How to open a car bonnet when the cable is broken? 

In this article, we will explain “How to open car bonnet when cable is broken.” In addition, we will explain what hood scoops are? And the different types of hood scoops fitted on the car hood.

How to open a car bonnet when the cable is broken? 

Procedure to follow for opening the car bonnet when the cable is broken

  • Arrange a screwdriver.
  • Make sure that the car is off and the gearbox is in neutral.
  • Search for the latch used to lock the bonnet with the screwdriver.
  • Place the screwdriver behind the latch and press it.
  • Sometimes when the person pulls the hood release lever, the hood doesn’t open; this can be due to the breakdown of the release cable. In this case, you will need a screwdriver to open the bonnet.
  • Take the screwdriver and move towards the front of the vehicle. Before searching the release lever, make sure that the car is cold because if the car is hot, you might touch a hot part and get burns.
  • Take the screwdriver and search for the latch used to lock the bonnet with it.
  • A wire will be connected to the latch when you find the latch through the front grille. Place the screwdriver behind the latch and press it. As soon as you press the lever, the hood will open. 
  • Once the hood gets open, examine the latch and check whether it’s in good condition. After that, check the cable, and if the cable is broken, replace it with the new cable.

What is Hood Scoops?

The purpose of the hood scoops is to provide additional airflow to the engine. Moreover, with the extra air, it provides to the engine, the power produced by the engine increases. Also, cooler, denser air is better for the engine’s performance than the hot air beneath the hood. 

But, many hood scoops don’t provide a power boost, which is mainly due to the shortcomings in the design of the hood scoop, or the scoop was designed for appearance only. Nevertheless, hood scoops give a muscle look to the vehicle, and there are various options to choose from.

Types of Hood Scoops

Shaker Scoops

It won’t be fair to call a hood scoop shaker system. Because shaker scoops are placed on top of the engine, they come out of a hole present on the top of the hood. This scoop system is also called shaker hoods and shaker systems.

The shaker scoops were introduced in an automobile by Chrysler. Since shaker scoops are directly mounted over the engine, it vibrates. In addition, the shaker scoops capture cold, dense air, pressurized by the vehicle’s velocity. The pressurized air enters the engine passing through the air filter. But the drawback of shaker hoods is that they are noisy and might violate nuisance laws.

Ram Air Intake

The Ram air intake provides cooler air to the engine. The air that enters through the ram air intake is cooler than the air beneath the hood. Moreover, the air that enters the engine through the ram air intake helps modify the pressure of air entering the engine. 

A ram air intake scoop is narrower at the start, but it widens as it reaches the engine air intake. Thus it creates a venturi effect where initially the air enters at high speed. Still, as it reaches the engine, it becomes slower. So now the slow air starts to surround the engine while the new fresh air at high speed enters through the scoop. This difference in speed creates a pressure difference. 

Ram air scoops work best with fuel injection systems or carburettors designed to work with pressurized systems. These air scoops are only beneficial at high speeds. 

Intercooler scoops

The intercooler scoops are part of the supercharger system. They are generally used to provide cooler air to the intercooler. The intercooler scoop is not responsible for the performance of the vehicle.

In a turbocharged vehicle, the turbocharger, which is present in between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe, filters the air and segregates the good air from the exhaust air. This filtered air is then sent to the engine. However, the exhaust air temperature is higher than the intake air. Therefore it increases the temperature of the engine.

To keep the engine in the optimum temperature range, an intercooler is placed on the top, and the intercooler cools the engine by taking air from the atmosphere, which enters through this scoop. 

 Cowl Induction

Cowl induction hood scoops are sometimes assumed to be non-functional because their opening is not visible. Because, unlike other scoops that open in the front, the cowl induction scoop opening is faced towards the car’s windshield.

Because the windshield area is also under high pressure as the wind directly hits it. As air hits the windshield, it is propelled down and inside the opening of the hood scoop. Thus the cowl induction hood scoop brings cooler high-pressure air into the car.


In this article, we have addressed “How to open car bonnet when cable is broken.” In addition, we have also explained the various types of hood scoops present and their effects on the engine performance. Moreover, we have also explained the working of hood scoops.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to open car bonnet when the cable is broken

Why is it called the Shaker Hood?

The name shaker hood is derived from air intake shaking when the engine turns over. The vibrations generated by the reciprocal movement of the piston create a tremor. A shaker hood efficiently works as a short ram intake with few benefits over the standard air intake.

Can You Pop-up the Window from the outside?

Use a flashlight to locate the hood latch behind the front grille. When you find the cable connecting the latch, use a screwdriver to pull the cable and pop open the car’s hood.

How do you open a car hood with a dead battery?

When the car battery is low, the doors might not unlock due to the lack of power. In that scenario, you need to raise the vehicle and put a battery charger on the starter cable and frame away from the starter cable. Doing this will give the battery enough power to unlock.

Where is the Hood release button?

The hood release lever is present inside the vehicle somewhere near the steering column or on the floor next to the driver’s seat in new models.