How to open a locked glove box without a key

In this article, we will explain “How to open a locked glove box without a key.” A glove is a storage space present below the vehicle’s dashboard on the co-driver side. Sometimes the Glovebox might get stuck, and you can open it using one of the 6 techniques mentioned in this article. 

The glove box in the car consists of the registration and other important paperwork. However, opening the glove box key becomes a daunting task when the lock is lost or damaged. However, even when you don’t have the key, you can open the glove box using the 6 ways mentioned below.

How to open a glove box without a key?

  • Use the ignition key or any other key in the lock.
  • Remove the hinge present on the bottom side of the glove box.
  • Pry open the glove box with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Use a small tool behind the latch if the handle is broken.
  • COnsult a locksmith for opening the lock
  • Pick the lock with professional tools or a paper clip.

Wiggle another key in the glove box lock

The glove box lock in the car is keyed to the same ignition key. Therefore, you should try opening the glove box with the help of the ignition key first. However, if you have already tried the ignition key and the lock isn’t opening, you can try another key that fits in the lock. 

When you insert the ignition key or the other key, you need to wiggle and jiggle it in the lock for the best results. Then, apply force on the key in the direction the lock gets opened. Moreover, you can also use a bit of graphite lubricant in the jammed lock.

Picking the lock yourself

Picking the lock all alone can be an easy alternative. A lock picking can cost you less than 25 dollars. However, once you know how to pick the lock, you can easily open the glove box in the future if it gets stuck.

Glove box locks don’t consist of clear tumblers. Thus, wiggling a key that might fit in the lock, such as the ignition key, will be able to wiggle the glove box lock and get it open. However, if that doesn’t work, a person with the right tools can manipulate the tumblers to open the lock. You will need a double ball pic and tension wrench for picking the lock.

Removing the hinge to open the Glovebox

When you don’t know how to pick a lock, removing the hinge and getting the glove box open can be a great way to access the glove box. For removing the glove box by removing the hinge, you can follow the below-mentioned method.

  • Remove the trim panes which cover the hinge.
  • Pry the bottom of the glove box away from the dashboard.
  • Insert your hand or screwdriver up to the locking mechanism
  • Slide the glove box door downwards and remove it.

Removing the hinge of the glove box can be one of the best methods to open the glove box without damaging it. However, opening the glove box by removing the hinge completely depends on whether you can reach the hinge. This is not an easy method to master as well.

Force open the box with the help of a screwdriver.

For opening the glove box with the help of a screwdriver, you need to slide the screwdriver on the top of the glove box, close to the latch in the centre of the glove box. Moreover, you can also use two screwdrivers for opening the glove box. Moreover, when you try to open the glove box with the help of a screwdriver, put a towel, rag, or other padding equipment against the dashboard above the glove box so that the dashboard is not damaged. Once the screwdriver is in place, pry open the glove box; once you pry open the glove box, the lid will immediately open.

Force a small tool behind if the handle is broken

One of the reasons why the glove box isn’t opening can be due to the plastic handle on the glove box. The plastic handle normally connects to the linkage, which opens and closes the latch, and if the handle is broken, the latch won’t move.

The glove box locks are not very secure, and if you pull the handle, you will see a metal linkage behind the latch. Thus to open the glove box, you can use a flathead screwdriver or any other tool for opening the lock. Press the tool behind the latch and pry it open.

Call a locksmith to open the Glovebox.

If you have a known locksmith, it will be best to call the locksmith to open the glove box lock. A locksmith will have all the necessary tools to open the glove box and easily open it if it is stuck.


In this article, we have addressed “How to open a locked glove box without a key.” During explaining the procedure for opening the glove box, we have explained the six methods used in opening the glove box.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs): How to open a locked glove box without a key 

Is it easy to break a glove box lock?

You can easily pry open the glove box. Unfortunately, when you pry open the glove box, it will damage the locking mechanism of the glove box, hinges or even bend the glove box lid. However, if you don’t want to damage the glove box, you can call a professional locksmith.

How do you open a car compartment?

In modern cars, there are different types of ways to open the trunk of the car. For example, if your car has a button key, you might have a trunk opening button on it. Moreover, in some cars, there is a level present inside the car cabin, which, when lifted, opens the car trunk.

How much does it cost to remove the glove box?

The replacement of the glove box can cost you anything around $350. However, the final price may vary depending on the type of problem and parts which need to be repaired.

How do you open a glove compartment with a broken handle?

For opening a glove compartment with a broken handle, you need to access the latch from behind. Once you find the latch from behind you, you need to pull it down so that it opens. Once the latch opens, fix a wire on it for the future.