How to open the 2014 Jeep Cherokee hood?

This article will give you a brief explanation about “2014 Jeep Cherokee hood won’t open”. In addition, we will also explain the different ways in which you can troubleshoot the Hood stuck problem. 

How to open the 2014 Jeep Cherokee hood?

Two procedures can be used for opening the 2014 Jeep Cherokee Hood. The methods are:-

  • Pressing the Hood of the car down and simultaneously lifting the hood release lever.
  • Fixing the broken latch cable by replacing it.

A stuck hood in Jeep Cherokee can arise due to three specific reasons. In this section, we will mention those 3 reasons.

Scratches and Dents on the Hood.

Since Jeep Cherokee is adored by people who love off-roading, the car might get hit by an object as the terrain in off-roading is unexpected. Thus there are chances that the car bonnet gets dents on its surface. Furthermore, once the bonnet gets dented, there are chances that the bonnet mechanism might get damaged, leading to a stuck bonnet.

Rusting and Corrosion of locking mechanism.

The Hood is exposed to different weather conditions such as rains and snowfall. Thus the weather conditions increase the chances of water seeping in through the edges and getting the hood latching mechanism rusted. Rusting of hood latching mechanism and hinges is one of the common problems faced by users of every car, even Jeep Cherokee. Therefore, in such a scenario, the Hood of the Jeep Cherokee might not open even when the latch is released. 

Hinge Damage

The Hood of the Jeep Cherokee protects the crucial auto parts such as engine, alternator, fuel injection system, etc., from foreign materials which can cause damage to it. The Hood of the Cherokee is connected to the vehicle body with the help of hinges. Due to continuous exposure to forces and external conditions. When these hinges loosen up, you will hear a rattling noise while driving. Do not avoid this rattling noise because the Hood might open suddenly and go up while driving on the road, creating chances of accidents.

Troubleshooting Methods for Jeep Cherokee Hood

In this article, we will explain two different ways for opening the Hood of a Jeep Cherokee. Both the methods are easy and can be carried out using basic tools such as screwdrivers and pliers.

Troubleshooting method-1: 

Problem- Many owners of Jeep Cherokee, when they pull the hood release lever from the inside of the vehicle, the Hood doesn’t open even though they can feel the tension while lifting the hood release lever. 


  • The fault here is in the hood latch, used to lock the Hood. The latching mechanism might get rusted with time. Hence, its ability to pop up the bonnet reduces. In that case, you need to follow the steps given below; 
  • For opening the Hood with a rusted latching mechanism, you require helping hands. Ask one of your friends to pull the hood release lever.
  • While your friend pulls the hood release lever, you need to press the Hood down. When you press the Hood down, the pressure on the Hood is lowered, and thus the latch can pop out the Hood.
  • Push the lever on the hood latch and lift it. After opening the Hood, inspect the hood release cable, latch, and the joints of the Hood. Mostly, when the Hood is stuck in this way, there are high chances of finding rusting on the latch and bonnet joints. You can apply lubricant to reduce the effect of rust. But, if the cable is rusted, getting it replaced is the best.

Troubleshooting method-2:

Problem- You pull the hood release lever, but while pulling the lever, you don’t feel any tension in the lever, and the Hood doesn’t open as well. This might be due to the broken latch cable or detached from the release lever.

  • To reach the latching cable in the Cherokee, you need to remove the headlight. So for removing the headlight, you will need a screwdriver. Remove the cover of the headlight.
  • Use the screwdriver to remove the four screws used to fix the rectangular ring around the headlight. This ring ensures that the headlight is fixed in one place.
  • The headlight will automatically come out after removing the screws from the frame. Once the headlight pops out, you will see 4 other torque screws behind it. Remove these 4 torque screws and get rid of the headlight assembly.
  • After removing the headlight assembly, there will be two bolts behind it. Remove these two bolts, and the latching mechanism will automatically fall in the engine bay.
  • Since the Hood of the Jeep Cherokee is large, there are two latches on each side of the Hood. Therefore, you need to do the same procedure on the other side.
  • Once both latches are removed, there will be nothing holding the Hood, and you can lift it, support it with the prop rod and examine it to find the problem.


This article addressed “2014 Jeep Cherokee hood WON ‘T open” in this article. In addition to the problems associated with the stock hood, we have also addressed the various ways in which a person can open the Cherokee hood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 2014 Jeep Cherokee hood WON ‘T open.

How much does it cost to fix the broken Hood?

Getting your Cherokee hood fixed will cost you around $223 for latch replacement. So the total cost of the hood replacement will cost you around $351.

How do you open the Hood without a Lever?

To open the Hood without a lever, you need a screwdriver. Then, with the help of the screwdriver, pluck the hood release cable attached to the hood latch. The hood latch is generally present behind the front grille.

Where is the hood release in the Jeep Cherokee?

The hood release in the Jeep Cherokee is present on the sidewall of the front door. So to reach out to the lever, you need to bend down and look for it.

Are Hoods Repairable?

If your car hood has sustained heavy damage, then there are chances that the Hood might not get repaired. But if the Hood has some minor scratches and dents, it can be easily repaired.