How to open the Honda Accord hood without a key?

In this article, we will address “How to open Honda Accord hood without a key?”. Moreover, we will also explain the common hood problems Honda car owners face. In addition, we will give a brief overview of the faults which can restrict a car hood from opening.

How to open the Honda Accord hood without a key?

Different ways for opening the Honda Accord hood without a key are.

  • Press the hood release lever.
  • Lift the release lever from the inside of the car. 
  • Alternatively, arrange a cloth hanger and pull the release cable with it. 
  • Remove the skid plate beneath the car, reach the hood release lever, and pull it.

Getting the Honda Accord hood stuck isn’t a unique problem. For opening the hood of the Honda Accord in the stuck position, you will need two people. Follow the below-mentioned steps for opening Honda Accord’s hood.

Steps for opening the Honda Accord Hood

  • Firstly, you need to press the hood release lever, which is present around the driver’s footwell. The hood release lever will be made out of plastic. It will also have a certain indication embossed to open the hood. Since these hood release levers are made of plastic, the lath cable might have detached from the handle. If that is the case, then with the help of vice grips, you can pull the cables to open the hood.
  • The stuck hood can be due to a broken latch or cable detached. For opening the hood in such a case, you need to push down the hood where the latch is located while pressing the hood release lever. After this latch releases the boot, the pressing which is pressing the hood can lift it.
  • If the hood isn’t opening, find a coat hanger, and then use the hanger’s hook to pull the cable. When you get a hanger, you need to pass that hanger through the front grille of the Honda Accord and try reaching out the cable. Once you reach out to the cable, you need to pull it to open the hood.
  • Another way for opening the Honda Accord’s hood can be done by reaching below the hood. To reach below the hood, you need to jack up the vehicle and remove the skid plates next to the front bumper. Once you remove the skid plates present behind the front bumper, you need to find the hood cable. After finding the hood cable, you need to pull the cable to open the car hood.
  • Once the car hood is open, completely examine the hood before closing it. During the inspection, you need to check the cable for damages. After this, you need to lubricate the hood latch release using lithium grease. 

 Common problems of Honda Accord’s Hood 

  • The first problem faced by several Honda drivers throughout the world is a defective hood latch. The Honda hood latch gets stuck and doesn’t release when the cable is pulled. To get this problem solved, you need to lubricate the latch. If lubricating the latch doesn’t work, you need to get the latch replaced.
  • The second problem faced in the Honda Accord is the issue with the cable. In many cases, the hood release cable gets broken or detached from the release mechanism. Moreover, the cable might even get seized in many cases due to rusting. For getting this problem fixed, you need to reinstall the cable in the correct location again, and the hood will open again. If the cable is older and rusted, then, in that case, you need to get the cable replaced.
  • If your car has undergone an accident, then, in that case, the hood might not open because the latch might not be in the correct place. For opening the hood in such a case, you need to adjust the hood latch release and align the hood properly.

Common Hood Damages Experienced in Different Vehicles.

Hinge Problem

The vehicle’s hood is connected to the car body for covering the important parts. Thus to protect the auto parts, the hood is connected to the vehicle body with the help of hinges. Thus in some scenarios, these hinges might loosen up. You will hear a rattling noise while driving when the hinge is loose. You shouldn’t avoid this problem because the hood might open suddenly and go up while driving on the road. Thus creating chances of accidents.

Scratches and Dents

The car often gets hit by an object or gets through an accident. In such a scenario, the car bonnet might get dents on it. Hence the bonnet won’t open. For opening the bonnet again, you need to get these dents repaired and the latching mechanism as well.

Rusting and Corrosion

One of the most common hood problems is the rusting and corrosion of the hood mechanism. Since the hood is open to rains and snowfall, the chances are very likely that the water seeps in through the edges and gets the hood latching mechanism rusted. Therefore, the hood might get stuck and immobile even when the latch is released. In such scenarios, the best thing to do is to get the hood replaced because even lubricating won’t work if the rusting has entered deep inside the hood mechanism.


In this article, we have addressed “How to open Honda Accord hood without key?”. Moreover, we have also explained the common hood problems Honda Accord owners face. In addition, we have also explained the common faults which can occur to the hood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to open a Honda Accord hood without a key?

Can a Damaged Hood be repaired? 

Yes, if the car hood has undergone extreme damage, then it is best to get the hood replaced. Moreover, if the hood mechanism has severely rusted, it is advisable to replace the hood.

Why is my hood not closing?

A hood not closing is a common issue faced by several car owners. The inability of the hood to close can be due to problems such as obstacles in the way of the hood mechanism, latch assembly failure or a faulty latch striker.

How much do hoods cost?

The average price a homeowner spends on getting the hood replaced is between $500 and $1000. However, installing a ductless hood can cost you around $714.

Can a Car Hood be straightened?

If the car hood is completely buckled, then you need a mechanic for fixing the hood. However, if the hood has worn out due to daily wear and tear, you can hammer the hood down.