How to open a car bonnet from outside?

This article will explain “How to open car bonnet from outside.” In this topic, we will explain two methods that can be used for opening the car’s boot. In addition, this article will also explain how you can take care of your bonnet.

How to open a car bonnet from outside?

Two methods to open the car bonnet from outside are as follows:-

  • Opening the Hood by pressing the bonnet.
  • Opening the Hood with the help of a Screwdriver.

The need to open the car bonnet from the outside arises when there is a fault in the car’s hood opening mechanism. These issues can be due to several reasons. For Opening the Hood from outside, there are two methods.

Method 1- Opening the Hood by pressing the bonnet.

  • Pull the hood release lever, which is present around the driver’s footwell or below the steering wheel. 
  • The hood release lever is made out of plastic. The lever is connected to the bonnet with a latch cable. Thus when you pull the release lever, the Hood pops out. But if the cable is rusted, the Hood might not pop out.
  • For opening the Hood in such a case, you require a friend. Your friend will pull the hood release lever while you need to push down the Hood where the latch is located. When you press the Hood, it reduces the pressure on the cable, and thus the Hood gets unlocked from the latch. 
  • Once the Hood is open, you need to inspect the hood release cable, the latch, and the joints of the Hood. If you find rusting on the latch and bonnet joints, you need to apply lubricant to it. However, if the cable is rusted, it is best to replace it.

Method 2- Opening the Hood with the help of a Screwdriver.

  • Take a screwdriver of appropriate size and use it to find the release cable attached to the bonnet latch. Generally, the release cable is present behind the front grille of the bumper.
  • Warning: make sure that the car is cold because it may become hazardous for the person performing the task if the car is hot.
  • Get a flashlight and start searching the latch. A wire will be connected to the latch when you find the latch. This wire is the latch cable, put the screwdriver behind the latch and pluck the cable. The Hood will pop out from the latch when you pluck the cable. 

Ways for avoiding the Car Bonnet Issues

Restrain yourself from placing heaving objects on the bonnet

Unlike the trunk of the car in which you can keep heavy suitcases while going on a road trip, the Hood of the car is not designed to bear the load of heavy objects. Thus, to keep the car hood safe from dents and damages, it is sincerely advised not to need stuff on the top of it.

Moreover, many people like sitting on the car hood. However, this is a practice that you must avoid. Because the Hood of the car won’t be able to bear your weight and thus it can get a dent on it.   

Use Paint Protection Film (PPF) to prevent dents and chips.

When a vehicle travels on the road, there are chances that small pebbles might hit the surface of the bonnet. Thus when these pebbles hit the surface of the bonnet, they might leave a dent on it, which degrades the car’s aesthetics. But you can prevent these dents by putting a paint protection film on the bonnet.

A PPF is a thermoplastic urethane film. In layman’s terms, it can be considered a transparent film that can prevent the car from getting scratches and dents. In addition, the PPF can be applied to the bonnet and exterior components surrounding it, such as a bumper, rocker panels, and fenders. 

The PPF comes at a reasonable price, and it can protect your car from abrasions, splatter, and stone chips. The paint protection film (PPF) is also called a car bonnet protector.

Act quickly on the minor dents or chips on the bonnet

If stone chips occur on a plastic panel such as the bumper, wheel arch, or skirt, delaying the repairs won’t drastically affect. But suppose the chip occurs on the metal components such as the bonnet. In that case, there are chances that bubble formation occurs on the paint surrounding the chip. This bubble formation will cause the metal to rust.

Therefore, it is advisable to repair the chips on the metal part as soon as possible. For getting the repairs done, you need to touch up paint on the chipped surface, which will prevent the growth of rusting and will thus prevent any further damages.

Use a Bonnet bra, car bonnet wrap, or a car bonnet guard for enhancing bonnet protection.

A car bonnet bra is a vinyl cover protecting the car bonnet from scratches, stone chips, and splatters. These covers can also be used to cover scrapes and damages. The bonnet bras are available in various colours, styles, and patterns. These covers can be easily installed without any tools.

A bonnet guard is an acrylic cover that can protect the car’s windscreen and car bonnet from stone chips, bugs, and road debris. These covers fit the front of the car and prevent scratches.

Car ceramic coating is a nano-coating that guards the car bonnet against scratches, chemical containment, and dirt. The coating is completely safe and doesn’t cause any damage to the paint.


In this article, we have addressed “How to open car bonnet from outside.” We have mentioned two methods for opening the car bonnet from the outside. In addition, we have explained the different bonnet protection tips which can be used to protect the bonnet from scratches and dents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to open car bonnet from outside

How do you open the Hood on a locked car?

First, unlock the car and then pull the hood release lever below the steering wheel. Moreover, if the car battery is down, you can jump the battery and then open the car’s door.

How do you open the Hood manually?

  • Find an assistant and ask him to press the Hood downwards.
  • When he presses the Hood downwards, pull the release lever inside.
  • Once you pull the release lever, the Hood will open up.

How much does repairing a dent cost?

The dent repair can cost between $50 to $2500. However, the cost depends on the size of the dent and where it is on the car. Many small dents can be fixed by paying between $50 and $125.

Can Aluminium Bonnet be repaired?

Minor damages on an aluminium bonnet can be easily repaired with backside access. However, a crown might not be possible for the damages to the body line.