How to open a stuck BMW e90 boot?

This article will explain the problem “BMW e90 boot won’t open.” During explaining this problem, we will give you a troubleshooting method for opening the vehicle’s boot. This method doesn’t require any tool.

The BMW boot not opening in the e90 model can be various reasons. The boot in high-end cars has complex technology because the focus of the premium car manufacturers is towards making driving for the passenger a hassle-free experience. The BMW e90 has a key fob that consists of different buttons. These buttons perform tasks such as lock, unlock and boot opening. However, in some cases, there is no issue with the mechanical and electrical components of the boot mechanism. This section will discuss a hidden feature of the BMW e90, which many people are unaware of.

How to open a stuck BMW e90 boot?

The procedure to open a BMW e90 boot that won’t open is:-

  • Find the valet switch.
  • A valet switch is a two-way switch that can be accessed by opening the glove box of e90.
  • For disengaging the valet switch, open the glove box in the vehicle.
  • Turn the valet switch to the unlock condition.

Troubleshooting the BMW e90 Boot

  • The boot not opening is a common problem. However, in some vehicles, such as a BMW e90, a feature is provided to control the opening and closing of the boot.
  • This feature is known as the valet switch, which is present in the car’s cabin. In the BMW e90, this switch is present inside the vehicle’s glove box.  
  • The idea behind the valet switch was to secure the luggage present in the trunk of the vehicle from getting stolen when a valet parks your vehicle. Because when you give the key to a valet for parking your vehicle, the valet has complete access to the vehicle. In such cases, there are chances the valet might steal something valuable from your vehicle. 
  • Hence BMW decided to provide you with a feature to manually control the opening and closing of the boot of your car.
  • The valet switch is a two-way switch that can be accessed by opening the glove box of e90. When the switch is moved towards the close position, the key button to open the boot is disconnected from the boot. Hence when the driver presses the button on the boot won’t open. 
  • This is not a problem in the hood system. It is just a feature that needs to be disengaged. 
  • For disengaging the valet switch, open the glove box in the vehicle. Now on the top left side of the glove box, you will see a lever kind of two-way switch.
  • There will be two markings next to the lever switch showing lock and unlock. In the initial stage, the lever will be towards the unlock position. The unlock switch allows the key to connecting with the boot space.
  • However, if the valet switch is turned towards the lock position, then the key will be disconnected from the boot and hence in such a case, you need to move the lever back to the unlock position for operating the boot of the vehicle. 
  • Bring the lever back to the unlock position and try opening the boot. However, if the boot still does not open, there is a problem with the boot mechanism. The problem in the boot mechanism car is due to wiring, rust, short circuit, blown a fuse, damaged electrical and mechanical components.

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How to open a BMW boot which is not opening?


In this article, we have addressed “BMW e90 boot won’t open.” For explaining the problem, we have explained a hidden feature present in the e90, which, when turned on, shuts the boot from operating. Moreover, if the boot still doesn’t open, then we have mentioned different reasons behind the inoperable boot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): BMW e90 boot won’t open

Why won’t the BMW trunk open in my BMW?

BMW has an automatic tailgate. Unfortunately, these tailgates might get locked out due to several reasons. One of the common reasons the BMW tailgate gets stuck in the trunk release button is not working on the key fob.

Why is the trunk release button not working?

The trunk release button might not work on your key for various reasons. However, one of the common reasons behind the malfunctioning of the boot opening button is the weak car battery which prevents the operation.

How do you open a boot from inside?

A hood can be opened from inside by using two levers present inside the cabin. The cabin consists of two levers, one for opening the petrol tank lid and the other for the trunk. You need to pull the lever which opens the trunk.

What holds the trunk open?

The trunk is held up with the help of a trunk strut. When the trunk is lifted, the trunk strut engages and prevents the boot from falling. Moreover, the trunk strut is always fitted in a pair.