts. Meanwhile, the labour cost involved in the fitment of the car seats is between $49 to $62.